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  Popular Books
• Rodrigo's Complete Story - Both Volumes
    by Paul Kyriazi - Action/Thriller

• McKnight's Memory - Kindle / Audio
    by Paul Kyriazi - Action/Thriller

• 3 WILD THRILLERS - 1 true, 2 noir
    by Paul Kyriazi - Action/Thriller

• Trigon Daze: (The Legend of Vanx Malic
    by M. R. Mathias - Fantasy

• Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog
    by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne - Children

• Slide Spin
    by Subbarao Mukkavilli - Marketing

• The Taexali Game
    by Nancy Jardine - Young Adult/Teen

• The Mexican Swimmer's Final Dive
    by Paul Kyriazi - Action/Thriller

• A Twin Mystery
    by M R Cates - Mystery/Suspense

• Mom, What Does God Look Like?
    by Gwendolyn R Moore - Children

• Charlie the Horse on Kindle-Second Edit
    by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne - Children

• Sexual Energy Transmutation (Adobe PDF)
    by Jay Onwukwe - Self-Help

• A Cafe In Arcadia
    by Steve Kerr - Literary Fiction

• Islam Attacks the Whore
    by Will Clark - Religion

• The Landlord's Bookkeeper
    by Nancy E Neville - Business/Investing

• The Mexican Swimmer - Book Noir
    by Paul Kyriazi - Action/Thriller

• The Girl From Kosovo
    by Graham whittaker - Drama

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  Popular Stories
• Hard Town Trucking
    by Lonnie Hicks - Action/Thriller

• If Animals Could Talk-Volume Two
    by Lonnie Hicks - Action/Thriller

• Freedom, Justice and Equality- Updated
    by Lonnie Hicks - Essays

• Einstein: How do Galaxies Work? Updated
    by Lonnie Hicks - Action/Thriller

• Fractured Idioms July 30
    by Lonnie Hicks - Action/Thriller

• Fractured Idioms -Friday 4/27/12 (G Ver
    by Lonnie Hicks - Action/Thriller

• Family Dynamics And War
    by Lonnie Hicks - Action/Thriller

• Yesterday's Gone To Pages
    by Lonnie Hicks - Action/Thriller

• He Said, She Said
    by Lonnie Hicks - Family

• I Am The Pretty Girl-Chapter Two
    by Lonnie Hicks - Action/Thriller

• A Tomorow-Mother to Daughter-Adrienanne
    by Lonnie Hicks - Family

• An Icicle Kiss-A Story
    by Lonnie Hicks - Action/Thriller

• Better Late Than Never. ...
    by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Te - Humor

• Southern Extinction
    by Terry L Vinson - Science Fiction

• James Cagney Jr.
    by John Gasparro Jr. - Memoir

    by Joe Bueno - Action/Thriller

• History: Psychopaths and Institutions
    by Lonnie Hicks - Action/Thriller

          more popular stories »

  Popular Articles
• Animal House's John Landis and Me
    by Paul Kyriazi - Arts/Entertainment

• Michael Caine is Warned About Indian Ne
    by Paul Kyriazi - Arts/Entertainment

• Lucy Can Empower Freelancers
    by Paul Kyriazi - Self-Help

• Kim Kardashian & Elvis Presley's Twitte
    by Paul Kyriazi - Business/Investing

• Schwarzenegger Used a James Bond Lifest
    by Paul Kyriazi - Business/Investing

• Schwarzenegger Pays for Cameron's Termi
    by Paul Kyriazi - Business/Investing

• Richard Burton Killed in Bar Brawl
    by Paul Kyriazi - Sociology

• John Carradine and Me. What a Surprise.
    by Paul Kyriazi - Action/Thriller

• Marlene Dietrich Teaches Ruth Gordon
    by Paul Kyriazi - Self-Help

• Sean Connery Tells His Reason for Succe
    by Paul Kyriazi - Business/Investing

• Lee Marvin Silences Vegas Vic
    by Paul Kyriazi - Arts/Entertainment

• Bill Medley Regrets Breaking James Bond
    by Paul Kyriazi - Arts/Entertainment

• The Good Boss and the Bad Boss: Motivat
    by Tina B Tessina - Relationships

• Through the Eyes of a Rapist
    by Richard Lee Orey - Education/Training

• Best DVD Director's Commentaries
    by Paul Kyriazi - Arts/Entertainment

• The Time Machine's George Pal and Me
    by Paul Kyriazi - Arts/Entertainment

• Directing Invasion of the Body Snatcher
    by Paul Kyriazi - Arts/Entertainment

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  Popular Poetry
• You Can Have Me
    by Lonnie Hicks - Poetry

• Abilities
    by Ronald W. Hull - Inspirational

• Soul Mates
    by John Herlihy - Poetry

• Petrichor
    by Regis Auffray - Poetry

• Wild One
    by D. L. Vegas - Romance

• From Above
    by William Bonilla - Poetry

• A-gain
    by Axilea MU - Spirituality

• Gypsy
    by Kate Burnside - Poetry

• Love... Each Day
    by Odin Roark - Poetry

• Mother Nature's Lesson
    by Jane Noponen Perinacci - Poetry

• Porcelain Clay
    by Andy James Turner - Poetry

• The Promise of Transcendence
    by Edward Phillips - Spirituality

    by JMS Bell - Inspirational

• Talking About God
    by Larry D Matthews - Inspirational

• 'The real me'
    by Audrey Coatesworth - Poetry

• Elephant and the sparrow
    by J. K. Roseline - Children

• Blind, Deaf and Thoughtless
    by Ruan Mills Burke - Poetry

          more popular poems »

 Featured Authors  Featured Books

M. R. Mathias
Platinum Member

Blood and Royalty - Dragoneer Saga Book Six
by M. R. Mathias

In this sixth, and final, episode of the Locus Poll nominated, international bestselling, Dragoneer Saga, King Richard, his Nightshade, and the legion..

Doug Boren
Gold Member

The Final Voyage of the Sea Explorer
by Doug Boren

The adventures of two friends on a scuba diving vacation that went horribly wrong...
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•  Deanna Jewel
•  Sherri Smith


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•  Soldier's Gap..
•  The Blood of Art..
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•  Adoption..
•  Islam Attacks the Whor..
•  A Twin Mystery..
•  The Taexali Game..


•  12.34 - Thinking Insid..
•  Hard Town Trucking..
•  Effort vs Accurate..
•  Cave Cracks..
•  The 4th of July Kitten..
•  Singing Solo..
•  Southern Extinction..


•  Fire Lover, a True Sto..
•  I Directed a Classic S..
•  Dear Dr. Romance: I ha..
•  Rebel Art in the West..
•  Danny Collins: Film Re..
•  Be Selfish!..


•  It Has No Name..
•  Pointy Thing..
•  The Hangman's Rope..
•  No Cardinal Sin..
•  You Can Have Me..
•  Wild One..
•  Riches..


•  Reflekshuns (01/August..
•  Minnesota Boy..
•  Travel Photo..
•  Paragraph 36..
•  Pathetic fallacy..
•  Movie Magic?..
•  GOD is Omnipresent in ..


•  STATS ?..
•  Operation Market Time..
•  Calumet Michigan Libra..
•  Another Explosive Afri..
•  The Making of Sally..
•  JE Thompson Novels EBo..


•  Aboyne Highland Games..
•  A LIVE Video Interview..
•  Writing & Publishing L..
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 Books in the Spotlight

A Love Beyond by Leslie Garcia
AJ Owens confronts a villainous billionaire and Chance Landin, his head of security, to recover her family's stolen racehorse...

Price: $3.81 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

Trigon Daze: (The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Five) by M. R. Mathias
(The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Five) In a piece of the Mirror of Portent, Vanx Malic sees the forces of the mysterious Trigon destroying Parydon Isle. This strange new enemy, with ensorcelled fighters, dragon riding wizards, and a nearly perfect battle plan...

Price: $5.99 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

Slide Spin by Subbarao Mukkavilli
Present Your thoughts like a pro! Learn how to create compelling presentations even if you do not have any experience in design...

Price: FREE! (eBook) Download to your Kindle

A Cafe In Arcadia by Steve Kerr
Allan Krokkos arrives in a remote insular town in southern Greece.He encountres a group of jaded ex pats at odds with the locals who in turn are at odds with themselves.

Price: $7.50 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

The Landlord's Bookkeeper by Nancy Neville
Step by step instructions on how to setup your company, properties and tenants in QuickBooks. There are over 300 pages of visuals showing you how to use QuickBooks. Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

Buy! LuLu

Slumberland by Tygo Lee
Slumberland—when our dreams and reality intertwine! Have you ever wondered what really happens when you dream? Boo! Enjoy these magical tales with a visit to…Slumberland!

Buy! Amazon, Nook, Google Play, Tygo Tales

Mom, What Does God Look Like? by Gwendolyn Moore
Join a curious boy in his quest to put a face on God. Maybe he can catch a glimpse of God through Moses' eyes....
Buy! Amazon

Escape Through The Wilderness by Gary Rodriguez
Four teens trip to an adventure camp goes terribly wrong following a river rafting accident. Now they must work together to battle vicious animals and survive overwhelming odds. A thrilling adventure you won't soon forget!
Buy! TatePublishing, Amazon

Getting a Job You Like During a Tough Economy by William Guy
Job Hunting made Simple, Easy, and Quick for YOU, ”Dr. Jobs” World’s ultimate expert in finding & getting a job YOU like!
(eBook) Download to your Kindle

Lyin' Like a Dog by Richard Mason
As a young boy, R. Harper Mason lived the life of the paperboy, "Richard". His interactions with the people in the small town of Norphlet, Arkansas, and the surrounding woods and swamps, formed the basis for both his first novel, "The Red Scarf" and this sequel...

Lives Interrupted: The Unwanted Pregnancy Dilemma by Jeanne Miller
My primary objective in researching and writing Lives Interrupted - The Unwanted Pregnancy Dilemma is to provide readers with a deeper understanding and comprehension regarding the loss to the mother...

Pegasus -- A Dragon's Tale by Gina LoBiondo
For hundreds of years tales of dragons have been told and cherished. What child hasn't wished to have his or her own dragon or to fight the great fire-breathers? Pegasus – A Dragon’s Tale i...

Price: $2.99 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

Hallowed Ground by Cindy Ziperman
Gripping suspense, fiery romance and delightful humor, combined with fascinating Civil War history, and a dangerous fight to save a Civil War battlefield. Hallowed Ground weaves all into a superb sto...

Price: $2.99 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

Buried Threads by Kaylin McFarren
A desperate race to save Japan from a monk’s terrifying prophecy sends two treasure hunters on the quest of a lifetime. ...

Price: $0.99 (eBook) Download to your Kindle
Marooned by Jennifer Miller
"Marooned" is the 1860's saga of Justin Radcliff, a young American, who is beaten and thrown overboard by his evil twin brother, Edward. Kolya, a handsome Black man and new leader of the tran...

Price: $9.99 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

The Girl From Kosovo by Graham whittaker
A compelling novel of love and intrigue, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Inspired by real events, such as the Kosovo War. Caught in a world of drugs, prostitution and human trafficking, Nikita Tarasov plans her escape.

Price: $4.99 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

Night of the Humpbacked Moon by Lois Santalo
Newly graduated and lacking experience in social work, Jill Szekely is hired as Acting Director of a crisis house for women. A murder occurs on her first day of work....

Price: $3.99 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

The Quest for the Prize,Vol 2: The Replenishment by Keith Dyne
The quest continues, see how Jerry and his colleagues progress on their quest for the Prize......

Price: $3.99 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

The Site by Claudio Herrera
The Site is a touching book which gets across, through an apparent simple story, the complexity of the human soul, its fears of freedom and lack of commitment to life. As the protagonist of The ...

Israela by Batya Casper
Israela is a story of three women and their loved ones torn apart in a country at war. It is about love, secrets and betrayal; but also about hope and heroism, about Arabs saving Jews and Jews healing...

Price: $9.99 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

Gaining a Sense of Self by Karen Wilson
A gritty and gently humourous journey through years of hunger, poverty,self-doubt ad deprivation....

Price: $9.99 (eBook) Download to your Kindle

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