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Title: Out of Balance    
Author: Michael Arkin
This is a socially relevant mystery in which a lawyer turned investigator and an award winning reporter seeks to determine the underlying cause of a murder-suicide - an event only too prevalent in today's world. Their journey draws the reader into an interesting mystery...
Title: Too Young To Die    
Author: David Snowdon
Private Investigator Mike Heaton is hired by multi-billionaire Ronald Patterson to find his daughter's killer four years after she was brutally murdered. In pursuit of the vicious killer, Heaton flies off to Jamaica, then goes to Miami. The action has begun....
Title: The Minot Mission    
Author: Stephen Knight
Nuclear espionage on a grand scale....
Title: Gothic Hill    
Author: Calvin Gurnov
two reporters investigate the disappearance of many that believed to be taken up in a vortex...
Title: The Mind of a Genius    
Author: David Snowdon
Set in London, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Australia. Special Agent Jason Clay from the British MI4 is hired to find a secret formula that was invented by famous British Scientist, Malcolm Prince. It was a formula that could change the world. But the CIA, the Den...
Title: It Knows You By No Other Name    
Author: Dan McNay
Jake returns to his home town to meet the Sheriff and dig up the body of his father who has lain in an unmarked grave for twenty years. We return to the summer Jake turned twelve and begin to learn the truth. Jake’s uncle Al has returned to town. His affair wit...
Title: Walk To Freedom    
Author: Carolyn Merrimon
Product Description This is an autobiography of my life story. I was previously confined at Ft. Leavenworth United States Disciplinary Barracks located in Fort Leavenworth, KS. This is a Military Confinement Facility where military men and women, who have been court...
Title: Real Path To 9 11    
Author: Deepak Sarkar
New book “Real Path To 9 11” revealing the ultimate Truth behind coordinated cover ups and disinformation using mainstream yellow journalism. This book may finally convince citizens around the world with the urgency to open 9/11 public investigation under unbiased neutr...
Title: The Color of Hate    
Author: Wilma Blair--Reed
In 1960's racist Atlanta a black married man has a one night fling with a white woman that results in the birth of a bi-cial child, and the death of the child's mother....
Title: Let the Truth Be Told    
Author: Sonny Hudson
A thrilling debut novel in the tradition of top authors like Robert Ludlum and David Baldacci, Let the Truth Be Told is sure to be loved by all fans of political action thrillers....
Title: Corporate Secrets    
Author: Jerry Gerrish
A novel about greed, corruption and murder at the highest levels of government and business....
Title: IVD    
Author: Greg Przywara
A Wisconsin cashier is forced to become part of a Mafia plot to blow up a wealthy Bear fan's estate with an exploding DVD....
Title: Ransom of the Phoenix    
Author: Michael Ault
The full book is available on Amazon in the Kindle Bookstore, here is an excerpt!...
Title: The Phoenix Prescription    
Author: David Page
A training surgeon is trapped in a hospital by the Blizzard of 1978 and must decide by himself which trauma victims live and which die....
Title: 7 Elements of Art - Line    
Author: Jane Castillo
7 Elements of Art is a dynamic new series of art books for young people featuring a blend of today’s hot artists and photographers. Each title focuses on a single element of art, Line, Shape, Color, Space, Texture, Value, and Form. ...
Title: Come to My Window    
Author: Naomi Heckler
Photographic Coffe table book...
Title: Patchwork & Ornament: A Woman's Journey of Life, Love, and Art    
Author: Nadine Feldman
Artist's memoir of growing up in the Great Depression and using art and culture to find a way out of poverty. Includes four-color photographs of art and travels....
Title: Tangling with Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power at Work    
Author: Tony Deblauwe
Work for a bad boss? Has your productivity and job satisfaction suffered? It's time to make a change! Tangling with Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power at Work gives you field-tested techniques to create an effective communication strategy with your boss, turn things...
Title: All Your Money Won't Another Minute Buy    
Author: Curt Finch
This book covers the many reasons why time tracking, preferably through a Software-as-a-Service platform, is a must for companies of all sizes. It discusses the benefits available through effective key performance indicators and project management, payroll and billing p...
Title: The Corporate Rat Race: The Rats Are Winning    
Author: Paul Ulasien
NOW ON Kindle, Google Books and Kobo - The Corporate Rat Race, The Rats are Winning: A Game Plan for Surviving and Thriving in Corporate America, has a unique message for the 85 million unhappy workers of Corporate America. A unique message in that Rat Race is not just ...
Title: Sir Licksalot & The Maverick Fools    
Author: D.L. Carroll
The first chapter book in the award-winning Sir Licksalot Series. Written for reluctant readers and perfect for Hi/Low readers. ...
Title: The Pond Behind Grandmother's House    
Author: Theresa Siclari
Come follow Sammi on her adventure that begins when she meets up with a big green monster that lives in the pond inher grandmother's yard. Frightened, alone and now lost, Sammi comes upon Mrs. Acorn, a friendly gray squirrel, and Mrs. Ruby, a white pigeon. With the he...
Title: An Unusual Experience    
Author: Kim Robinson
Leader of the stairwell to stay forever!...
Title: The Adventures of Little Caesar... Little Caesar's Christmas Adventure    
Author: Hope Kyelberg
Little Caesar wakes up on Christmas morning to find that there are presents to unwrap, family and friends to see, all in one day. All through her adventure, Caesar remembers her manners, and shares valuable lessons about sharing and behaving, all the while havi...
Title: Hot Issues, Cool Choices: Facing Bullies, Peer Pressure, Popularity, and Pu    
Author: Sandra Humphrey
A collection of 26 bullying vignettes with thought questions following each vignette and recipient of a 2008 Mom's Choice Gold Award...
Title: Willy; The Best Christmas Gift Ever    
Author: Mary Coe
Willy, a very rich, twelve year old boy, thought that wealth was everything that mattered in life; until one day he accidentally injured en age friend. He learned the true meanings of life and that there are some things that money just can't buy. ...
Title: Sewing a Friendship    
Author: Natalie Tinti
It’s a joyful story of five girls who work together to get ready for a fashion show.They learn to “sew a friendship”...
Title: The Black Cloud of Kandar    
Author: David Barry
When Brian gets a visit from the King and sets out to rescue the Prince, events unfold that make him, and the reader, cringe and laugh....
Title: Ashley Enright and the Darnell Diamonds    
Author: Lauren Smith
Twelve-year old Ashley Enright and her best friend, Josh Stewart make a sparkling discovery when they help Ashley's grandmother, Gram, transplant a rosebush in the Enright's backyard....
Title: Olivia's Magic Conch/A Mystical Modern Day Fable    
Author: P. A. Zimmerman
Jack, a marine biologist gets called away to work on his project in the Caribbean on Olivia's eleventh birthday; the day they begin their annual search for the elusive magic conch. An unfortunate mishap occurs resulting in Jack falling overboard. One year to t...
Title: Finding Our Ohana    
Author: Jerilyn Ito
Take a delightful and magical journey as Lani and Maleko search for and find their `Ohana. While you travel along with them, discover some of Hawai`i's favorite local foods, too! ...
Title: The Frugal Oenophile's Lexicon of Wine Tasting Terms    
Author: Richard Best
The Frugal Oenophile's lexicon is a dictionary of more than 650 wine tasting terms that help take the mystery out of wine appreciation. Unlike the majority of wine books, this one deals only with the language of wine. There is no other book like it a...
Title: Stir, Laugh, Repeat    
Author: Martha Cheves
The perfect cookbook for the "offspring" of "baby boomers."...
Title: Da Cajn Critter:The Lifestyles The Rules and Makin' Groceri    
Author: Pamela Lyles
“Da Cajn Critter” cookbook, a 2008 USA Book News award winner, is a “gumbo” of old family, friends, and personal recipes from New Orleans, Louisiana, all over the US, and even Italy. These are easy, simple recipes that use ingredients that can be found at any grocery st...
Title: White Bird Black Bird    
Author: Valdemar (Val) Wake
The story of the native rights movement in Arctic Canada when southern consumers were pressing for more oil and gas....
Title: Paradise Island    
Author: J.L. Manning
Their new island holds a great secret. Josh and Anna have always dreamed of escaping their humdrum life by traveling to a tropical paradise. When a credit card company grants their wish in a contest, the two can't contain their excitement, inviting their friend...
Title: Flaherty's Crossing    
Author: Kaylin
A compelling and imaginative story, not just about death but about life and emotional growth, a broken woman's journey towards learning to trust again....
Title: Before They Read: Teaching Language and Literacy Development Through Conver    
Author: Cathy Miller
WINNER OF THE 2010 DISTINGUISHED ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in the Professional Development Category. In Before They Read: Teaching Language and Literacy Development through Conversations, Interactive Read-alouds, and Listening Games, Cathy Puett Miller helps educators teach th...
Title: Introduction to Igbo Medicine and Culture in Nigeria    
Author: Patrick IROEGBU
This seminal book "Introduction to Igbo Medicine and Culture in Nigeria" presents a collection of rich and well researched essays by the author which are devoted to Igbo Medicine issues and development. It lays bare factors useful for more research with regard to develo...
Title: Shattered Images    
Author: Victoria Lane
This book is about a mother and daughter estrangement....
Title: What Hope Have You!    
Author: Elaine Bunbury
"What Hope Have You!" is a story about three families, one white, one black and one of mixed race, in South Africa, extending over four generations and one hundred years. How, first colonialism and later apartheid negatively affected the family lives of black people....
Title: The Willow Tree    
Author: Summer Redfern
Family Saga of Harjo family in the 1980s....
Title: Willow Mina    
Author: Summer Redfern
The Harjo family, the next generation. Willow the teenage daughter is featured....
Title: Tales of the Winglord Kingdom    
Author: Paula Sizemore
A faithful man, an innocent daughter, a devastated mother - all in the hands of a greedy man and a woman from hell. Is forgiveness possible under the blanket of curse and seduction?...
Title: The Emerald Dagger    
Author: Barbara Hodges
The Power's chosen, marked by the Blue Flame, is all that stands between dark magic and the tranquility of Daradawn. Regan Cafferty Canterville, drawn from present-day San Francisco, bears such on her shoulder and once again must pit her magic against the black mage, D...
Title: Choices Meant for Gods    
Author: Sandy Lender
Choices Meant for Gods is a tale of prophecy twisting out of control in the captivating realm of Onweald--where even the gods have to turn to an unlikely fugitive for help....
Title: Quest of the Rune Sword    
Author: Michael Ault
This picks up were "Of Fair Lahilda" leaves off....
Title: Ni'il: The War Within    
Author: James Boyle
Award-winning finalist 2010 Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY) for fantasy/sci-fi fiction. Police Chief Dan Connor and his partner return to continue the fight against ni'ilaquo begun in Ni'il: The Awakening. But now they also have someone as an equally ...
Title: Enya's Light    
Author: KristaLyn Vetovich
Enya's Light is a story of fantasy colliding with some of life's harshest realities, with just a touch of faith to save the day....
Title: The Book of Eli    
Author: Sam Moffie
Eli Canaan has died and gone to Heaven... or has he? Only God, Jesus and a host of zany characters can tell him the truth....
Title: Gone Away Into the Land    
Author: Jeffrey Allen
Kill the Beast, John. Shifting in and out of reality, this inspirational story follows 12-year old John Greber, who with his mother, Ellie, suffers abuse at the hands of John’s father, whom he calls “The Beast.” The Beast abandons his family and kidnaps John’s six-y...
Title: Quest    
Author: Genie Waldo
Quest is the story of Noane, a sixteen year old girl who is forced to seek a new life beyond the farm. ...
Title: The Master Crafters of Oz    
Author: Philip Lewin
In “The Witch Queen of Oz” we learned that Lurline cast her spell to counter the dark magic of her sister, Enilrul. Now it is time to learn how Lurline’s magic continues to work to this day to shape the land of Oz! Once again, undertake a magical journey t...
Title: Winning the Cancer Battle    
Author: Judy Walter
This book provides useful information for cancer patients and their families.Success stories, nutrition, supplements, references for treatment centers, additional reading are all covered. A no-nonsence book....
Title: Mom's Story, A Child Learns About MS    
Author: Mary Nickum
Mom’s Story; A Child Learns About MS tells the story of a young girl who sees her mother with some frightening health problems and learns she has MS but she will not die from it....
Title: The Street Life Series: Is It Passion or Revenge?    
Author: Kevin Weeks
Jet through the streets with Teco Jackson...
Title: The Street Life Series: Is It Suicide or Murder?    
Author: Kevin Weeks
Jet through the streets with Teco Jackson....
Historical Fiction
Title: Watermark    
Author: Vanitha Sankaran
Watermark is a work of historical fiction, set in southern France during the heresy of the Good Men in the 1300s. The protagonist of the novel is an albino mute, Auda, whose desire to write and tell stories is both her salvation and her doom. This is a novel...
Historical Fiction
Title: Book One of The Silurian - The Fox and The Bear    
Author: L.A. Wilson
The story of King Arthur like you have never read it before! Brilliant, daring, unique and unconventional, if this is you, then this is your book... The Silurian, Book One recently received an "Honorable Mention" in the 2007 London Book Festival literary competition...
Historical Fiction
Title: Winds of Destiny    
Author: Jayne Bullock
Winds of Destiny E-book: Relgious persecution, dangerous convictions, intrigue and a treacherous escape across northern England in the mid 1600s fill the pages of this first novel by author Jayne Bullock. Published by AuthorHouse, the novel introduces readers to Catheri...
Historical Fiction
Title: Majestic Lunacy - A Soldier's Journal    
Author: D. Kelly
Eight men. All enemies. But, they've been thrown together my circumstance and hunted by other, more dangerous enemies. Learning to rely on each other is hard but it's either that or die....
Historical Fiction
Title: The Spirit of Hawsley Manor    
Author: Judy Shurlock
How would you like to inherit a large house in the English countryside? That's what happened to Samantha Langley, however, she wasn't prepared for what she would find there....
Historical Fiction
Title: Belle:Rebel In Red Silk    
Author: Joyce Dunn
Belle is the family rebel, trying to make her own way in the world....
Historical Fiction
Title: Help Came From A Stranger    
Author: Brenda Hyslip
When her husband is taken away by the Gestapo,Sofie and her"half-breed"(half Austrain,half Polish)daughter,six year old Emma,are forced to flee wartime Poland for eastern Germany.then when East Germany is occupied by the victorious Russian army, they are forced to flee ...
Title: Red November: Inside the Secret U.S. - Soviet Submarine War    
Author: W. Craig Reed
In the tradition of the bestselling Blind Man’s Bluff (PublicAffairs 1998), which sold over two million copies worldwide, W. Craig Reed, a former navy diver and fast-attack submariner, delivers a riveting non-fiction thriller narrative about the secret underwater strugg...
Title: Extra! Extra! The Orphan Trains and Newsboys of New York    
Author: Renee Wendinger
The composition of the orphan trains that departed New York City carrying more than 200,000 children from various East Coast orphanages, to all points West across the United States became the largest mass migration of children in US history. A collection of sto...
Title: The Climbing Boy    
Author: Mark Lichterman
Once optioned for a movie, now on Kindle also, "The Climbing Boy" is a magical Christmas tale that deserves to become a new Dickens like classic. The Climbing Boy can now purchased as a Kindle eBook for $3.00...
Title: Hellfire and Damnation    
Author: Connie Wilson
Each story in "Hellfire & Damnation" is unified by its illustration of one of the sins represented by the 9 Circles of Hell in Dante's "Inferno."...
Title: Life In The Dweeb Lane - Memoirs of Time Spent On The Dork Side    
Author: D. Kelly
Life In The Dweeb Lane is a collection of short, comical stories about my life (with a slight "stretch" now and then)....
Title: Sex, lies and the internet    
Author: Helene Fuchs
all about my personal dating at the age of 60....
Title: Marie's Story    
Author: Nora Ryan
Set amidst the sweeping landscape of rural Haiti, Marie’s Story chronicles the life and adventures of Marie and her brother Gustaf. Orphaned after their mother dies from a mysterious illness, Marie and Gustaf have returned from St. Georges to live with an aunt on the s...
Title: a Newlywed    
Author: Lovetta Oche
How God used my journey through marriage to reveal HIS true purpose for my life....
Title: Panning For Gold    
Author: Doneareum Winston
"Panning For Gold" is the story of a young man looking back on life in the system and coming to terms with his mother's mental illness, an absent father, and always being unacceptable in the "eyes of man." It is the remarkable journey of a child who only had his faith i...
Title: From My Mamas Kitchen Food for the Soul, Recipes for the Living    
Author: Johnny Tan
This keepsake is about women empowerment and the motherly love of 9 incredible women who collectively helped Johnny Tan in his lifeʼs journey. It is about his relationships with his adopted mom in Malaysia and eight other women in the United States whom he...
Title: Skating Forward: Sixteen Amazing Young Women Celebrating Life on Ice    
Author: Joanne Vassallo Jamrosz
If you love figure skating and inspirational books, you will love Skating Forward...
Title: Wings to Fly    
Author: Jeanne Ripley
Wings to Fly is a compelling book of poetic images and words that help to open your heart....
Literary Criticism
Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shakespeare's Plays    
Author: Cynthia Greenwood
A handy reference to 20 major plays by William Shakespeare and his lesser-performed works. A guide to famous speeches and quotations and making sense of Elizabethan English. A look at how the plays have been staged, from the earliest playhouses to contemporary auditoriu...
Literary Fiction
Title: Daddy Doesn't Want to Dance Anymore    
Author: Christopher Bennett
This is a book composed to shed some light on the two worlds that are currently are war within African American culture. a war waged between the highly educated and the less sophisicated African Americans. Who is right or wrong is not the question, because both sides ra...
Literary Fiction
Title: Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis    
Author: Vaughn Petterson
Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis is a love story between Joe, a rich, handsome womanizer and Maria, a humble Mexican immigrant. Joe's life is changed forever through his love of Maria...
Literary Fiction
Title: El Sitio    
Author: Claudio Herrera
"El Sitio" desarrolla en forma coloquial una historia que nos muestra como muchas veces el poder, la discriminación y la religión, se pueden transformar en un todo capaz de crear una realidad ajena a nosotros con la energía suficiente como para destruirnos. ...
Literary Fiction
Title: Off the Autostrada    
Author: Claire Daniel
Claire Daniel's fresh voice brings a journey of the heart and mind to her characters as they explore the beauty and the more frightening aspects of the Italian countryside....
Literary Fiction
Title: The Site    
Author: Claudio Herrera
 The Site is a touching book which gets across, through an apparent simple story, the complexity of the human soul, its fears of freedom and lack of commitment to life. As the protagonist of The Site says, "In life, you can allow yourself to have your own way but you ca...
Title: The Carpenter of Auguliere    
Author: D. Wayne Dworsky
The fate of the village lay in the hands of a stranger in whom the townspeople learned to distrust....
Title: Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace    
Author: Catherine Johnson
Inspired by a true story, Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace is the compelling strugle between good and evil, and the violent undercurrent running beneath the illusory serenity of a close-knit Midwestern family....
Title: Blind Faith    
Author: Janet Clark
Whenever Lucinda Walters experiences tragedy and loss, she knows there's one sure place where she can turn for solace and strength: her Church. She counts on her faith to carry her through when her daughter Rita dies, leaving behind two little boys and a devastated husb...
Title: Broken    
Author: J. Matthew nespoli
“Broken” has been described as "Trainspotting" meet "Crash" (Tailfish Productions- Taylor Van Arsdale). Broken, narrated by it’s complex characters, is a humorous, irreverent and twisted look into the lives of thirteen strangers. Skye is a teenage homeless musician batt...
Title: under the neon sky....a las vegas doorman's story    
Author: Jay Rankin
Wait until dark, when the mood is right. The night is about possibilities. Invite a hooker to the blackjack table. Drop an extra hundred bucks on your bet. Order more drinks than you can handle. The forbidden makes Vegas unforgettable. Jay Rankin places the rea...
Title: On the Line    
Author: Margena Holmes
Derrick Anderson is young, intelligent, and talented, and dreams of becoming a major league ballplayer. Drafted into professional baseball right out of high school, he has the opportunity to live his dreams. But he also has a fondness for alcohol and women. Advancing th...
Title: Walking With Morgan    
Author: Nadia Tholance
'Walking With Morgan' is a witty and touching tale of friendship and loyalty or how to get your best life lessons from man's best friend....
Title: Not Just Spirited: A Mom's Sensational Journey with SPD    
Author: Chynna Laird
What would you do if your child suffered with something so severe it affected every aspect of her life? And what if your cries for help fell on deaf ears at every turn? You'd follow your gut and fight until someone listened. And that's what Chynna Laird did....
Title: The Golden Years...The Florida Legislature, '70s and '80s    
Author: Robert McKnight
A former State Senator describes his experiences, people and issues central to Florida's political "Golden Era," of the 1970's and 80's....
Title: Letting Go: An Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Journey of Healing & Transfor    
Author: Nancy Kaiser
Follow the author's struggle to learn from and let go of the devastating feelings of betrayal, grief, anger, fear, and loneliness that engulf her when her husband of 27 years leaves her and they divorce. Abandoned 600 miles from everyone she knows, her dream shattered, ...
Title: auf Wiedersehen: World War II through the eyes of a German Girl    
Author: Christa Ocker
A light snowfall covers the streets with a blanket of white as Christa, her mother, and older sister climb unto an old Wehrmacht truck. It’s a gloomy day in February of 1945. World War II is nearing the end. They are Germans. As Germans they are guilty of the horror...
Title: Becoming Alice, A Memoir    
Author: Alice Rene
A harrowing escape from Nazi persecution followed by growing up as an immigrant in a troubled family, cloud a young girl's childhood....
Title: The Day My Soul Cried    
Author: Yvonne Pierre
Due to release June 20, 2010. Yvonne Pierre’s journey from the depths of despair to an awakening of soul and spirit, has been a long and difficult one....
Title: A Broad Abroad in Thailand: An Expat's Misadventures in the Land of Smiles    
Author: Dodie Cross
In this laugh-out-loud, must-read memoir (Hen Pen), Dodie Cross, takes us on a not-to-be-forgotten ride as a newlywed expatriate in Thailand as she tries to settle into her new home and a life full of unforeseen challenges. Her problems in this exotic land begin as she ...
Title: Bone Knowing- A True Story of Coming to Life in the Face of Impending Loss    
Author: Jennifer Allen
“Jennifer Allen's BONE KNOWING is a powerful account of how families cope with the specter of life-threatening illness and live meaningful, even wonderful lives, under its shadow.” Kenneth J. Doka, PhD Professor at The Graduate School, College of New Rochell...
Title: Devils Island    
Author: Carl Brookins
Sailing alone in the Apostle Islands, Mary Whitney is stalked by her mad ex-husband, bent on murder. Kidnapped, with no hope of rescue, she is forced to use all her physical and mental skills to protect herself in their fight to the death....
Title: Blow Dart - The Abduction    
Author: Patricia Gayle
Abducted and left for dead in the wilderness, will Trish Dawson be able to survive and find her way back to the perfect life that was taken from her?...
Title: Kings Rapids-A Kurt Maxxon Mystery    
Author: Jim Overturf
Donation included! Kurt Maxxon discovers the body of Rusty Gallegar in the second mystery of the series. His former live-in girlfriend Alisa Sharpe, is in jail. Her co-worker, Mutt, asks Kurt to help her, because she's innocent. Why did the killer want to frame this inn...
Title: The Street Life Series: Is Rags or Riches?    
Author: Kevin Weeks
For those determined to succeed despite the odds, is it rags or riches?...
Title: Forgotten Honor    
Author: Jerry Snodgrass
Exotic international locations unveiled within the book....
Title: Give Teens a Break!    
Author: John Morella
A positive look at our thirty-million teens in our country. The book exposes negative myths and dispells negative stereotypes and provides guidance for parents of teens....
Title: Anytime Reading Readiness: Fun and Easy Family Activities That Prepare Your    
Author: Cathy Miller
Your young child gets ready to read every minute of the day by interacting with you: his first and best teacher. Find out how to make this fun and easy for you and your child. ...
Title: Your Legacy of Love: Realize the Gift in Godbye    
Author: Gemini Adams
Award-winning British grief expert, Gemini Adams, gently explains how moms, dads, and grandparents can realize the gift in goodbye, by taking six simple steps to share their wisdom and affection in a legacy of love, so that surviving loved ones will suffer less, if the ...
Pets/Pet Care
Title: Buckley's Story - Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher    
Author: Ingrid King
Buckley’s Story is the story of how one small cat changed the author’s life in ways she never could have imagined. In this warm-hearted memoir, Ingrid King shares the story of Buckley, a joyful, enthusiastic and affectionate tortoiseshell cat she meets while managing a ...
Title: Atheists Can Get To Heaven - Perspectives Beyond The Tunnel Of Light    
Author: W Michael King
Presenting the seamless continuum between the "physical" and the "metaphysical" (spiritual) that does not depend on "belief systems" for an individual to thrive...
Title: The Lyrics of My Soul    
Author: Don Savant
A collection of poetry showcasing a deeper look into the mind of Don Savant....
Title: Don Savant's Book of Poems, Sonnets and Vows for Relationships and Weddings    
Author: Don Savant
A collection of love and relationship poetry....
Title: Love's Wall    
Author: John Peter Davis
John's poetry touches reality in simple terms. It draws out your memories and stirs up your own fantasies, tying in to your life and dreams. The book contains romance and relationship poems with themes such as Internet Dating, Whimsical & It Happened for a Reason. ...
Title: Liquid Reflections: A Stream of Fluid Prose    
Author: B.M. Song
"As a diamond that gleams, exposing a sliver of its hope...therein lies the beautiful enigma." -(Excerpt from LR)...
Political Science
Title: Developed Minds, Developing Minds and the Stupid Terrorists    
Author: Harish Maiya
The book talks about the many socio/economic and political issues rattling a number of countries around the globe....
Political Science
Title: An Elephant In The Living Room - Is It Too Late To Kill All The Lawyers?    
Author: Wendell Thorne
The United States has drifted away from the Founders' concept of "We The People" to a nation gripped by the rule of Law. Nearly everything we do on a daily basis from before we're born until after we die falls under the cloud of The Law. Worse than that, in the past s...
Title: Revenge in Fort McMann: Stories    
Author: KP Wee
This is a collection of four stories, mostly about love and revenge: 1. Revenge of the Retired Tutor 2. The Replacement Pitcher 3. False Ex-Pectations 4. Young Chasing Rainbow Trout...
Title: Brick Wall    
Author: John Peter Davis
They met online, 500 miles apart. Her life was unraveling; going downhill fast. Could he save her?...
Title: If You Want a Harvest, You Have to be Willing to Cultivate the Soil    
Author: TONEY Saunders
The book delivers powerful faith building explanations concerning prosperity and God's plan for His people...
Title: Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century: from Kabbalah to Quantum Physics    
Author: Judith Laura
The award-winning Second Enlarged Edition of this highly acclaimed book, contains all material from the original 1997 edition plus additional content, including a Foreword by Rachel Pollack. Judith Laura begins by describing modern Goddess Spirituality concepts. She the...
Title: Decoding the Language of God    
Author: George Cunningham
book analyses the evidence uesd by scientist Francis Collins to support his Christian faith and concudes that scoence and religion cannot both be true and are incompatible worldviews....
Title: A Chance to Say Yes    
Author: Tina Murray
What if you old high-school flame returned to town as one of the world's most popular movie stars? Lovely art-dealer Poppy Craft-Talbot must face this situation and cope with the hidden demons of her past. Set in the wealthy tropical resort of Naples, Florida, A Chance...
Title: Ræliksen    
Author: Renee Vincent
A story of one man's fight for honor and the woman he cannot live without....
Title: New Beginnings    
Author: Pat McCain
Traveling through the Scottish Highlands, Alexandra Williams falls under the spell of the magical countryside and a handsome kinsman, John MacDonald. Combining forces, they piece together the answer to a three hundred year old mystery which presents them with a new and ...
Title: Beach Cottage Bliss    
Author: Laura Kehoe
Romance, Mystery, Who-Done-It!...
Title: Night Angel    
Author: Renee Reeves
Nick Evanoff, owner of Evanoff Horse Sanctuary, preferred peace and quiet. Then he saw Morgan trespassing on his land and knew instantly that his life was about to change. (Also available in ebook and on kindle)...
Title: Hold On    
Author: LaVerne Thompson
One phone call changed both their lives. A real life knight in shining armor, except he isn’t in armor he’s in a suit. But the first time Lena Douglas lays eyes on Stephan Grayson that’s what he seems to her. He saves her from a violence that still haunts her nigh...
Title: 106 Arrowhead Drive    
Author: Kathleen Highley
It won’t be tonight. I can’t bear the thought of leaving. But she did. Catherine Baldwin and Nanny Maggie gathered up all five children, the youngest a mere two weeks old, and ran for their lives. Catherine’s husband was dead—and her mother-in-law wanted...
Title: The Avalon Patrol : The Road To Avea    
Author: Lynn Lorenz
The Avalon Patrol is a blend of fantasy/paranormal/detective, three of my favs. When Sarah returns from off-world to take her place in the world of majik, she joins the Patrol, on-worlds police. There she meets men and women dedicated to fighting evil and crime. Stefan ...
Title: The Lion and the Nurse    
Author: Patty Apostolides
This love story takes place on the Greek Island of Kos, where Hippocrates, the father of healing, lived and worked there....
Title: Winds of Destiny    
Author: Jayne Bullock
Winds of Destiny E-book: Relgious persecution, dangerous convictions, intrigue and a treacherous escape across northern England in the mid 1600s fill the pages of this coming-of-age story. But more than the adventure is the lessons learned by all the characters in this ...
Title: The Blood Rose    
Author: Mahogany SilverRain
An action packed interracial paranormal romance and erotic novel. The first book in the The Blood Rose Series. In New Orleans, a city filled with Voodoo, witchcraft, and creatures of the night, lives the only telepathic, day walking vampire in existence…bo...
Title: People of the Bear    
Author: Lori Johnson
In the wilderness, danger waits... as a human women attempts to help a clan of shapeshifters hidden deep in the Northwoods of Minnesota....
Title: Dark Paradise    
Author: Carolyn LeComte
Sara Chandler, a successful artist from Massachusetts, comes to Hawaii in search of a “Paradise” in which to escape her troubled past. She soon runs into her first obstacle in the person of Lucas Henshaw, whose promise to his deceased wife drives him to possess the land...
Science Fiction
Title: A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor    
Author: Robert Pielke
It has taken centuries to recognize that all humans possess certain unalienable rights. There will come a time when we have to consider whether others deserve those rights as well. That time will come on July 3rd, 1863....
Science Fiction
Title: Seeds Of Wonder    
Author: Michael Ault
An eclectic collection of short stories....
Science Fiction
Title: The Chosen One    
Author: D.L. Mains
When Worlds Collide...Can The Chosen One unite two cultures and bring peace to earth?...
Title: Fibromyalgia and Sex Can Be a Pain in the Neck...and back and shoulders    
Author: Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom
What happens to intimacy and sex in a marriage when one has Fibromyalgia? Author Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom explores this topic and shows you her discovery of the art of intimacy. This book has an R rating due the mature nature of this topic....
Title: Wisdom's Journey    
Author: John Herlihy
Why do more than one billion people claim Islam as their religion? American convert John Ahmed Herlihy provides his personal answer and takes readers on a journey to the heart of Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world. Weaving details of Islam's central belief...
Title: Tend To Your Garden Within    
Author: Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.
A personal spiritual journey to know self, inspect beliefs, contemplate life, and lead a more joyful life....
Title: Friday on the Trail    
Author: Jim Bondy
The book starts with a bio about myself and follows into the short stories taken from my memoirs recorded on the backpacking trips. You will experiencing the adventures, hardships, crazy antics, humour and anxieties that we endure on these grueling excursions....
Title: Bring Your Racquet: Tennis Basics for Kids    
Author: Steven White
At no time in history has there been so many children wanting to play tennis at such a young age. And quite naturally, young players are constantly striving to improve their games. While there are many ways to learn the game and to improve, the basics of tennis are unch...
Title: Tin Lizard Tales: Reflections from a Train    
Author: Schuyler Wallace
The author, while on a train trip through the United States and Canada, comments on the people and places he sees....
Title: A New Reality: A wake up call to life's mysteries    
Author: A.J. Aaron
Synchronicity, miracles,twin flames,seeing through another persons eyes,esp,healing,quantum physics, magick....
Young Adult/Teen
Title: Sweet Annie: The saga of a young girl coming of age in another century    
Author: Joyce Morris
Young Annie Cowan was born in an antebellum mansion in a town named for her family: Cowan Tennessee, Franklin County. Losing everything in the Civil War, Annie's father must find other means of supporting his ever growing family. Use to a life of ease and privilige, Ann...

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