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Title: Tip of the Spear    
Author: SD Hatfield
In the aftermath of a Cyber War between the US and China, one man has to set the country back on course with enemies on every side and friends hard to find....
Title: Forever is Gone    
Author: William Baker
Serial Killer escapes the law by using the cover of a brilliant pedigreed dog trainer and handler. ...
Title: Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls    
Author: Bettye Johnson
An Independent Publisher Book Award Winner 2006 about the adventures of two women, a rich American businessman and a disillusioned French priest become interwoven with the story of Mary Magdalene, Jesus, the Black Madonna to translate scrolls found in the French Pyrenee...
Title: East Wind    
Author: jack winnick
A team of Islamic terrorists aim to blackmail the US government by detonating a nuclear bomb....
Title: William Gillette, America's Sherlock Holmes    
Author: Henry Zecher
This is a fully researched, extensive biography of William Gillette....
Title: Mixed Bag    
Author: Phillip Rice
Author overcame fear, insecurity and self-doubt, instilled during childhood, to achieve extraordinary success in multiple careers in Public and Private sectors in U.S....
Title: 1navywoman    
Author: Denise Boulet
The story of my cruel childhood, my teen years in abusive foster care homes, and how I turned my life around by joning the United States Navy....
Title: New York City Girl    
Author: Rose Sottile
This heartwarming story of struggle, pain and finally success offers a roadmap to other suffers of bi-polarism and depression. It is a story of perseverance, hope and courage. New York City Girl walks the reader through the day-by-day struggle back to health a...
Title: An Unimaginable Journey: How Pepsi Beat the Odds in Romania    
Author: Aviad Meitar
An incredible story of how a group of visionary entrepreneurs got the rights to Pepsi in Romania and built a thriving beverage company over a 15-year period....
Title: Purpose-Centered Public Speaking    
Author: Gary Rodriguez
How to Develop and Deliver Purposeful Talks, Speeches, and Presentations with Less Fear and More Confidence...
Title: Hobee's Quest: In the Deep    
Author: Robert Chambers
Hobee and his side kick Bobit, have a wooden sub made for them by some Teekers, so Hobee can contenue his Quest to help others as he looks for others like himself....
Title: Snowy Pea and the Ghost Crab    
Author: Kyle Miller
A snowy plover shorebird, whose greatest wish is to hatch her eggs, is guarded by 12 other shorebirds and a maverick ghost crab for 24 days....
Title: Victor and the Sun Orb    
Author: Amy Nielsen
In the land of Solandia, a young sun fairy prince is cursed to become mortal on his baptism day. The quest to retrieve the sun orb, the source of power to all sun fairies and find the dark,hooded figure is the ultimate way to get his power back and save the sun fairies ...
Title: Olivia's Magic Conch/A Mystical Modern Day Fable    
Author: P. Zimmerman
Jack, a marine biologist gets called away to work on his project in the Caribbean on Olivia's eleventh birthday; the day they begin their annual search for the elusive magic conch. An unfortunate mishap occurs resulting in Jack falling overboard. One year to t...
Title: Some Rivers End on the Day of the Dead    
Author: Eileen Granfors
Marisol faces the challenge to return home in time for her father's ceremonies on the Day of the Dead....
Title: What Hope Have You!    
Author: Elaine Bunbury
"What Hope Have You!" is a story about three families, one white, one black and one of mixed race, in South Africa, extending over four generations and one hundred years. How, first colonialism and later apartheid negatively affected the family lives of black people....
Title: Cephrael's Hand, Book 1 of A Pattern of Shadow & Light    
Author: Melissa McPhail
Two brothers find themselves on opposite sides of a great battle, neither knowing the other is alive... A traitor works in exile while preparing for the disaster only he knows is coming... A race of beings from beyond the fringe of the universe begin uncreating the worl...
Title: The Royal Dragoneers - The Dragoneer Saga Book I    
Author: M. R. Mathias
A handfull of survivors wash ashore from a ship wreck in a strange new world. Two centuries later their descendants have populated the Islands they found and are now striving to populate a mainland infested with trolls and dragons. Only some of the dragons want the tro...
Title: The Quest for the Prize,Vol 2: The Replenishment    
Author: Keith Dyne
The quest continues, see how Jerry and his colleagues progress on their quest for the Prize......
Title: The Sword and the Dragon - The Wardstone Trilogy Book I    
Author: M. R. Mathias
If you took every major epic fantasy that has ever been written and twisted them all into one fantastic tale of magic, sword play, and just plain old fantasy fun, you might get the first half of this 235,000 word monster of a read. The last half is a climax so thrilling...
Title: Emerald    
Author: ML Hamilton
In one terrible instant, Kai is thrown from his comfortable life and plunged into a conflict that began before he was born. Worse yet, he learns that the one man who can help him is his enemy. Kiameron is the crown prince of DiNolfol. He is torn between two destini...
Title: Natural Aphrodisiacs: Myth or Reality    
Author: Ravi Puri
The book deals with the various natural aphrodisiacs which are being sold on the Internet or natural food stores. It desribes the origin, descrption of herbs, myth, clinical research, additional benefits, toxicity, dosage and interaction with food,herbs and medications....
Title: Mom's Story, A Child Learns About MS    
Author: Mary Nickum
Mom’s Story; A Child Learns About MS tells the story of a young girl who sees her mother with some frightening health problems and learns she has MS but she will not die from it....
Historical Fiction
Title: Skivvy Girl: The Love of a Post WWII Japanese Pleasure Girl    
Author: Earnest Mercer
Young Japanese girl forced into prostitution during U.S. military occupation, her initiation into the sordid life, and the consequences....
Historical Fiction
Title: BEAR Flight to Liberty    
Author: Miguel Vargas-Caba
An intense, action-packed novel that focuses on the age-old battle of freedom against slavery as the crew of a giant aircraft defect from the Soviet Union....
Historical Fiction
Title: Sikander (paperback)    
Author: M. Salahuddin Khan
It’s 1986. 17-year old Pakistani student, Sikander, is enamored with America and longs to live there. But enraged after a quarrel with parents he decides to leave home. After meeting visiting Afghan mujahideen he joins their struggle against the Soviets in Afghanistan. ...
Historical Fiction
Title: Kingdom Of The Hollow, The Story Of The Hatfields And McCoys    
Author: Phillip Hardy
This book is a work of historical fiction based on actual events that transpired during the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. For entertainment purposes, fictional characters have been mixed with real participants. This is not a history book; it is a retelling of a legendary America...
Historical Fiction
Title: Winds of Destiny    
Author: Jayne Bullock
Winds of Destiny E-book: Relgious persecution, dangerous convictions, intrigue and a treacherous escape across northern England in the mid 1600s fill the pages of this first novel by author Jayne Bullock. Published by AuthorHouse, the novel introduces readers to Catheri...
Title: Extra! Extra! The Orphan Trains and Newsboys of New York    
Author: Renee Wendinger
The composition of the orphan trains that departed New York City carrying more than 200,000 children from various East Coast orphanages, to all points West across the United States became the largest mass migration of children in US history. A collection of sto...
Title: The Politics of Selfishness: How John Locke's Legacy Is Paralyzing America    
Author: Paul Nevins
Is a preoccupation with the self at the root of America’s present political and economic problems? ...
Title: The Man Who Saved Christmas    
Author: Jeff Ovall
Christmas - only days away; plastic snowmen and glowing reindeer adorn the lawns of neighborhoods all across America. All is calm, all is bright, and yet there is something tragically wrong about this Christmas night. With swift passage through Congress, the A...
Home & Garden
Title: Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your    
Author: Barbara Tako
Humorous and seasonally organized informational tips to clear clutter and get organized. Clearing clutter frees up time and energy to live our priorities. We can live green by donating and help others in tough economic times....
Title: Ridin' Around - Taillights in Chrome, 8-Tracks on Wheels    
Author: Elaine Smith
In 1980, gasoline is cheap, cars are fast, and in-car 8 track tape players bring mobile rock & roll music like never before. It is a special time when dormitory room doors and windows stay open, cars are left unlocked, and most cops actually have a sense of humor. Coll...
Literary Fiction
Title: Restless Heart    
Author: T. William Phillips
His restless heart beat to a rhythm of its own. While the world begged him to ignore it, Konrad Quintero de Leon dared to follow it....
Literary Fiction
Title: The Secret of Lies    
Author: Barbara Abate
1957-The last summer spent at the ancient house overlooking the North Atlantic. A season which had unfolded with abundant promise, but then spiraled horribly out of control - torn apart by a shattering tragedy that remains splintered upon her soul....
Title: Circumstances    
Author: Molly Naulty
The story of how a troubled young man changes the lives of two sisters, and the people they love....
Title: Bobby's Trials    
Author: Bobby Wilson
An incredible true story of survival and overcoming great odds in order to succeed in life....
Title: Not Just Spirited: A Mom's Sensational Journey with SPD    
Author: Chynna Laird
What would you do if your child suffered with something so severe it affected every aspect of her life? And what if your cries for help fell on deaf ears at every turn? You'd follow your gut and fight until someone listened. And that's what Chynna Laird did....
Title: Compilation of Escorts and Clients    
Author: D.E.Z. Butler
This book is about the clients and escorts who once were part of Professional Escorts of Marin County, California. The timeframe was from 1974 until 1990. The escort service was first an out call massage service which was called Fingers and then reemerged as Profession...
Title: Letting Go: An Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Journey of Healing & Transfor    
Author: Nancy Kaiser
Follow the author's struggle to learn from and let go of the devastating feelings of betrayal, grief, anger, fear, and loneliness that engulf her when her husband of 27 years leaves her and they divorce. Abandoned 600 miles from everyone she knows, her dream shattered, ...
Title: Dying for a Date    
Author: Cindy Sample
When her dating service turns deadly, soccer mom Laurel McKay must race to find the killer before she becomes the next victim....
Title: Stranger: A Death Valley Mystery    
Author: Melissa Garcia
The death of a stranger in room 110 will drive three lives on a collision course and force them to choose between protecting family or stopping a killer....
Title: Never Trust a Stranger    
Author: Jamie Cortland
Eddie Haywood, a handsome charismatic man in his late twenties with a Borderline Personality Disorder, develops an attachment to a beautiful and wealthy woman whose husband has just been reported missing in an airline crash. When Eddie is hired as Danni's gardener and m...
Title: The Quest for the Prize    
Author: Keith Dyne
A thrilling mystery set in England. Jerry Dumbarton is on a quest to find the prize, an ancient object that will bring love and happiness to the race of man....
Title: The Seventh Inning Sit: A Journey of ADHD    
Author: Karen Lowry
This is a personal journey of a child diagnosed with ADHD as he navigates the public school system. It reinforces the need for advocacy on the part of parents in order for children with ADHD to be adequately supported in school. Schools are ill equipped to handle many...
Pets/Pet Care
Title: Final Journey    
Author: Elizabeth Parker
Brought together by misfortune, they entered each other's lives to help put back together the pieces of their broken hearts....
Title: Decoding the Language of God    
Author: George Cunningham
Refutes the evidence and arguments used by Francis Collins and others to reconcile Christianity with modern science and phlosophy. Gives metaphysical proofs of atheism....
Title: Tuchy's Law--- wisdom from those that cross my path    
Author: Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
Tuchy’s law is a lifetime collection of the most impactful words of wisdom that came to Tuchy Palmieri, over the years, and under all circumstances. This unique collection is derived from a wide variety of sources. Originally recorded in 9 pocket notebooks that w...
Title: The light within our shadowed minds    
Author: rob bear
Title: Thoughtful Whispers    
Author: Mary Metcalf
poetry of different catagories written from growth, experiences, thoughts and ideas. feelings expressed freely and from my heart and soul. words to be shared with you on quiet moments. this book is also available in eBook form...
Title: Oprah In Her Words Our American Princess    
Author: Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
Oprah's words bring inspiration and help to many people. Tuchy adds suggested affirmations and actions and you have a powerful workbook that can become life altering and healing. The intent is not to diminish Oprah's words, but rather to enhance them with the addition o...
Title: Relationship Magic--- God only Knows    
Author: Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
No man is an island. What is life without relationships? It is often the case that relationships cause us the most pain. Relationship magic helps increase joy and minimize upsets. It is both a reference book and an interactive workbook. The book is based on the belief...
Title: Beyond Genesis: The Untold Story of Man's Origins    
Author: Allen Epling
Beyond Genesis offers an alternative explanation for the origin of man that is unique and different from either side in the familiar Creationism versus Evolution debate. The author believes the truth revealed in this book was not meant to be understood completely until ...
Title: When Man Listens-How to listen to God    
Author: Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
“When Man Listens”has often been referred to as “a mini version of the Alcoholics Anonymous Book”. It is a life altering book that transforms a person’s relationship with God. This new empowering relationship then alters every aspect of that person’s life. Problems ge...
Title: Chronicles of the HEdge    
Author: Jeff Ovall
In spite of the ever-looming threat of capture, a brave band of evangelists join forces to preach the Gospel to a lost and hostile world. John Rex, one of the leaders of this underground network, is the focus of HEdge's search-and-destroy mission. Mercilessly ...
Title: Is There A Hell For Children?    
Author: Jacquelyn Currie
Is There A Hell for Children? A Spiritual Guide for Children and Parents to know that it is time to grow closer to God and reinforce in our children the consequences of their actions....
Title: Young children finding God Inspired Children    
Author: Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
This book Presents a detailed description showing the influence of the Oxford Group movement upon the lives of children. It consists of Stories told by parents of their children finding and being directed by God. It has true stories of Children's spiritual experience. H...
Title: No Regrets/The Forgiving Heart of Allyson Porteus    
Author: Donna Lynch
Attractive Allyson Porteus is in love with charming Kyle Riker, and she has a constant desire to be with him, despite the fact he's a married man. When his wife, Janice Caldwell, finds out about their one important tie-a son named Benjamin-the affair quickly dissolves....
Science Fiction
Title: Ambrosia Weapons Underworld    
Author: Robin Sutton
Do you believe in Atlantis? What if all the stories about mermaids, etc. were true?...
Science Fiction
Title: Department of Temporal Adjustment    
Author: Veronica Tabares
While maintaining an impressive juggling act as a wife, mother, and student of archeology, a young woman accidently steps through a time portal into the future....
Science Fiction
Title: Remnant    
Author: Roland Allnach
Remnant is an anthology of three individual novellas, linked in theme. The novellas reside on the border of speculative fiction and science fiction. Remnant is Roland Allnach's debut publication in book form....
Title: Give Me Back My Credit! (paperback)    
Author: Denise Richardson
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night trying to remember if you paid a bill? What if you woke up because you knew you did? The mere mention of identity theft makes palms sweat, hearts race and heads pound. Find out why -and what, you need to do to ...
Title: A Patzer's Story    
Author: Timothy Sawyer
This takes you on a journey through my depression and how it has affected me on the chessboard. For chess players and non players alike. ...
Title: Dream BIGGER: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease    
Author: Julie Wise
Dream BIGGER offers a practical and inspirational approach to identifying your dreams, creating an action plan and making your dreams a reality. I believe that there is always a bigger dream for us than we could possibly imagine for ourselves. When our plan for our lif...
Title: On Splendid Wings_Love and Free Spirit    
Author: Vannessa Garrett
On Splendid Wings_Love and Free Spirit, has arrived! A book of collectives (poetry derived from Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art, Vol. 1 An exhilarating splendor of spiritual expression!...
Title: The Feathery    
Author: Bill Flynn
Obsession over a valuable antique golf ball drives some collectors toward mayhem, murder, and abduction while its owner tries to concentrate on his play at the British open....
Title: When You Need a Timeout    
Author: Barbara Mitchell
You don't have to spend years learning meditation, visualization or complicated yoga breathing routines. When you're feeling overwhelmed you want immediate relief. When You Need a Timeout, the relaxation guide for women on the go, has the quick stress-busting exercis...
Young Adult/Teen
Title: Good-Bye Tchaikovsky    
Author: Michael Thal
A twelve-year-old violin virtuoso, David Rothman, is plunged into a deaf world, necessitating him to adapt to a new culture and language in order to survive. ...
Young Adult/Teen
Title: The Attitude Girl    
Author: Mila Bernadkin
Everyone thinks that Vicky has an attitude problem, but in her eys, she's simply being realistic and honest about what she thinks and feels. Vicky always speaks the plain truth. If people can't handle it, well... it's their problem! The novel recounts a young w...
Young Adult/Teen
Title: Beyond the Dead Forest    
Author: Steve Groll
Two friends travel beyond a dead forest and find a dark, mysterious land filled with danger, hardship, odd people and creatures that change their lives forever....
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