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Title: Forms of Madness    
Author: Aaron Cole
Forms of Madness tells the story of Jordan Bauer, an investigative reporter who unwittingly becomes a pawn in an international conspiracy. A deep emotional hook is planted in Jordan, and by tugging in various ways on this connection Jordan is led to discover...
Title: Compulsion    
Author: Jennifer Chase
When Serial Killers Terrorize a California Beach Community, One Woman Stands in Their Way...
Title: River Bones, a thriller (Hardcover)    
Author: Mary Deal
A serial killer terrorizes residents among the lush orchards and farmlands of California's Sacramento River Delta....
Title: The Samson Effect (Paperback)    
Author: Tony Eldridge
The Samson Effect is a "first class thriller brimming with intrigue and adventure."- Clive Cussler...
Title: Ghost Kids Trilogy    
Author: Linda Meckler
Christy and Brad move into an old house on top of a mountain. They meet Ghost Kids and the adventures begin. It ends with a hunt for Pirates'Treasure. For children 8-14 adult....
Title: Necessary Evil    
Author: Aaron Cole
A lesson to the Catholic Church...
Title: Let's Model    
Author: renee lauren
Let's Model Everything that you need to know HOW TO BECOME A MODEL interviews with the top professionals in the business!...
Title: Fifi    
Author: Marcus Dino
Her name is Fifi Larouche. She's the All American midwestern girl from Des Moines Iowa who has come to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune. She considers herself a 'bohemian' and doing things like singing The French National Anthem makes her feel good. She is currently...
Title: Born on Friday 13th    
Author: Anna Murray
A story of love, loss and the happenstance of time and place, "Born on Friday 13th" is an inspirational story of survival and perseverance in the face of obstacles, big and small. It is an affirmation that we can all make the most of our lives, even if it looks like we...
Title: Roy Scheider: A Film Biography    
Author: Diane Kachmar
Roy Scheider's film and stage career from 1953 to 2001. Out of print....
Title: What Mother Teresa Taught Me    
Author: Maryanne Raphael
After spending precious time with Mother Teresa I wanted to share her warm spirit, wisdom and unconditional love with this book....
Title: Gaining the Edge - (Hardcover)    
Author: John De Puy
This book was written to today's entrepreneur. The language is easy to understand and the methods have been broken down and made simple so choices about what works for you are clear. Begin now and start building your business today....
Title: Weebeasts Origins    
Author: Micah Linton
Discover the origins of weebeasts in the first book of this exciting new series!...
Title: The Judges Chronicles: Rebirth of Shavron (2nd edition)    
Author: Ivan Sugarwood
Sugarwood's debute novel introduces kids to faith in God through telling a story with animal characters!...
Title: Willy; The Best Christmas Gift Ever    
Author: Mary Coe
Willy, a very rich, twelve year old boy, thought that wealth was everything that mattered in life; until one day he accidentally injured en age friend. He learned the true meanings of life and that there are some things that money just can't buy. ...
Title: Eric and the Enchanted Leaf: A Visit with Canis Lupis    
Author: Deborah Frontiera
Winner of the North Texas Book Festival's award for a children's book in 2007. The second in the "Eric" series, this book has Spanish and English text on each page. Released in 2005. This story is now officially "out of print", like the other Eric stories, but is still ...
Title: Five Lives Five Lies    
Author: Irma Johnson
Life is a journey and at sometime during this journey, there will be adversity, lies, and secrets. This book shares the lives of two friends and a family thrust into a web of chaos and deception. It all starts when two young boys meet in grade school and become best fri...
Title: Rovella Starr    
Author: Carol Mitchell
Rovella is a beautiful woman with a cold heart whom blames herself for an unfortunate old family secret that is literally ruining her life. This secret impedes a gorgeous woman from having happiness in her childhood, and throughout her life. Dark secrets; and inner pain...
Title: A Cabin on the Mountain    
Author: Earnest Mercer
The experiences of the Mercer family atop North Mountain, Gore, VA. Recommended for all ages, particularly good for adult reading to children....
Title: The Saga Of Peter The Woodsman    
Author: A Hansley Jr
An action packed fantasy for pre-teens,young adults and adults. Peter joins with the wizard, Mystagog, as they battle against evil in a struggle to save the mythical world of Helicon....
Title: The Street Life Series: Is It Suicide or Murder?    
Author: Kevin Weeks
Jet through the streets with Teco Jackson....
Historical Fiction
Title: Dark Birthright    
Author: Jeanne Treat
Book One of the Dark Birthright Saga. Mystery, Romance, and Violence in 17th century Scotland! A child born of mysterious parentage is given to fisher folk to raise as their son. Dughall grows up in a family bound by love and morality, becomes a healer, and displays ...
Historical Fiction
Title: Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple    
Author: Gloria Waldron Hukle
Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple is the well researched story of the Holland born Waldron Family who lived during the mid-1600s near the corner of what is today Wall Street and Broadway....
Home & Garden
Title: Fun Schway, the North American way. The mystical movement of energyFengShui    
Author: Mallory Wilkins
A new fun way to look at environmentally friendly Feng Shui to enhance a healthy home and balanced lifestyle. Creative non-fiction....
Title: Living with Victory After Past Mistakes    
Author: Louise Bannerman, CC
In the book, Louise reveals the intimate details of her life’s most difficult experiences in such a personal way, that others can become aware of the goodness that exists in tragedy and the strength out of sadness....
Title: Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace    
Author: Catherine Johnson
Inspired by a true story, Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace is the compelling strugle between good and evil, and the violent undercurrent running beneath the illusory serenity of a close-knit Midwestern family....
Title: Becoming Alice, A Memoir    
Author: Alice Rene
A harrowing escape from Nazi persecution followed by growing up as an immigrant in a troubled family, cloud a young girl's childhood....
Title: bipolar bare    
Author: carlton davis
A memoir of my life's journey with mental illness...
Title: Not in Vain A mother's Diary and Memoir about Her Daughter's Death    
Author: Jan Lobeck
This is a true story regarding the after math of my daughter's murder from a domestic violent marriage, and my fight for justice....
Title: Regina's Closet: Finding My Grandmother's Secret Journal    
Author: Diana Raab
The author finds her grandmother Regina’s journal 40 years after her suicide when the author was ten....
Title: Moveable Forts and Magazines: A Novel of Vietnam    
Author: Dick Rose
Why did the Admiral’s son go underground? What is the chief-of-staff covering up? What is the involvement of the Public Affairs Senior Chief? "Moveable Forts and Magazines: A Novel of Vietnam" explores the sibling themes of conscience and responsibility. The tho...
Title: The Paradise of Revenge (Paperback)    
Author: Richard Orey
Devout young Josefina is obsessed with wicked revenge. Why? How?...
Title: Skin Deep    
Author: Jamie Cortland
A romantic suspense by Weslynn McCallister, writing as Jamie Cortland. He's looking for you...on the beaches, in cocktail lounges and upscale restaurants. When you meet him, he will be charming, engaging, and compelling. Others will feel his menacing aura, but...
Title: You, My Love... a diary in verse    
Author: Richard Atwood
Diary of a love affair, from Europe to California (a la "Doctor Zhivago"). Love poems....
Title: On Trains    
Author: Linda LeBlanc
Literary,accessible lyrics and narratives with universal appeal...
Title: Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right    
Author: Roselaine Joseph
What inspired me to write this book is not only because I am a divorcé who made some bad decisions and mistake in the past. I wrote this book because divorce rates are very high and so many heartbroken that I truly believe we could have avoided. In this book, I share s...
Title: our personality and social attraction    
Author: Edouard Marzouka
I eagerly anticipate the enhancement that you will achieve from this book, and become conscious of the negative weaknesses from the social behaviors between us men and women because of stress, fear, and laziness. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” To love and to enj...
Title: Chronicles of the HEdge    
Author: Jeff Ovall
In spite of the ever-looming threat of capture, a brave band of evangelists join forces to preach the Gospel to a lost and hostile world. John Rex, one of the leaders of this underground network, is the focus of HEdge's search-and-destroy mission. Mercilessly ...
Title: Chronicles of the HEdge    
Author: Jeff Ovall
In spite of the ever-looming threat of capture, a brave band of evangelists join forces to preach the Gospel to a lost and hostile world. John Rex, one of the leaders of this underground network, is the focus of HEdge's search-and-destroy mission. Mercilessly ...
Title: If Truth Be Told - June 2007    
Author: Lynda Fitzgerald
If Truth Be Told is the story of a young woman coming of age and learning about love and forgiveness--in equal measure....
Science Fiction
Title: 2012 Airborne Prohesy    
Author: Nina Anderson
2012 Airborne Prophesy depicts life in North America based on fallout from terrorist attacks, environmental apathy and the alarmaing mind-control technology that exists today. A high-flying adventure story that is based on fact....
Title: Joyful Surrender    
Author: Cindy Tuttle
This is a Christian book that tells of my desire to find a purpose and (with God )creating a spiritual path it seems that I am supposed to walk.It gives practical ways for all of us to find our purpose and what we most desire. To look at ourselves with honesty and love....
Title: Waltzing Australia    
Author: Cynthia Clampitt
Waltzing Australia is a captivating tale of adventure and personal discovery—and a vivid portrayal of Australia, its history and legends, its wonders, its people, and its enduring beauty....
Title: Award Winning :The Last Box. A Women's Guide To Surviving Corporate America    
Author: Susan Baker
This Book was inspired by all the employers in my lifetime that either added to my knowledge and skills sets or sent me home in tears. As you read through this, I hope that one can find themselves in my story and be able to take away from it, some life changing, soul s...
Young Adult/Teen
Title: The Immigrants' Daughter    
Author: Mary Terzian
Born to immigrant parents from Turkey, this book consists of authors' witty and sometimes painful memories of growing up in Cairo during World War II, Israel's independence and Egypt's transition to Republic....
Young Adult/Teen
Title: Life (Hard Cover)    
Author: Jack Gunthridge
They have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream, and an unforgettable love. ...

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