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I am a bear.  I have always been a bear.  I believe I have a mental window into an intriguing, violent, humorous, humanistic failure by an entire generation that believed it could change the world with guitars and drugs and almost did.  I used to be a jazz musician, football joke, life-guard, body guard, marine, kept man, dedicated body surfer, football coach, and teacher of dyslexic but brilliant students.  more...

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· A Fox On Ice Skates- Excerpt 1
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· The Goatfooted Children-Excerpt 1 or Who's That Stranger in the Mirror
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· Three Stories: Satan-A Dog's Story, Truth in Nakedness & A Child Too Near

Short Stories     ( View all 18 stories )
· A Brush With Reality in the Key of B-Flat Minor
· A Child Too Near
· Alien Encounter During Evensong: Part Two
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· Five Lives in the Water
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· Nightmare By Enlightenment
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· Norris' Laws for Bodies Falling

Poetry     ( View all 12 poems )
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· Lord of the Manor
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· Mind Travels Two- Three Poems

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· Going Round the Benz published by Danse Macabre
· Mind Travels and Three Stories: for Kindle Readers

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