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I was once asked, 'What would you have chosen to do, if you had been able to do just what you liked?'. I answered, without needing to think ' I would have liked to be a writer'.So, I suppose I always wanted to write - but I just never did. I had other things to do which took all my time and effort. Now, quite truthfully, writing seems to take no effort, but it does need plenty of time. No wonder I couldn't do it before, but, neither would I have been able to write what I do write without those many years of being a mother and a doctor and all my w more...

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· A Spiritual Journey ( ebook)
· A Spiritual Journey, by Dr Audrey Coatesworth
· Beyond Mercy ( KIndle Edition)ebook
· Beyond Mercy, by Audrey Coatesworth
· Choice for Teenagers
· Coping with illness and grief, by Dr Audrey Coatesworth
· Daily Life, by Dr Audrey Coatesworth
· Facing each day
· From Darkness to Light (ebook)
· From Darkness to Light by Dr Audrey Coatesworth
· Glimpses
· Growing Up, by Dr Audrey Coatesworth
· Kaleidoscope BOOK 1
· Kaleidoscope BOOK 2
· Kaleidoscope: The Collection
· Poems for 3-7 years
· Poems in times of grief
· Poems in times of grief ( eBook for Kindle)
· Richard Shaw's Legacy
· The Girl who had everything
· Twilight years

Short Stories
· A Great Story (for children)
· The squirrel story by Dr Audrey Coatesworth (for children)
· The Young Dragon, by Dr Audrey Coatesworth (for children)
· What do you think? ( for children)

Articles     ( View all 39 articles )
· ‘The world needs more 'TLC’
· A Brilliant Solution - part 1
· A Brilliant Solution - part 2 by Dr Audrey Coatesworth
· A few reflections for the New Year 2014
· A few thoughts on Christmas
· A novice becomes a seller on
· A sign of the times?
· A world of wrong beliefs
· Aliens report back
· Alone in a land of giants

Poetry     ( View all 75 poems )
· 'Armchair advice' from 'Glimpses'
· 'Nature' from 'Growing Up'
· 'Things that cannot be bought' , from 'Choice for Teenagers'
· A 'black hole'
· A 'wow' moment
· A brother is lost - from 'Poems in times of grief'
· A Child in dire need
· A Child's Sadness from 'Coping with Illness and Grief'
· A Mistake?
· A Perfect World, from 'Growing Up'

· New eBook - 'Poems and Chapters'
· Glimpses is now a Kindle ebook
· Soon to be published 'Glimpses'
· Contributors to elderlysurfers
· Elderlysurfers is being found
· New book - Richard Shaw's Legacy
· Recollections of a Yorkshire village 1914-1930
· Why I write my articles
· Poems in times of grief
· Website for PC and ipad

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