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See below for three video links... videos from my new e-book, Worlds Inside The Head. I have recently added a new sinister poetry video called The Obsessive, which is a poem in 2 parts. Part 1 is the Victim speaking; part 2 is The Stalker. See embedded YouTube video, just click to play.   1: Click here to watch & hear the RealMedia video: Missing (poem) 2: more...

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· Serial: Lorna's Shadow #1
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· Thoughts About Writing Humorous Poetry
· Tips On Making Video Poetry Recitals
· UK 2002: The Culture of Spite

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· A Cat's Life
· A Lullaby for New York
· A Poem For My Valentine
· A Selection of My Recent Work
· A Spell In Hospital
· Automaton
· Awaken
· Bird Songs
· Bohemian Quest
· Children Of Shadows / Parts 1 and 2

· Sara's 5 mins of TV fame on BBC4 Romance Documentary
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· Poetry Life & Times March 2004 issue: Jeff Mason...
· Poetry Life & Times up-to-date at last...
· Still in hospital but bits of me getting better
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