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Motivated to understand all things on all levels is a somewhat intensive task, but one that is proving spiritually uplifting. That said, it is the source of my interest in the written word, a quest, to understand the self. Language and communication are at the root of our being, and perhaps human kinds greatest achievement but it is the written word that is our power. I studied English Language and Literature at college and subsequently became a teacher of the subject more...

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Articles     ( View all 15 articles )
· A Midsummer Nights Dream
· Big Brother in the Bins
· Critical Appreciation of the Poem Mr Bleaney By Phillip Larkin
· Critical appreciation of the works of Seamus Heaney
· Earthquake hits UK...a sign of the times?
· Glossary of Poetic Terminology
· John Milton and Paradise Lost
· More from the Great Northern Flood
· The Great Northern Flood (Flaming June?)
· The Wars of The Roses and The Death of Chivalry

Poetry     ( View all 102 poems )
· A Good day in The Underworld
· A Good Day in the Underworld
· A Hideous Spirit
· A Letter from Bad Santa
· A Life Going Nowhere
· A Misconception of Eve
· A Storm Destroys a Factory
· Alchemy
· Always when I'm Naked
· An Age in Retrospect

· Ramblings of a Madman World Tour
· Lightening Strike
· Poems nominated
· computer hacked
· Tales from The Apocalypse UPDATE
· Languishing in the Arms of Morpheus - a knights tale pt2
· Shaping Time
· Oh no! Technology
· Sympathy and grief
· New Stuff on the Way

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