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My career as a Management Consultant ended after I was paralysed by a brain haemorrhage 8 years ago (I'm almost fully recovered) It was an opportunity to return to my first and most cherished ambition, writing. I publish little, it seems unimportant now when I can find readers on the net, but I do occasionally write for newspapers and mags in the UK and also feature on radio programmes. It is far more important to me, having reached burn out once to do what I enjoy rather than that which I may gain materially from. Writing influenced by Spike Milligan, Tom Sharpe, Steinbec more...

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· A Stroke of Luck
· A Two Faced Poet
· Age Of Certainty
· Age Of Certainty
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Articles     ( View all 160 articles )
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· Are You Smarter Than Your Kids?
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Poetry     ( View all 183 poems )
· 2006/11/14 - 54 degrees North.
· A Chronicle of Decay
· A Finance Broker
· A Frenchman Dropped His Trousers
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· A Slight Itching of the Conscience
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· Poetry Life and Times
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