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  The most daunting aspect of life is that we remain unaware of our completeness by a force of our own making. This force keeps us from achieving the special information that is woven into the fabric of our recurrent nature. We constantly disappear and re-appear - each cycle refreshing and re-birthing from the very beginning of time. This information is not new for it is the wisdom of the ages. It was the foundation for the pharonic tradition and the dominant theme of the Tao te Ching. Eternal Recurrence ...a step out of time and The Eme more...

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· Eternal Recurrence ...a step out of time
· Physics of Immortality ...Ancient knowledge for a world in crisis
· Poetry N' More
· The Emergent Principle
· The Trinity Conspiracy

Short Stories
· A Moment Alone
· An Adventure in Ireland…
· Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog
· Marilyn
· Outsider
· Pixel ...a story about playing
· Spain and Goya

Articles     ( View all 44 articles )
· A Constant Refresh
· A letter to Augustine
· Agreement and Condition
· Centering
· Christian, Moslem, Science - cooperation
· Completeness and Denial
· Dilemma!
· Disappearance
· Driving the Big Bang
· Dualism and Wisdom

Poetry     ( View all 95 poems )
· 100% Brand New
· A Devil to Heal Our Shame
· A Face of Love
· A Kingdom for a Horse
· Angel Light
· Another Head Upon a Pike!
· Anything Is Everything
· Be Here Now
· Beauty's Gift
· Beloved

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