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This site acts as a gateway to Ian's non-fiction, poetry, music & fiction.   Ian believes that 'fundamental creativity' (as against functional/conformist creativity) is central to the human psyche where it functions (according to developmental, relational and biosemiotic logic) as a form of 'affirmative destructuring' - i.e. as an adaptive-evolutionary faculty contributing to both personal more...

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· Dream-Dust Parasites
· Facing The Demon of noontide
· The Angel of Luxury and Sadness, Volume One

Short Stories
· Five Boxes and a Knife
· Samuel Elmsmore Dreams of Harry The Crab
· The Doubtful Muse - by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
· The Orpheus Plague
· The Phantom Library
· Theresa Jones - by Ian Irvine (hobson)
· Trevor Franklin Refuses to Allow me to Impress my Teacher

Articles     ( View all 45 articles )
· Acedia, Tristitia, Sloth - Ian Irvine
· Alchemy and the Imagination - Part 1 (Ian Irvine)
· Alchemy and the Imagination Part 2: The Role of Hermes
· Anti-Manifesto for a Transpersonal Relational Poetics (TRP)
· Clayton Eshleman interviewed by Ian Irvine (Jacket Magazine)
· Creativity Revolutions - Gods and Scribes of the Ancient Near East
· Creativity Revolutions - Prophets and Scribes of Ancient Israel
· Dennis Lillee and the Big Centre-Forward - by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
· Dr Ian Irvine - Lectures, Workshops and Public Talks/Presentations
· Hermes and Postmodern 'Creativity' - Pt4 of 'Alchemy and the Imagination'

Poetry     ( View all 87 poems )
· A Plague of Vermin
· After he Stumbled into Annwn
· Another War - a song-demo sample by Interstitium
· Antipodean Waving
· Any Available Exit
· Arizona Desert Sandstorm - with music by Goya's Child (1)
· Awake in the Chamber of Darkness (The Egyptian Sequence)
· Before the Influx of Visions
· But Our Ocean was Dark that Night - by Ian Irvine
· By Airmail - a poem by Ian Irvine (Hobson)

· Maximising Inspiration in Early Drafts of Creative Works
· Hermes, Thoth and Seshat: (Un)Heralded Gods of the Postmodern Transition
· Aradale Creativity Weekend
· The Gods Abandon Olympus (for Hollywood) - Public Talk
· Sara Douglass Worlds - Revived
· Bendigo Writers Festival 2014
· An Accidental Soldier (based on Silent Parts by John Charalambous)
· Voyage of the Beagle poems at Artvilla.com
· Three Poems from 'Coral Reveries' published by Poetry Life and Times
· Painted Words 2005-2010 (Contributors Lists)

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