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English, though born in Geneva, and brought up in Alexandria where his family had resided since the 1900's, Derek Flower received a cosmopolitan education at Italian, French and English schools in Egypt before going to Malvern College in England and completing his studies up at Oxford, where he received an honours degree in Modern Languages. With the Suez crisis of 1956, he was forced to leave Egypt and his Lloyds of London brokerage business, and two years later settled in London with his wife Frédérique whom he had just married. There, he set up a property company specialising in overseas d more...

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· A Concise History of Egypt
· Farewell Alexandria
· INQUEST ON IMHOTEP, Beyond the White Walls
· Ransomed
· The Magic island of Tippeti-too
· The Shores of Wisdom - The Story of the Ancient Library of Alexandria
· The Tuscan Trilogy
· The Tuscan Trilogy PERCHANCE TO DREAM
· The Tuscan Trilogy, The Twilight Years
· The Weird and Wonderful Advenfures of Tim Wessurp 'TWERP'
· The Weird and Wonderful Adventures of Tim Wessurp 'TWERP'

· A treatment for a film/TV series based on TWERP's 1st adventure available
· A film script for a feature/Tv film based on RANSOMED now available
· A script for a film/tv series of THE TUSCAN TRILOGY. now available
· Filmscript for an animated cartoon of Tippeti-too available.
· Inquest on Imhotep filmscript now available
· The filmscript for a feature film based on FAREWELL ALEXANDRIA available

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