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    I was born in Hungary in the early nineteen thirties, where I received most of my education and lived under two extreme tyrannical regimes. Having lived through the Second World War, Hitler’s tyranny, surviving the Holocaust and then living under Stalin's tyranny was a major if unwelcome learning experience, which deeply influenced m more...

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· Jew Be or Not Jew Be; The Story of a Perpetual Alien

Short Stories     ( View all 28 stories )
· A Bar of Chocolate… and a Smile…
· A lesson from my mother
· A living, breathing abstract art…- (Satire)
· A Visit into the Past, Present...and Future
· Beating Death At His Own Game…
· China Doll
· Christmas Miracles.
· Fighting the Dragon.
· Friday the thirteenth.
· Lost Angel

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· 2 Blog Or Not 2 Blog.
· About dicks and arseholes.
· About the Book -“Remember Us”
· Blogito, ergo sum.
· Bringing up kids.
· Death of a Pupil. (Budapest 1956)” The birth, development and transfiguration of a poem.
· Dotcomology
· Facing my extinction.
· Farewell to a Yiddisher Mom.
· Magda's Daughter : A Hidden Child's Journey Home

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· “The Butterfly Effect”… - Sonnet
· A Cat's Tail.
· A Clown at the University of Laughter.
· A Fish Out of Water
· A gastronomic delight…
· A Jew nailed to the cross.
· A Knight’s Honour
· A Lost Election
· A Modern Fairy Tale.
· A Moment On a Summer’s Day… - Sonnet

· Magda's Daughter : A Hidden Child's Journey Home
· Author Interview at Phoenix Book Reviews.
· Review of "Jew Be or Not Jew Be; The Story of a Perpetual Alien" at Phoenix Book Reviews
· The Book "Jew Be or Not Jew" Be Available in the UK.

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