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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Mexicana - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Mexico with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier and Feijoo, in English, Spanish and French..  
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Featured Book
RomaDiva - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

photography by Albert Russo and poetry by Eric Tessier, Albert Russo, Daniel Michelson and Sébastien Doubinsky, in English, French and Italian..  
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Featured Book
Saint Malo, with love - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Photo book with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier, in English and in French, highlighting the beautiful Breton port city of Saint Malo, from which the discoverers..  
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All Cultures Authors
Abdi, Safi
"All mankind are from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over a...
Adams, Ayin
Alster, Jason
Follow Your Dreams ! My books are all about empowerment - yours truly. Through education and story, use that empowerment...
Arellano, Gustavo
Gustavo Arellano is a staff writer with OC Weekly, an alternative newspaper in Orange County, California, and a contribu...
Baez, Josefina
Josefina Baez La Romana Dominican Republic/New York) poet, playwright, actor, theatre director. Directs Ay Ombe Theatre,...
Bamato, Nabse
An Ethiopian, an author and a passionate football fan....
Bissky, Greg
Unless you 'see' things as Chinese do you do business blind ... and that's never good. You need to wear Chinese glasses....
Books, Zhana
Author of "Success Strategies for Black People". and "Black Success Stories". Publisher of the More Black Success free...
Bossard, Sharon
The author is an Irish citizen who enjoys traveling back to the "old sod" to visit newly discovered family....
Brotherton, Velda
When I signed a four-book contract recently with Oghma Creative Media they gave me a new brand. Do I appear Sexy, Dark, ...
Buchanan, Timothy
Absent a standard of truth, our ideas about what is right or wrong, moral or immoral, and legal or illegal are meaningle...
burton, xavier
“I'm fighting against a systematic science to have you buying this” Birthright X ...
Cannon, Deborah
"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken."...
canton-dutari, alex
Finally,full-time writing.... and full-time grandfather. Not an easy task for this former clinical psychologist. Nevert...
Carrington, Kathryn
Helen Keller wrote: Character can not be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trail and suffering ca...
chance, norman
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein....
Cutler Lopez, Jenny
Creator of American Scars. Writer of true-life inspirational stories. Pursuer of all things curious....
Cywink, Michael
Miizhen - meaning "He Is Good For You", I am available to do Art Workshops, Curatorial Presentations,Story-telling, Hi...
De Mente, Boye
Boyé Lafayette De Mente has been involved with Japan, China, Korea and Mexico since the late 1940s as a member of a U.S....
De Mente, Boye
Author of pioneer books on how the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Mexicans think and behave in business and social situa...
Del Boccio, Ronda
Ronda Del Boccio is a #1 best selling author and Celebrity Author Mentor who helps authors, speakers, and business owner...
Diiriye, Anwar
I am a non-fiction writer and have interest of history, language, literature, culture,science & biographies. I would lik...
Dong, Tina
Ekunsanmi, Toye
I teach for a living,write as a hobby,and love a lot from my heart....
Fez-Barringten, Barie
Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing and John Wiley and sons, and many monographs published by peer reviewed journ...
Fields, Uriah
Uriah J. Fields (U.J.) is an author and provocatuer. He subscribes to "beauty through diversity" and "being in the flow....
Finch, Rhonda
Writing i enjoy most. However, my audience response and reviews, is why i write. A special person appreciates my words...
Fuller, Vernella
Vernella Fuller is of Jamaican descent, raised in the UK. Her writing draws richly from her Jamaican British heritage....
Garang, Kuir
Author of IS 'BLACK' REALLY BEAUTIFUL? Writing is not only therapeutic, it's also an exhilarating entrance into one de...
Gaylord, Lee
I was an upper income accountant from the suburbs now I am the Crazy Old White Man from the Hood. All of my stories are...
George, Jake
Native American author from the Lenape tribe, writes fiction and non-fiction relating to health or Native American stori...
Gill, Stephen
builds bridges with his books... believes strongly that literature is a vital force in promoting world peace and unders...
Goyal, Vipin
Happy-go-lucky,easy going,well-read,Poet,Writer,Thinker,Learner, Manager, financial wizard, troubleshooter,dependable, u...
Haggerty, Bridget
This is me magically supered over the gate that was to become the cover of my book, The Traditional Irish Wedding....
HaLahawi MD(AM), PsyD(PC), LicMD(P), BC-IMD, HMD. DPH, DPHC, Rabi Kohan, DrShalomim
But this one thing I do know: If I stand up & speak the truth, they will all hate me & seek to kill me, but if i sit dow...
Hodges, Jim
Jim Hodges is a powerful, first - hand witness, throwing descriptive phrases at you from the passion of his unbelievable...
Inc., Ladiladah
La Di La Dah Inc., established since 1989. People like Belinda (in photo) make it work....
John, Giftus
I am from the island of The Commonwealth of Dominica, in the West Indies,( not to be confused with The Dominican Republi...
Jones, Peter
I'm a writer and publisher living in Boulder, Colorado....
jones, dorothy
author of books, articles, and short sstories...
Jones, Del
"Mankind’s greatest accomplishment is not the revolution of technology it is the evolution of creativity " copyright Del...
Jones, Dorothy
My passion is people. I have loved them and left them and psychoanlyzed them and written about them....
Justice, Prince
Prince Justice - Created in Europe, Educated in Africa, Agitated in America...
Kaimaparamban, Joy
My real name is John Joseph and assumed ‘Joy J. Kaimaparamban’ as the pen name. Born on October 1939 in a middle class f...
Kallao, Richard
I love science fiction and fantasy . my favorite movies are The Princess Bride , Empire Strikes Back , Star Trek ll :...
Karafilly, Irena
Irena Karafilly is the author of THE CAPTIVE SUN, a historical Greek novel to be released in December 2012....
Keenan, Jeff
Author, entrepreneur, and philosopher, Jeff Keenan sees his purpose in life is to connect people with one another....
Kitchel, Jeanine
"All who wander are not lost..." Traveler, journalist, author and gypsy. Love the open road and writing about it....
Lauren, Patrice
A chameleon, able to shift between accepted society and bohemian back street life, I relish in the extremes of life....
Lawson-Perez, Jennifer
Protaganist, novelist, philosopher, and political activist for Latino empowerment. “When men bear the same ide...
Manwaring, Kevan
I'm a 21st Century bard, using both the written and spoken word in my novels, non-fiction and poetry to enchant, enterta...
Marsh, Richard
Richard Marsh is a writer, storyteller and Legendary Tour guide....
Masters, Elaine
Hey there! Welcome. A special welcome to world travelers, whether in person or in mind. And a special welcome to readers...
Mayo, C
A Texas native raised in Northern California and a long-time resident of Mexico City. ...
Meagher, Arnold
Miller, Melvia
Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope), Abdi-Noor
Dreams are my raw material to manufacture goods of reality. I am a teacher by profession, a journalist, writer and filmm...
Molden, Esq., Regina
Regina's books focus on guiding would be entrepreneurs to become successful business owners without depleting their reti...
Musodza, Masimba
I am a writer from Zimbabwe, mostly for film and television. I live in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England and an active m...
Naiman, Nily
Nily Naiman - Author of Ahuva (Beloved), Mongolia,Songs and Poems for Andres, and Tambourine...
Ngwainmbi, Emmanuel
He has lived in many US cities, Africa, Asia and Europe. He is professor of communication, journalist and consultant for...
Okotie, Toris
Welcome to my poetry home, the poems and shorts stories you are about to read are what I refer to as lost history. Pleas...
Oliver-Lawson, Vickie
Stay strong,stay positive and always remember THE SOURCE of your strength....
Pasaribu, Eva
I was born and raised in Pematang Siantar on North Sumatra. I got a BA from Nommensen University in Indonesian language ...
Peknik, George
I am a writer that focuses on the sense of place and how global cultures interact. I am a retired international educator...
Petrocelli, Lisa
Lisa Petrocelli, of Albany, New York, is a wife, mother of three, an executive assistant, and the Editor of a statewide ...
Poetess, Romantic
choices are the inner bounties we may all embrace to know emotional wealth & renewals of our spiritual self......
Reid, Marilyn
Marilyn Reid is a Scottish Writer and Playwright....
Reid, John Howard
Bestselling, prizewinning author and writing contests judge, John Howard Reid, has also worked as a publisher, editor, c...
Russo, Albert
from Martin Tucker’s preface to 'Mixed Blood' and ‘Eclipse over lake Tanganyika’ “Albert Russo’s work has many distin...
"I'm a self-taught artist and writer that will always be open to new expressions."...
Author-Freelance Journalist-News Analyst...
Sams, Gregory
Author, health food pioneer and cultural change agent, Gregory Sams' first book 'Uncommon Sense, the State is Out of Dat...
Sawyer, Debra
Debra D. Sawyer, Novelist/Journalist, Publisher, Mentor/Life Coach/Inspirational Speaker and Breast Cancer Warrior. ...
Snyder, Sandra
Long known as the authority on Panama, her numerous books and articles on life in Panama validate the reputation....
stansfield, david
David was born in Liverpool but raised in the town of Pudsey and city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK....
Stanza, Mohamed
Cat Loves Fish most and Hates Water Most and the two are together forever....
Summers, Oak
The Messiah of Writers!...
Taylor, Brian
Australian bushman with a passion for its people and creatures and vastness of the country. Writing now of experiences ...
Tubiana, Emile
Childhood impressions last a lifetime. My fellow men, I may not know your names, but you are the seeds of this same eart...
Varner, Gary
"If we lose touch with mythology, with ancient stories and songs and ways of doing things, we lose our humanity. We beco...
Wake, Valdemar (Val)
From a Sydney Daily Telegraph copy boy to a senior information advisor with the British Foreign Office spans Val Wake's ...

Featured Book
Ma William and Her Circle of Friends
by Giftus John

A story of life in a Caribbean island as portrayed by a shopkeeper and her "trusted freinds."..  
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Featured Book
Mexicana - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Mexico with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier and Feijoo, in English, Spanish and French..  
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Featured Book
In France - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

a taste of France in photos by Albert Russo and poetic texts by Eric Tessier and Albert Russo in French and English..  
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