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Homogenized Milk - It's Your Choice
By Vena McGrath   

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Is homogenized milk safe or are we running a risk with our health by continuing to drink it without ever wondering what homogenized actually is?

This article is dated December 2004 – Australasian Association of Ayurveda Inc

It was found in a barracks in Adelaide by a relative who was staying there and needed a piece of blank paper to write on. He didn’t end up using the paper, but it became part of his luggage he took back to Brisbane. When unpacking, he came across the sheet of paper and decided to read it. It was passed on to me as a matter of interest and, of concern, or that’s how I see it.

As in all things, everyone has choice but are we always given the options for and against? I have posted this information because I believe it is important and gives anyone who reads it, the chance to form his/her own opinion. Personally, I no longer buy homogenized milk, and in fact I spend a few minutes at the milk section checking out the labels to ensure I don’t buy it in error. Should you choose to follow in my footsteps, I am sure you will as surprised as I was to find out that most milk is homogenized and finding a brand that isn’t is the hard part.

"Homogenized Milk and Heart Disease:
Heart disease is now well established as the leading cause of death in American males. Yet, less that fifty years ago it was a rare disease that didn’t rate among the six leading causes of death in this country. Numerous causes have been suggested by the medical profession, including cigarettes, stress, and a sedentary existence, and now cholesterol and saturated fats.

The information presented here is the product of over thirty years of investigative work by Dr. Kurt A Oster, MD, motivated by two of his own heart attacks. Dr Oster is the Chief of Cardiology, Emeritus at Bridgeport Connecticut’s City Park Hospital. His findings are supported by Dr R. Lincoln and Dr Donald Ross, among many others.

Cholesterol Is Not A Problem:
Cholesterol is manufactured by the body. It is so vital that all tissues fabricate it and all cells contain it. The fragmented logic, which gave birth to the hypothesis that cholesterol may be the causative agent of heart disease, is beginning to fall apart under the weight of recent evidence, including that of the National Research Council. In short, because cholesterol is so important physiologically, it is a rather foolhardy assumption that the human system has become dependent on the biochemical that can trigger its self-destruction. There are many people in many countries in the world who consume more cholesterol consumption that we do, but suffer far less heart disease. Fat and cholesterol consumption has not changed significantly in this country in the last 150 years, and yet heart disease skyrocketed fifty years ago.

The Real Culprit:
Cows milk is usually nutritious. However, when it is tampered with by way of homogenisation, it becomes a type of slow poison for the circulatory system. Homogenization was introduced into this country in 1932. It is a process that breaks down the fat into very small blobules to keep the fat from separating. The primary purpose is to extend the shelf life of the product.

Milk fat contains a substance called Xanthine Oxidase (XO). This XO is usually not a problem in our system, but homogenization causes some of this XO to pass through the wall of the intestine into the circulatory system. There it creates havoc by attacking specific targets in the artery walls as well as heart tissue, causing lesions. The body responds to this attack by attempting to heal the damaged areas. Fatty tissue and cholesterol are laid over the “body bandaids” that build up over the damaged areas and eventually cause obstruction.

If this hypothesis is correct then the heart disease rate should be highest in the countries with the largest consumption of homogenized milk containing this active XO ingredient. Statistics from around the world confirm that this is exactly the case. Finland is the only country in the world that consumes more homogenized milk than the United States. It is interesting to note that exercise has little effect on the problem because the Finns are very active people.

A heart attack is the product of years of arterial damage, not the result of some sudden overnight occurrence. Considerable arterial damage occurs before the age of fifteen when the greatest volume of milk is consumed. Scarred arteries have been found in infants after autopsy. Studies have revealed that one half of the American children have lesions by the age of ten. The evidence also suggests that it is unwise for pregnant women to drink homogenized milk because of the potential damage to the unborn foetus.

Homogenized milk is a denatural product; is not natural. Egg cholesterol, and fats, do not trigger heart disease. Heart attack was rare before they began to homogenize milk in 1932. Now even young people are dying from it.

Studies of soldiers killed in Korea showed Americans had heart disease at age 22, Japanese and Koreans did not. The difference? Only the Americans drank homogenized milk.

The enzyme XO smuggled into the bloodstream by homogenized milk causes half of all heart attacks. 30% of the heart muscle and artery walls are composed of plasma-logen. This is usually not in the liver or small intestine for good reason. XO serves a useful purpose in the liver and, the small intestine, but destroys plasmalogen if it is present; they cannot co-exist. Plasmalogen is missing from heart muscle of the heart attack victim, but XO from cow’s milk will be found at the site.

XO in regular milk is digested, but in homogenized milk is transported intact directly into the blood stream where it attacks arteries. When XO attacks the artery, an area is literally eaten away. The body, in its wisdom, tries to heal this area with 15 different substances, including cholesterol. As this buildup continues, the risk of heart attack is increased.

(Taken from the book : The XO Factor by Kurt A Oster MD, Donald J. Ross PH.D as presented by Dr Adriana Poehlmann for publication). The original is kept in the files of the Association.)

Publishers’ Note:
(Disclaimer: The Publishers of this article take no responsibility either implied or express in any form and manner as this is not the view of the publishers. It is published in the interest of the public to form their own opinion.)"

May I suggest that you go to the following website and read up about milk in Australia. I find it all quite disturbing and will ensure from now on that I only buy milk that is pasteurised NOT homogenized. From reading this information I now have the option to form my own opinion and make a choice according to my belief in the studies as quoted.

If you believe there is any credibility in what you have just read, then please pass this on to your family and friends. Now that we have the Internet to research information we receive that we may be skeptical about, we can satisfy our curiosity and then make our own judgements from what we find for ourselves. Remember, we won’t be told the bad news until it’s too late. Never let an opportunity go by to research something/anything that you hear someone talk about or that you read about. ‘God helps those that help themselves’ – sounds like good advice to me.


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