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Protect your Prostate, Colon, and other Organs.
By Manny Bermas   

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Like Mom and Grandma used to say, 'An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure'!! Better late than never. Today is the day. Prayers are not FDA approved. Why do we still pray? Think about it.


All of our organs are swimming in fluids, something like water. Our organs are like the fishes in an aquarium.  The fishes and our organs are healthy, happy as long as the water or fluids are alkaline. 

In a week’s time,  the unconsumed food we throw into the aquarium  to feed the fish and the wastes of the fishes itself causes the water to become  acidic.  If we do not change the water, the fishes will be goners.  That is the word, ‘goners’,  Robert Young, PhD, used in his book, “The pH Miracle”,  goners, in other words dead!

Similarly, we throw in junk food into our stomach and it proceeds to our other organs, (liver, pancreas,  etc), plus the acidic  sodas and sports drinks we take in, makes our fluids acidic. Then like the fish, our pancreas, liver, brain, including prostate, colon and breasts of females,  starts getting sick.  In an acidic environment,  our body cells evolve into fungi, yeast, bacteria and of course cancer. 

For those of you who are older,  you will recall that there was none of this proliferation of cancer this or cancer that in the 1960’s or 70’s.  Do not blame the fast food companies.  They did not force us to eat their stuff.  It was our decision to consume their stuff and consume a lot.  Double, or Triple deckers and etc.

Its Time To Save Ourselves!

From my own experience, the simplest way to liberate ourselves  from all the acidic stuff is to minimize the intake of acidic stuff.  In other words, start eating healthy and immediately get our hands on alkaline water. This will immediately start  neutralizing  our acidic system. 

No, not the bottled water because bottled water are acidic.  I did not know this until only three years ago.  So, if you did not know this, its not your fault.  First thing first, >>>> check out the info in  Intro by Pat Boone, the singer and its only 20 minutes.     

Then listen to a 6 minute presentation by calling telephone #512-505-6833, option 1. Then call me .   Do not postphone any longer.  An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure like our mothers and grandmas’ use to holler after us!

All the best.  Stay Healthy.  Make it Happen Today!!!                               

Manny Bermas
832 671 6490




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