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By Richard Lee Orey   

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Opinion Article: The very newest biological scanning technology provides spellbinding images of human life from the moment of conception.





                                                                                    This is an Opinion Article authored by Richard Lee Orey




                                                                     If someone you know is contemplating an abortion or backing
                                                                     the concept of aborting a human fetus, I suggest that for their
                                                                     own peace of mind they would be well-advised first to see 
                                                                     an amazing video created by Nobel prize winner Alexander 
                                                                      Using the very newest biological scanning technology, this
                                                                      amazing video documents a human life from the moment of 
                                                                      its earliest biological existence to its birth and entry into our
                                                                      social world, a feat which earned Tsiaris and his professional                                             
                                                                      associates the Nobel prize. 
                                                                     This video clearly shows the viewer that the only difference
                                                                      between a human life at 6 days after conception, for example,
                                                                      and 6 days after birth is simply a matter of its stage of 
                                                                      biological development at any given moment in time.
                                                                      To validly posit that a human fetus at 6 days after conception 
                                                                       is somehow not really a human life is as incomprehensible as
                                                                       saying that a child of 6 days of age or of 6 years of age is not
                                                                       a real human life. A human life at every age and time before
                                                                       and after birth is simply a human life in process of 
                                                                       biological development and transition until the 
                                                                       moment of its death.  
                                                                        Going back in chronological time, for example, from a human 
                                                                        life at 6 years of age to some age at which one might assert
                                                                        a human life is not yet truly a human life--such as 6 days 
 conception--that assertion is factually unsupportable because,
                                                                        as visually demonstrated in this video, the human life actually
                                                                        exists and can be seen from the very moment of its conception.
                                                                         In this Conception-to-Birth video, we readily see a human life at 
                                                                         its moment of creation and in its early processes of biological 
                                                                         development transitioning to its future birth and entry into our
social world.  
                                                                         Utilizing the latest technology in human scanning and
                                                                         visualization on a microbiological level, Nobel prize 
                                                                         winners AlexanderTsiaris and associates show in this video that
                                                                         the plain, observable fact is that from the very moment of
                                                                         conception, there exists no "non-human" time.   At absolutely
                                                                         any and every point in time from the moment of conception
                                                                         onward, we can actually observe a real human life. 
                                                                         The simple fact remains that the only distinction that can be
                                                                          made between one stage in a biological human life to another 
                                                                          stage in that same biological human life is to point out the
                                                                          particular biological stage that that human life form is in at any
                                                                          given moment in its life cycle, such as: Prenatal, Neonatal,
                                                                          Infancy, Childhood, Puberty, Adolescence, Adulthood and
                                                                          Elder Life.
                                                                          As clearly demonstrated in this Conception-to-Birth video,
                                                                          human life begins at the moment of conception.  Every moment
                                                                          of the human life cycle from the first to the last--from conception
                                                                          to death--is simply a stage of biological progression.  At 
                                                                          every moment in time from its conception to its termination, this
                                                                          biological life is a human life in a stage progression traceable
                                                                          from its first moment of existence to its last moment of existence.
                                                                          In this frame of reference, biological human life exists from 
                                                                         the very moment of conception to the moment when its 
                                                                         biological life ceases.   In short, human life exists uninterrupted 
                                                                         from conception to death. 
                                                                          So, if a person is contemplating an act of abortion or 
                                                                          contemplating supporting the act of another in aborting a human                                  
                                                                          fetus, a responsible first step for them is to gather and consider                           
                                                                          reliable information on what a prenatal human life is and what it                               
                                                                          means to terminate its life by means of abortion. In that regard,
                                                                           let me invite you to view this amazing Conception-to-Birth video
                                                                           by providing you this online link: 
                                                                           This video begins with a brief and somewhat technical scientific
                                                                           commentary but quickly moves into highly revealing biological                          
                                                                           visualizations.  I found it spellbinding.
                                                                           In conclusion, let me say that if you will take a few minutes to
                                                                           review my posted article on Authorsden titled, "O, Dear God,
                                                                           Tell Me Why!" you will learn in my posted footnote to that article
                                                                           that I am an actual survivor of an attempted abortion.  You then
                                                                           will understand why this amazing video is so incredibly soul-
                                                                           stirring to me, personally, and why I close this article by saying,                                    
                                                                           "Thank you, God, for my gift of life.   I am so blessed."
                                                                           Please access my follow-up AD article I just mentioned
                                                                           by this online link:
                                                                            Review comments to this Opinion Article are sincerely invited.


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