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By Regis Auffray   

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An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend.


Thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha'Tara

As I survey the vast expanses of sand, gravel, drying mud and shrubs from which the River has withdrawn more than usual due to this past summer's drought, I notice how much has changed here over the years. Gone are the miles of smooth, naked sand dunes that graced the flats, now washed away and replaced by mounds of muddy gravel covered in horsetails, coarse grasses, willows and cottonwoods. New streams have cut channels away from the main River, creating "instant" islands surrounded by rapidly flowing waters. So now there is new music to listen too, carried on the wind.

This change reminds me that observing a thing changes a thing. And this brings me into the realm of so-called miracles - those happenings that have no natural explanations yet appear real by observation.

In the old Star Wars movies, Luke Skywalker finds the old Jedi master Yoda on some swampy, watery world. As luck would have it, his X-wing fighter sinks in a swamp. Yoda teaches Luke the power of thought by lifting the machine from the swamp with the wave of his hand, after Luke had given up.

"I tried" he said. "I can't do it." And Yoda replies, "There is no try. Do, or do not."

Observing a thing is a very difficult thing to do. Being a spectator has nothing to do with observation. People are voyeurs and gossips, not observers and recorders. Observing means we are not looking at something but interacting with it in our mind-heart. When we observe, we engage all our thinking faculties with the observed. We remain focused and committed to the observation until it yields whatever results we hoped for, or until we are satisfied it will not.

Observing would be hard enough if we were alone. But obviously we are not the only observers of reality! Most times, reality does not respond to our desires. That's not because reality can't be changed. Reality lives for change! But if we observe unaware, we do not see we are pitting our observations against those of others who may have a serious stake in preventing the change we are intending, or creating change that blocks our lesser attempts. It would seem that the change-agents of Earth are still very much at the apprentice stage!

Left to its own ways, reality will follow a kind of chaos/order/chaos/order pattern we call nature. A powerful observer can change the nature of things; can break their pattern and create new ones. A powerful observer not only changes a thing observed, but re-shapes it according to some thought-form. There is a caveat here: such an observer never imposes her desires in such a way as to cause harm. There must always be synchronicity, but within a full awareness that past-present-future are not pigeonholed chronological forces, that they are quite readily interchangeable. Hence, strict adherence to the prime directive through empathy. We must "know" how our proposed change will affect everything else in the time-space arena.

Here's a thought: it is believed that millions upon millions of years ago a ruling species of mighty beings dubbed "dinosaurs" roamed this planet. There is fossil evidence of this so we feel quite safe in accepting this fact as a certainty. We are not making this up. Well, certainly we are not making it up, but what we are making up is our chronology through a faith-based concept of time, of past and future we believe to be unassailable.

"There is a purpose to time, Mr. Wilson. It's to keep everything from happening all at once." (From the movie "Timescape").

That's logical but it does not say anything about chronology? What if a certain future needed to happen before a critical past period could manifest itself? In other words, what if something we would consider as belonging to the future was essential before a portion of past history could take place as it did--or we believe it did? That would certainly go a long way to explain why certain past events however "in your face" have had absolutely no effect on changing man's nature would it not? Change comes from experience, it cannot become real (manifest) from reading or hearing about it, or just thinking about it. And who can say they have experienced the past--meaning any past prior to one's current existence? Where is the proof? Since there is generally no awareness among man that individuals has previous (past) lives before this one, and proof is such an important aspect of everything here, then why is all the rest of reported "past history" so readily believed? Everything could have been so easily faked, made up, set up. That doesn't mean it didn't happen, but it happened in the future, not the past - so it has no effect as yet: it's just information.

It's like those moon landings, and the infamous 9-11. There are people who still believe the moon landings were real and there are people who believe that the New York tragedy was indeed an attack upon the US by Al-Qaida and co. That the technology still does not exist today to safely put people on the moon and bring them back doesn't seem to matter, it's a kind of back to the future thing. That the 911 buildings were clearly imploded in a carefully preset demolition pattern also carries no weight. The System said astronauts landed on the moon and came back safe and sound back in 1969, and that's that. The System said passenger jets crashing into the top of skyscrapers made them implode and collapse straight down, from the base, and that's that. What if the System had said that the astronauts climbed up to the top of the twin towers (after training in Dubai) and Al-Qaida went to the moon and covered her up in a burka because they objected to a female mooning the planet? (For those of you non-latinos, the moon is female!) Put the right spin on it, run it off at the right time from the right news channels and you've got headlines fit to sell Subaru's.

You see what they want you to see; news-worthy (or invented) events are whatever they want you to believe to have happened. And you will accept the reasons they give you for whatever they tell you. Once you are brainwashed into thinking a certain way, it's so much easier than to question the whole thing. And why would you? You're educated, after all. Just like those Germans who believed they were the master race and the Jews were devils bent on destroying the world. (I'm not talking about the Zionists, that's another can of bait.)

Education, what a joke! Public education should be renamed public brainwashing. That would be honest and we could drop the pretense that "education" is for the public good. Education serves the elites, the masters. Educated people make the best servants, the best slaves because they need to believe, to support, any System that gives them their money and spending privileges.

Interesting to discover how many beliefs there are people once adhered to as God's own truth that had to be abandoned in order to equip themselves to deal with the changes that inexorably pushed themselves their way. So many beliefs are beyond the shadow of a doubt until exposed for the folly or ignorance they are made of. When it comes to understanding time we are brainwashed to think chronologically; that what happened yesterday is a past event forever unchanging. That is a convenient way of looking at things but it really is quite arbitrary - and as we could observe, quite deadly. A more accurate way is to allow for "time" to flux naturally, to allow events to move freely within a circular-motion cosmos. What happens to our "history" if we suddenly become aware that the "dinosaur" period is something being made-, something to happen in a distant, million upon million of non-years in the future, some event within which we as transformed creatures are those so-called dinosaurs, creatures equipped to survive a re-awakening planet that was blasted to death by our current mindless technology? Whatever that does, isn't it better to participate in life's unfolding than hang on to outmoded thinking? And how would we know for sure that our time concept is outmoded? How about I phrase the question this way: who benefits from the imposition of a time concept? If it primarily benefits the System and we accept that the System is man's number one enemy, then we have our answer.

Over the decades I spent canoeing, kayaking and walking the changing courses and shores of the River I seldom spent time engaging her changes in that way. I accepted them and adapted to them, mostly unawares I had the power to mould the change. Even now, knowing I do, I haven't decided whether I want to get involved. Selfishly, yes, I'd like to see the dunes return. But what does the River want? Need? Is this new face her way of returning to another time, shaking off the legacy of strip logging; of mining and leeching of cancerous chemicals from agri-business farming practices; from another cancer: the spread of roadways and motorized entertainment that inflicts so much damage upon the waterways?

On the subject of observation, there is one other point to consider: while we are absorbed observing a thing, a process, it is good to remember that we too, as processes, are being observed by someone/something else with a mind of its own whose purpose may well be diametrically opposite to ours; may even be injurious to our own, or our world. That we may be "changed" by such observation can be easily verified: how many times have we done things which our own nature would normally condemn in others for which we had to invent some lame justification? How many times have we encountered problems of circumstance or health that have no natural or logical explanation?

Remember, "As below, so above." Only the very foolish would believe that whatever lies outside their ken is serendipitous. If we are not self-empowered and utterly detached (the two go hand in hand, always) we are open to being moved, rarely to some great purpose; more often forced into situations detrimental to ourselves and planetary environment. This we could observe daily--if we were observant, not just voyeurs in a one-time peep show.

I go out on the River in a passive state - there being no other way to approach such a being. I know the Watchers are out here and that I am being observed. I know also that such observation has caused great change in me simply because I invite it through the experience of meeting with the River; of becoming part of her great life-giving flow. I feel safe in allowing these forces to mould me, trusting the unassailable memories of thousands of years of past/future experiences or "past lives" as some refer to this process.

Where is the "good" in all of this? Where is the "bad"? Life is neither. From the River I have learned to see life as a non-competitive life-ascertaining struggle. Change is both cause and effect of this endless struggle. Each struggle is a full-fledged "fairy tale" from which one must honestly remove the word "happily" in the closing line, to read... "and they live ever after." Another way of putting it is that life is an endless series of sequels and prequels. And as we know so well from movies, both sequels and prequels often leave much to be desired when compared to an original work... How do we ensure our own observational input will result in a higher caliber of creation? Perhaps now is the time to question all our faith-based assumptions, even if that faith is based on scientific theory, traditional political and religious dogma or a great line of credit at bank.

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