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What Frequency are You On?
By Darrell and Kathy Adams   

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Discussion on whether or not there are different dimensions operating on different frequencies.

What Frequency are You On?

By Darrell Adams


            We as human beings have wonderful gifts in our senses. We use them all every day and so often that most of the time we do not even notice them.  I am not a doctor or a scientist, but these are my observations.  They bring into question whether we are missing what our senses are capable of seeing.  There are different dimensions out there that some people can move freely between.  Sound bizarre?  It is, but read this article and see if you understand afterwards.

We can smell things, as long as there are enough parts per million (ppm) in the air, and again, our senses are very sensitive, so we can smell small amounts in the air. 

We also have the sense of taste, and with this we have several receptors for different types of tastes.  Again, we can taste small amount of substances.

We can feel things as long as there is enough pressure applied to our skin, and it does not take much.  We can also feel frequencies in the air.  One example is the bass in music.

Then there is the sense of hearing.  We can hear sounds as long as there is enough volume, and the sounds are in the right frequency range for our ears to detect them.

We can see with our eyes, as long as there is sufficient light.  Our eyes can adapt to very small amounts of light.  However, the light also needs to be within the visual spectrum of light, or put in another way, the proper frequency.  I feel however, that there is another frequency that our eyes depend on, but one that most people do not believe in, and some even reject.  Imagine if you will the following examples:

How many pet owners, especially the owners of cats, have had the animals either just suddenly appear, or seem to suddenly disappear?  One of the best examples would be a cat that attacks you, in a playful way, but up until that time, they were invisible.

How many people reading this article hunt?  I deer hunt, and like most deer hunters, I know that you do not look for a deer when you hunt.  You have to look for movement, or the glint of the Sun off their eyes, or other similar things.  I used to think this was because they blended in so well with the background.  One morning changed my mind as to why you have to look for movement.  I was in my ground blind, a camouflaging tent like apparatus, an hour before sunrise.  About 30 minutes before sunrise, the light is sufficient to hunt, and it becomes legal to hunt at that time.  It was at that time I detected the movement of a deer’s ear.  I kept looking and for a short time, all I saw was the ear flickering.  I took a couple of deep breaths in order to relax, closed my eyes while attempting to calm down, and reopened them for another look.  I saw the deer’s ear flicking, and then the outline of the deer began to appear.  It was almost as if a light was drawing the outline of the deer.  When it was finished there wasn’t just one deer standing about 80 yards away from me in an field, but seven deer.  They were all standing together.  I could not see them before, but I did have a clear vision of the bushes behind them.  Where were they before?  I believe they were operating on a different frequency, one other than what we usually use.  The movement of the ear apparently broke the barrier, and the deer became partially visible.  It was not until I calmed my nerves and relaxed, that I saw them.

I am not the only hunter that has had this experience, and it happens at other times, other than in dim light.  A deer or several deer will just seem to manifest themselves in front of a hunter.  There is a phrase, be in tune with nature, and I have a feeling there is more truth to it than most believe.  Once you are in tune with nature, on the same frequency, you begin to be able to see more things.

Now let us take the case of ghosts.  Why is it that some people can see them, while others can’t?  Who can forget the chill they had when Cole announced in the movie “The Sixth Sense”, “I see dead people.”   There are many documented cases of children claiming to have imaginary friends. It is later discovered that the description of their friends match the description of someone that used to live in their house.  I personally do not think this is a “sixth sense”, but an expansion of our five senses. 

Why is it that ghosts can be photographed?  Infrared and digital photography work best, but digital cameras are inherently infrared.  They actually have a lens in them to hide the infrared effect.  Is it because they only exist in the infrared spectrum?  I think maybe that has something to do with it, but I believe they also are on a different frequency other than infrared, one that we are trained to ignore. 

Why is it ghosts can be recorded?  Some say ghosts are electromagnetic in nature.  This may explain why ghosts can be detected by ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) meters.  This may be the explanation why we cannot hear them.  Then again, it may be the frequency in which they exist.

Why should this be so difficult to imagine?  We accept the fact there are different frequencies in things like light, sound, radio, cell phone, and many others, most of which are unseen and unheard.  Why couldn’t there be several different frequencies that other beings exist on?  Why couldn’t they move freely between the different frequencies and dimensions?







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