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A Winning Mindset
By Sheri K Hoff   

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I have to admit, I love football. So, you might be asking yourself, what does football have to do with life coaching or living joyfully?

Tis the season of football. Even if you are not a fan, you really cannot miss all of the news coverage and television ads. I have to admit, I love football. So, you might be asking yourself, what does football have to do with life coaching or living joyfully? When I watch a game-  I can’t miss the connection. Wins, almost 100 percent of the time, come down to mindset. Teams that lose their “cool” incur multiple personal fouls and usually lose. And, have you ever noticed how often the favored team wins? Quite often…why is that? Perhaps the favored team has the “expectation” of a win. I also know we all love an upset victory- where the underdog comes from behind and wins.  Those underdogs manage to cultivate the winning mindset- no matter what anyone else is saying about them.

If the mindset connection can be seen clearly in just a few hours of watching pro football games, think of the difference we can make in our daily lives- moment by moment- with a powerful, successful, joy filled, winning mindset. Mindset doesn’t just work for a few people- we all can learn to create a more effective mindset for our lives- we don’t have to be pro football players, Olympians, or a CEO of a top 100 company.
My challenge to you is to- notice your mindset and ask yourself if it is working for you or against you…Assess…What changes could you make?
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