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By John Michael Domino   

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This information about goals was extracted from my Mentoring To-Go Book
I fill out the information in this section about once every 6 months.
Copy and Print it out as required.

Why are goals so important? This is a valid question. Hopefully, knowledge gained today will help you to have a better understanding about the importance of goals.

Why are goals useful? Goals are useful because they:
1. Specify what you desire or need to accomplish.
2. Help assess your performance.
3. Provide a sense of purpose and direction.


 "If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes."

Andrew Carnegie


 Reach Out on High!


Note: This is a survey that can make you more aware of some specific areas in which you may want to improve and set higher goals.  It may also help make life easier in the general areas of time management, communication, and so forth. If you focus on improvement, these survey results can have many long-term benefits.


In addition, this exercise can help to develop a Personal Mission Statement as defined in Dr. Stephen Covey’s best seller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. You will have an opportunity to develop many goals and a personal mission statement at the end of this exercise. 


Instructions: Give the answer to each question a single check that you agree or disagree with and a double check if you strongly agree or strongly disagree.



Part 1:            Time Management



Yes      No


___      ___                 1.         I limit playing computer games to less than one hour per day.


___     ___                  2.         When I get a new book, I usually read it within a few weeks.


___     ___                   3.         On a to-do-list, I usually try doing the most difficult task first.                       


___      ___                 4.         I usually know where I place my keys and personal items.                   


___      ___                 5.         I keep important dates (birthdays, etc.) in a master planner.


___      ___                 6.         I know good friends and family phone numbers and e-mail.


___      ___                  7.         I refrain from watching more than two hours of television a day.


___      ___                  8.         I usually create a “To-Do List” to organize my daily schedule.


___      ___                 9.         I prepare before attending a Bible study or other classes.


___      ___                10.         When I start a project, I usually complete it.


___      ___                11.         I have a written set of goals and I refer to them often.


___      ___                12.         I follow a list of the things that I need to do each day.





Part 2:            Communication





Yes      No


___      ___                  13.       I am willing to learn from others.


___      ___                  14.       I am able to follow another person’s conversation.


___      ___                  15.       I enjoy listening to an intelligent conversation.


___      ___                  16.       I can listen to people without interrupting them.


___      ___                  17.       I welcome questions from others.


___      ___                  18.       Even if I don't agree with another person, I keep listening.


___      ___                  19.       I pay close attention to the words I use in a conversation.


___      ___                  20.       I usually maintain good eye contact with others.


___      ___                  21.       I respond to important e-mail or messages.


___      ___                  22.       My writing is logical and easy to read.


___      ___                  23.       I know the names and phone numbers of several people in my community, in the event I need to contact them.


___      ___                  24.       I promptly reply to phone calls.


___      ___                  25.       I read, revise, and review my writing.


___      ___                 26.       If a paper seems incomplete, I ask someone to proof-read it.


___      ___                  27.       I don't hesitate to ask a question if I don’t understand something.


___      ___                  28.       I willingly participate in most classroom activities.


___      ___                  29.       When I am in a large group, I try to share my views.


___      ___                  30.       I usually participate in small-group discussions.


___      ___                  31.       If a person asks a question, I often volunteer an answer.


___      ___                  32.       If I disagree, I will usually present an alternative view.

Part 3:             Prayer Life



Yes      No


___      ___                  33.       I have a quiet place to pray.


___      ___                  34.       I set aside time to pray every day.


___      ___                  35.       I often participate in prayer groups and/or Bible lessons.


___      ___                  36.       If confused, I take time to talk to other Christians and pray.   


___      ___                  37.       When people ask me to pray for them, I usually write it down.


___      ___                  38.       My friends know about my relationship with The Lord.



Part 4:             Reaching Out



___      ___                  39.       If something good happens, I write it down.


___      ___                  40.       If I see a friend, I will go out of my way to greet them.                                                                        

___      ___                  41.       If I have a question for my friend, I will ask it.


___      ___                  42.       If I plan to meet someone, I will try to arrive early.                                                         

___      ___                  43.       I usually reach out to help others.                                                                   

___      ___                  44.       I enjoy doing volunteer work.


___      ___                  45.       I like to give my time to a good cause.


___      ___                  46.       I do volunteer work in our community.


___      ___                  47.       I participate in fund-raisers.


___      ___                  48.       I am involved community activities/organizations.


___      ___                  49.       I participate in interactive sports.


___      ___                  50.       I help out my neighbors whenever I can.


___      ___                  51.       If I need assistance, I ask others for help right away.


___      ___                  52.       I often think of ways to improve activities, then apply them.


Part 5:  General Health





Yes      No




___      ___                  53.       I do stretching exercises on most days to "warm up."


___      ___                  54.       I take steps to learn something new every day.           


___      ___                  55.       I usually recite information to enhance my memory.


___      ___                  56.       I focus on doing the most important things first.


___      ___                  57.       I am willing to try new things that are wholesome and good.


___      ___                  58.       I am active in a recreational sport.


___      ___                  59.       I get angry, but I usually resolve my differences within 24 hours.


___      ___                  60.       If something special happens, I write it down.                                                                        

___      ___                  61.       When shopping I place a limit on spending.


___      ___                  62.       I laugh often and enjoy funny jokes, books, and movies.


___      ___                  63.       I have a good hobby that sparks my interest.


___      ___                  64.       I often spend quality time with my family.


___      ___                  65.       I usually try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night.


___      ___                  66.       I control my budget in a responsible manner.


___      ___                  67.       I feel comfortable with my financial situation.


___      ___                  68.       I enjoy going on vacations and/or mission trips.


___      ___                  69.       I enjoy what I do with my free time.


___      ___                  70.       I like and enjoy the company I keep.


___      ___                  71.       I feel my life has a purpose.


___      ___                  72.       I have a special hero that I look up to.


___      ___                  73.       I spend time outdoors and appreciate nature’s beauty.


___             ___                                 74.            I enjoy people and appreciate good company.


___      ___                  75.       I keep an open mind to new ideas.


___      ___                  76.       I know ways to help reduce stress.


___      ___                  77.            I express thanks when people help out.


___      ___                  78.       I exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times per week.


___      ___                  79.       I usually eat healthy foods.     


___      ___                  80.       I am very enthusiastic about what I am doing in life.



Part 6:  Mental Awareness





___      ___                  81.       I am aware of what I need to do for self-improvement.


___      ___                  82.       I can visualize myself doing something well.


___      ___                  83.       I usually learn from my mistakes.


___      ___                  84.       I know what causes boredom, and I try to avoid it.


___      ___                  85.       I know my limitations.


___      ___                  86.       I know my strengths.


___      ___                  87.       I am a very self-disciplined individual.


___      ___                  88.       I usually have a very positive outlook on life.


___      ___                  89.       I often encourage others to be more positive.


___      ___                  90.       When making decisions, I include others in the process. 



Part 7:  Moral and Spiritual Health





___      ___                  91.       I know how to say “no” to harmful or wrong things.


___      ___                  92.       I have a positive outlook on life that is based on the Bible.




___      ___                  93.       I help others less fortunate on a regular basis.


___      ___                  94.       I attend and actively participate in weekly church services.


___      ___                  95.       I encourage others to come to church.


___      ___                  96.       I have love and compassion for others.


___      ___                  97.       I read the Bible daily.


___      ___                  98.       I follow the Bible as the Word of God.


___      ___                  99.       I practice good morals and do what is right.


___      ___                  100.     I have achieved a good spiritual balance in my life.



Scoring Key:

Positive answers to the questions indicate that your behavior resembles that of other successful people.  If you answered “no” to any of the questions, then your overall life skills profile may not be as good as it could be. Devote extra attention to areas where “No” answers occur.  Highlight or circle them. Your mentor will guide you in these areas to improve your life skills. It’s good to do this assessment twice a year to adjust and sharpen your goals. You can use the guide on the next page to do that. Since there is no better time than the present, just “Go for it!”





To accomplish great things, we must not only act,

But also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

 Anatole France





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