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New Children's Book Flutterby
By ellen george   

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New Children's Illustrated book, Flutterby, ISBN: 978-0-9831738-4-7, Sleepytown Press, by Ellen George
Available now!!



Hello to all!


I have taken a break from reviewing to complete my projects - one is at the printer's now!! It's called


It is a charming illustrated story about a little girl who loves the magic garden in her backyard that brings beautiful butterflies. The butterflies love her too.

She grows up with these butterflies, and it is her story of loving them, and it is also the story of their love for her.

It was illustrated by Gary Val Tenuta, talented artist, and author of The Ezekiel Code. It is a gorgeous colored illustrated book that all children and adults will love!!

To send emails about  the book, please email flutterbybook(at)

Thanks to all as we support and help each other. The book is available online at Amazon and all the usual suspects. It is reasonably priced at $10.00, but if you want to get it through me autographed or personalized, please send check or money order for $12.00 each book, including tax and postage to Ellen George, PO Box 71361 Marietta, GA 30007

If wishing personalization, please print it clearly. If there is no mention of personalization, the book will be sent autographed with my Butterfly stamp that says I love and appreciate you!

Many thanks!!!



This book is available NOW!!!


Ellen George






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