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Drugged and R A P E D !
By Mary E. Coe   

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No man has the right to drug and rape a woman or a girl regardless of how she is dressed or how much she had to drink.

Young girls are raped!  Young men walk free!  This is a sad reality that is going on today. Much too often, young men are getting away with rape.  Why?  Because young girls are not reporting it. They blame themselves, because they are usually somewhere they are not suppose to be, doing things they are not suppose to be doing, for example: underage drinking of alcohol.  They forget all the talks they had with their parents, guardians, grandparents and other responsible adults.  They simply forget that even though they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, even if they had been drinking; no man has the right to put their hands on them, or drug and rape them. 


I would advise all young women; not to get so drunk at a party or a social get together; that you don’t know what’s happening around you.  Young people under 21 years old, should stay away from alcohol altogether.  Stay in control. Don’t ever let anyone get a drink for you, even if it’s a bottle of water.  Get it and open it yourself.  Be polite, but, get your own drink.  It’s even better to take your bottle water, punch, or whatever else you are drinking with you and don’t let it out of your sight.


I know that some of you may feel that, you should be able to wear what you want to wear, and get drunk if you want to.  You are probably correct. However, you need to remember; there are lots of jerks out there that are just waiting to take advantage of anyone they can.  Your friends are not going to always have your back; they may not be in the position to look out for you.  You have to look out for you.  Best advice for any teenager is to not drink alcoholic beverage, ever. 


There are jerks out there, just waiting for some innocent, young, victims that they can take advantage of.  These men and boys don’t think about their own sisters and mothers when they strip young girls of their innocence?  They don’t seem to care, that they can give the girl an over dose of drug and kill her?  They don’t stop to think that, this girl could be allergic to the drug they are putting into her body.


Some rapist even brags to their friends that they had sex with a certain girl!  Oh, they don’t say “I drugged this girl and sexually abused her.  The cowards brag about having sex with a girl who they darn well know they had to first render helpless, before raping the unconscious girl. 


One night, Lee Ann, a 17 year old high school graduate, left home, a virgin, she just wanted to go out and have fun.  She told her mother that she was going to a movie and to dinner with her best friend, Gigi, to celebrate her friend’s birthday.  After the movie, Gigi planned a sleep over and Lee Ann asked permission to spend the night.   Lee Ann’s mom knew Gigi’s family very well, so she gave her daughter permission to hang out with her friend and spend the night.  Lee Ann was an only child so she spent a lot of time with Gigi; they were the best of friends.


Lee Ann failed to call her mom when plans changed; she knew her mom would say no to the new plans.  After the girls left the movies and had dinner; Gigi decided to go to a small get together at her boyfriend’s house to celebrate her birthday.  Lee Ann forgot one of the rules, she discussed with her mom, “Always let someone know where you are.”


Lee Ann felt safe, she was among people that she went to high school with and there were only a dozen or so kids at the party.  Some of them, she didn’t know personally but she had seen them around school.  Gigi was her best friend and these were friends of Gigi and Gigi’s boyfriend, so, Lee Ann knew she had nothing to worry about.


At first the party was fun and lots of dancing. Soon alcohol was in introduced.  Lee Ann never drank before, but the kids convinced her that one, little, drink wouldn’t hurt.  She forgot another rule she discussed with her mother, “If alcohol appears at a party, you should disappear; it’s time to leave.  Excuse yourself, go to a private place and call for someone to pick you up.”


Lee Ann noticed that Gigi and her boyfriend had disappeared.  She felt uncomfortable because she really wasn’t friends with anyone else, that was at the party.  Lee Ann saw them at school almost every day but they weren’t people she hung out with.  She asked if anyone had seen her friend; she was told that Gigi stepped outside to be alone with her boyfriend, and would be back shortly.  


Other couples disappeared and Lee Ann was left in a room with three young men, one was approximately 27 years old, she saw him before, he was the brother of another boy that was at the party.  Lee Ann felt very uncomfortable; however she was good at forgetting rules that she and her mother discussed. “If you find yourself in an awkward or uncomfortable position, simply excuse yourself; go to a private place; call home; ask someone to pick you up.”


Lee Ann was afraid to call home, she didn’t want her mother to know that she wasn’t where she was suppose to be. She decided to go outside to find Gigi.  The 27 year old man said, “it’s alright, she will be right back, relax.”  He asked if he could get her something to drink while she waited for her friend.  Lee Ann forgot another very important conversation that she had with her mom, “Never trust anyone to get your drink; if you are at a party or a social get together.  Even if you wanted a bottle of water, get it yourself.”


Lee Ann always though her mom was stretching it a little, she was with people that graduated high school with her. The older man was the brother of a boy she saw at school nearly every day.  These people would never harm her.  She was so wrong!  The 27 years old man seemed innocent enough, so Lee Ann accepted a drink from him.  She didn’t see when he put the drug in her drink.  After she drank from the glass, she knew something was very wrong.  She felt drowsy, soon she was feeling very sleepy, it was overwhelming; she tried to fight the dizziness. The men watched as she tried to get up; she finally got to her feet and remembered trying to make it to the front door, she passed out.


Lee Ann didn’t remember how she got to the bed room or how she got on the bed.  She woke up hours later, the sun was shining, her body felt soiled and unclean, her stomach was upset; she knew someone had sexually abused her after she collapsed.   She rushed to the bathroom and was sick. 


Lee Ann went to the living room to get her purse and cell phone.  Gigi and her boy friend were there, two other young men were in the room, including the one who gave her the drink.  Everyone was staring at her.  Lee Ann picked up her purse and cell phone and walked out the front door.  She didn’t dare call her mother, she had no money with her for bus fare, she spent it all the night before on the movie and dinner.  Her friend wouldn’t let her walk alone; Gigi drove Lee Ann home. 


As soon as Lee Ann arrived home she rushed to the bathroom and was sick. She took a long hot shower.  She cried and cried.  She was devastated.


When her mother asked what was the matter, Lee Ann answered “just leave me alone, I’m upset, something happened with my friends, just leave me alone.” She wouldn’t tell her mother what had happened, so, her mother didn’t know how to help her. Her mother knew something was wrong, but, Lee Ann kept telling her mom, to just leave her alone. 


Lee Ann wasn’t where she was supposed to have been the night before and she was drinking. After everything that had happened to her, she didn’t want a lecture from her mother.  She didn’t want to hear her mother say that she had no business drinking in the first place.  She didn’t want to hear her mother say, I told you never to let anyone give you a drink.  She didn’t want her mother calling the police to make things worst. She didn’t want to break her mother’s heart by telling her that she was raped.  She was her mother’s only child, she couldn’t break her heart.


The clown that drugged and raped her soon start calling his friends and telling them that he had sex with her.  He didn’t say that he had to first render her helpless by putting drugs in her drink.  He didn’t say that he raped an unconscious girl. He just wanted his friends to know that he had sex with a virgin. 


Months later, Lee Ann’s mother found out about the rape from Lee Ann.   The first thing her mother wanted to do was to call the police.  Lee Ann said no; she told her mother, that was the reason, she didn’t tell her in the first place, she knew her mother would go to the police and make everything worst.  She didn’t even know if the same man that gave her the drink was the one who raped her until he started bragging about it weeks later.  She had already thrown away the dirty clothes, the evidence.  So much time had passed; months had passed, so Lee Ann knew it was no use going to the police at this late date. 


The mother reminded Lee Ann that this man had drugged and raped her. The mother could not talk Lee Ann into going to the police.  Lee Ann was convinced it would just make matters worst, and the man would still go free.  Many, young, people told her that it was a waste of time to file charges.  She didn’t want to put herself through re-living the whole ugly experience for nothing.


Lee Ann’s mother tried unsuccessfully to get Lee Ann into some kind of counseling program and to press charges.  Lee Ann figured the less people that knew what had happened  to her; the better it was for her.  She didn’t want to talk about what had happened or be reminded of what had happened to her.   She said to her mother “Okay, if I told the police that I was drugged and passed out, then woke up feeling soiled, like I was sexually abused, they will want facts.  I was passed out, Lee Ann cried, I don’t know what happened to me.”  


Lee Ann’s mother argued, he did brag about having sex with you, they can get the truth out of him in court.”    Lee Ann told her mother she didn’t want to take that chance, because she heard so many people say these types of cases may never even reach the court room. 


Her mother told her that she should have gone to the police right away, the next morning when she woke up. The drug was still in her blood system the next morning.  Lee Ann said she didn’t know what to do that next morning.  She was too devastated and she didn’t know how to tell her mother that she was not where she was suppose to have been.  She didn’t want her mother to know that she accepted a drink from some man, a drink that had been drugged.  She didn’t know how to tell her mother that she was raped.   


Her mother felt that it still wasn’t too late to press charges.  Lee Ann wanted to forget the whole thing.  Like many other young girls that was raped by people they thought they knew or could trust; Lee Ann did nothing, leaving this man free to move on to the next victim.  These criminals need to be reported even if the young girls think the system may fail them.  These men may have other similar complaints against them, the more complaints that builds up; the easier it will be for the district attorney to prosecute them. 


These jerks keep drugging and raping young girls because they know the crime will not be reported. When the girl is in the wrong place, not where she is suppose to be; especially if she had been drinking; these girls don’t want their parents to find out what they were up to. The rapist knows this and he knows there is a good chance he wouldn’t be reported. So, these young girls become easy targets for the rapist.  In many cases, if the young girl know the rapist and had been drinking, they don’t realize that this was considered a rape.  They blame themselves because they should not have been drinking in the first place.     


Girls are not to blame.  No man has the right to drug and rape a woman or a girl regardless of how she is dressed or how much she had to drink. 


Even if you had been drinking, that is not an invitation for some jerk to drug and rape you.   


Even if you are where you’re not supposed to be; even if you had been drinking; all rapes need to be reported or the rapist just move on to the next victim that they can drug and rape.








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