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Grinch Games; A Post Holiday Tale...
By Denise Richardson   

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The Grinch hated Christmas - the whole Christmas season. So he came and he hacked me -for no rhythm or reason. But it's not that there's no reason at all, we've all heard his heart is two sizes too small.

T'was the week before Christmas and oh, was I stressed.

Then an email arrived... "you've got problems" it said.


It appears someone's hacked the blog on your site

cause when I clicked on your links, what I saw wasn't right!


With a quizzical face and lump in my throat,

I decided to check out this ominous note.


As I clicked on the browser and landed on my site,

 a smile abound as all looked alright!


I wondered was his email a hoax -

Was this just a not-so-nice joke?


I fired off an email that wasn't so kind...

I don't know what you mean as my site looks just fine!


He quickly responded to my one sentence note...  

Denise he said, this is no joke,


Last night you were hacked -it was clear on the site

It may work now -but it didn't last night!


Someone attacked you -this much I know.

I'm not a kook Denise-and this is no hoax!


I read your blog often and know of your work,

I'm being honest, I'm a fan -not a jerk!


I've read many emails over the years

and can usually judge if they're fake or they're real.


My gut was telling me this guy was sincere -

my heart started pounding, my hands trembled with fear    


I sent off this email to Steve, my webmaster,

within seconds he called to confirm this disaster.


Yes, you were hacked, this much is true.

We're under control now -there's nothing you can do.


No need to fret the problem's been fixed -

the hackers are gone, their plans have been nixed.


We'll need to watch it and there's still work to do,

But you needn't worry -we're protecting you.


Twas now two days before Christmas and all pleasantly hectic

Though stress level high -the site problems were corrected.


There were presents to wrap and still shopping to do,

Lots of baking and cooking and cleaning yet too!


The holidays were here, no time to relax

and then came the news...OMG, another hack!


It was quiet apparent there would be no relaxing for me

As these mean hackers had more tricks up their sleeves.


Someone again hacked the server you're on

And we've worked for days -our hours so long!


A new server's in order to stop these attacks.

But will that work, I quickly asked back?


I listened intently to the noticeable pause,

as he sighed and responded "I'm not Santa Claus.


 I can't do magic Denise-but we've done all we can,

 at least your blog's up -and running again.


If you are the target -we'll soon see friend,

And if they come back, we'll deal with them then.


Don't worry now, there isn't a reason...

Just try and relax-it's the holiday season! 


After an uneasy night filled with tossing and turning

I awoke to a beautiful sunny Christmas Eve's morning.


The new server was running and all was okay

Did this server switch chase those mean hackers away?


That question would be answered; a dreaded call soon came through...

You've been hit again the voice said, -they're after you!


I'm sorry to say we must shut you down.

 We can not continue to fool around!


I thought for a moment, scratching my head,

Thinking things were so bad... now my site's dead!


But then an idea sprang to my mind,

And I became determined that with it, we'd be just fine!


We'll get Albert involved, a top security guy.

He's costly but worth it -let's give him a try.


Hey Albert we have a big problem here,

can you take a look and share some ideas?


"Well of course" he answered in a pleasant but concerned voice,

 you need better security Denise -you now have NO choice. 


And whenever I hear of a badly hacked blog,

It's usually by someone who's out to play "God"


They'll hack and they'll hack all night and day,

Whenever they don't like what you chose to say!


Have you been controversial or making some noise?

Are you up against foes who don't like your voice?


Yes, I relayed as a matter of fact,

I stood up for others who have been needlessly attacked. 


Does it appear these hackers have targeted me?

Yes, he replied, that's clear to see!


Though the attacks were directed squarely at you

-next time they'll need to come through me -to get to you.


That's nice to hear, I like what you say

But the truth is Albert, they may not go away.


He smirked, then confirmed, with a sly grin on his face

yes, this could happen again -if they're determined to stay


But, if they come back to wreak havoc again,

next time, the FBI might just be waiting for them!


I'm glad to hear you won't play their games.

Let's track them down, let's name their names!


Whether it's a greed, corruption, abuse or fraud

we must continue to expose the harm these crimes cause!


So this is my tale of holiday woe,

taking my site down is not nice, don't you know!


But let this serve warning and maybe strike fear,

the next time you hack me the FBI may be near!


I thank all who wrote offering support and good luck

ya, they may have shut me down -but not up! 




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