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Explanation of “Writing’s Done”
By Mark M Lichterman   

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So now, after twenty-four years... So now that my last book is on it's way to be published and I no longer have to re-write or edit, I am completely lost because I no longer have to do what I've been doing for the past twenty-four years.

                         Explanation of “Writing’s Done”


As a writer, I, as I am sure most of us that write – of course for the satisfaction – but I do believe most of us that write, write with the thought of having our work published so others may read what we, as writers have created.


I, most assuredly, am among those that have, literally, prayed to have my work published.


So why, might you ask, why was I depressed over the fact that my third book is now in the process of being published by a company that, as my other two novels, consider my writing good enough to spend what they must spend to bring it to print?


I suppose one might equate my feelings to “the empty nest syndrome”.


On January 28, 1986, I was probably mid-way through  the first draft of, “The Climbing Boy” when I stopped to watch the Challenger Shuttle lift off... Then, 73 seconds into flight it exploded. This is something and a date that one might remember.


It took me, maybe, a year and a half to finish the first and second drafts of “The Climbing Boy” when I began the search for an agent or publisher.


What an awakening that was!


After three years of purchasing the yearly  “Writers Market” and sending hundreds upon hundreds of query  letters along with a brief synopsis and an enclosed “SASSE”  (self addressed, self stamped Envelope) I found the “Catch 22” of the publishing industry. No matter what they may say,  so I discovered, no matter that the publisher or agent may say “they will”,  the publisher will not look at your work unless you have an agent, and agents will not look at your work unless you’ve been published.


It was at this time that I began my second novel entitled “Captain Midnight and the Toothpaste Thief”.


 As I continued looking for an agent or a publisher, I continued writing what became a, double spaced, 1,120 page novel, that I wrote on a Royal typewriter.


After a few more years, while still looking for an agent or publisher, I completely rewrote what was then titled, "The Toothpaste Thief" on a Smith Corona Word Processor.


A few years later I, once again, re-wrote what would become "Becoming" on a computer.


 A few years later, while still looking for an agent or publisher for either or both books,  I began the first draft of "The Hole digger".


Finally,  in 2002, Metropolis Ink, an internet publisher that publishes in paperback, read and agreed to publish, “The Climbing Boy”.


 One year after the publishing of "The Climbing boy", Metropolis agreed to publish “Becoming”.


 After waiting a year for the first professional editing of "Becoming", I received the first draft, along with a note telling me that, though, they really love the story, due to finances they had changed their minds about publishing... 


Which completely depressed me, but yet, because by then this is what I do, I continued writing, then re-writing "The Hole Digger”.


In 2006, I, once again, approached Metropolis regarding the publishing of “Becoming” and, lo and behold, they agreed and “Becoming” was published in June of 2008.


Approaching Metropolis, never thinking they would so soon after “Becoming”, they did agree to publish “The Hole Digger”, and after my one last, labor of love edit, I sent the manuscript forward at 7:30 a.m. 4/6/09, Monday morning.


So now, after twenty-four years... So now that my last book is on it's way to being published and I no longer have to re-write or edit, I am completely lost because I no longer have to do what I've been doing for the past twenty-four years.


Kind of like, “the empty nest syndrome”.


Though I do not think I have another book in me, I do have a few ideas rolling around in my head for some short stories, one of which, collaborating with a Writers Den writer, we  may be able to stretch to a novella. 


So you ain’t heard the last of me!



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