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A Few Things I Hate In Life...
By Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)   

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It's the little things in life that push my buttons! People's bad habits; inconsiderate people are in abundance in this country; people's way of life; their beliefs, etc.

Below is a list of things I hate in life, and I will add to the list (as necessary) as time goes on...but for now...I knew you couldn't wait to see this list.  See if it matches up with your list...

- I hate inconsiderate people...everywhere I go...on the road; in a supermarket; standing in line someplace, etc. 

- I hate smokers, as they contaminate the air we all breath.  It's hard to believe that I was once so stupid, as to be a smoker which I quit in 1970.  The best thing I've ever done for myself and those around me, including my pets. 

- I hate vending machines!  I've lost so much money in vending machines over the years, that I could be a millionaire by this time. 

- Isn't denial a river in Egypt?  I hate people who live their entire lives in denial...never taking responsibility for what they do.  Prisons are filled with them...they're all innocent of's always somebody else's fault...they were framed, etc. 

- I hate people who spit in public!  Baseball players are the worst; I guess they think chewing and spitting in public is cool, etc. People who chew are right up there with the worst! 

- I hate motor-mouths who are always talking about themselves...on a cell phone in a bank or post office line, etc.  Motor-mouths can never shut up!   

- I hate people who bring their kids to the grocery store...or any store for that matter.  I helped to raise kids for 19 years, and I know how selfish kids can be...screaming and yelling in the store.  Kids want everything...and they want to be the boss...and if they can't have their way...they have a temper tantrum!

"Whoever one is and wherever one is always in the wrong, if one is rude."  Maurice Baring

I hate self-centered know the type...those 'little minds of the world' who think the universe revolves around THEM! 

- With the coming of the cell phone, I hate people who always seem to be on the phone all a cell phone to the ear has become a way of life, etc.  You'd think they could turn it off when they are conducting business...but no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o...They keep that cell phone to their ear no matter a grocery line; and as they pay for groceries or merchantdise, etc. 

"Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

I hate know the people who lie about everything in their life, to fatten up their ego.  I especially hate people who lie on a resume to get a job.  All of us honest people have to compete with these liars for jobs, and to get a job nowadays isn't easy.  These liars have an advantage over the rest of us.

- I hate people who live their life in denial about everything.  They take no responsibility for their actions.  The jails and prisons are filled with this type of people.  It's always somebody else's fault...all the people in prison today are honest people who were framed, etc.

- I hate people who are indecisive and who can't make up their mind about an issue.  How many times have we all seen some whistle standing at the egg section of the grocery store...and that person can't make up his or her mind of what kind of eggs to buy.  It's a major decision in their life...should I buy small eggs?  Should I buy medium eggs?  Should I buy large eggs?  The person has been on the planet for 75 years now, and can't make a decision on buy a dozen eggs. 

- I hate quitters!  People who start a job and never seem to finish that job.  Smoking and losing weight seem to be the most prevelant in our society.

- I hate excuse-makers.  These people always seem to have an excuse for everything they can't do.

- I hate people who belly-ache and whine all the time about something being wrong with them, and when you mention to them to go see a doctor, they disappear over the horizon. 

- I hate un-ambitious people...with no ambition but to such up air and party their lives away.  But, when they see that you have a few accomplishments in your life...the ugly faces of jealousy and resentment come out of the woodwork and they quickly disapear. 

"To doesn't have to be disagreeable."  Barry Goldwater

- I hate selfish people!  Everything in the world is about THEM...their kids or grandkids, etc.  Nothing else exists. 

- I hate negative people around who have an attitude problem.  One of my sisters was like this...she thought she was better than everyone else, etc. 

- I hate controlling people around me.  They have to control every little last detail around you.  Where you've been all day; who you were with; what you had for lunch;

- I hate sore losers.  I recently attended a college basketball between the New Mexico Lobos and the BYU Cougars at the world famous 'Pit" (University Arena) in Albuquerque, New Mexico (where I live)  Both teams were fighting for the lead in the Mountain West Conference, so a win was important to both teams.  The 'Pit" was sold out with over 15,000 fans, and the game was a good one, as the lead changed hands several times.  In the final seconds of regulation, the New Mexico Lobos had a chance to win the game, with the final shot, but missed it, and the two teams went into over-time.

During the over-time period the lead changed hands several times, and as the seconds wound down, BYU got the chance for the final shot...and they made it, and the game was over! 

What happened next made me not want to be there among the 15,000 fans.  The bad behavior by the fans, in throwing things on the floor; and profanity against the other team, etc.  Sorry...but I was not brought up this way!  The Lobos had their chance at winning with the final shot in regulation and missed the shot.  Whereas BYU had the final shot in over-time and they made it.  Everything was fair and square...and the behavior by the fans was unacceptable. 

"Rudeness is a weak man's interpretation of stength."  Eric Hoffer

- I hate magazine inserts!  I have to go through it all and tear out the inserts before the reading begins. 

- I hate the Sunday's filled with junk mail...all to make a buck.  The Sunday newspaper is so heavy with junk mail, that I have to carry it on a dolly to take it in the house. 

- I hate most commercials on television!  I can't believe some people pay tens of thousands of dollars to produce and to air these dreadful commercials.  The medical commercials are the worst...

- Miss-trust!  In 2011, there is not much trust out there anymore.  I've been betrayed by my own mother; my doctor, the VA, etc.  There are so many people out there with larceny in their veins; and skeletons in their closets, etc.  From now on, people will have to earn my trust. (2011)

- Selfishness:  Why would a person want to be with a selfish person?  Why do you think the divorce rate is still so high?  The "ME" generation is still doing fine and dandy...thank you very much! 

People irritate me, but things irritate me, too.  Case in point.  Maybe this happens to you, as often as it happens to me. 

I hate it when I pull a paper clip out of the storage tray, and I pull about 59 paper clips all strung together like a line of fish!  It's one of those little irritants in life that never seems to go away, etc.  I know there's somebody out there out to get me.  Somebody who sneaks in...and in the middle of the night...strings all the paper clips together so he or she can push my buttons!

So, if you're the one who is breaking into my place in the middle of the night and stringing all the paper clips together...CUT IT OUT...I find NO humor in it...

I HATE COUGH DROPS!  The manufacturers make cough drops too big, and should make them smaller.  I can suck on a cough drop for over three months, and I usually have to take it out of my mouth and throw it away!  (of course, that's what the manufactuers want)  The medicine taste just gags me after awhile!  If the makers cut the cough drops in half, than I would only suck on it for about 1 month!  Better yet, cut the cough drop down to about the size of a peanut or raisen...that way I would only have to suck on it for about two weeks!  With about 30 cough drops in a sack...all this will last me for about three life-times...Of course, that's what the makers want...throw the sack of cough drops away, after they have been sitting around in the medicine cabinet for over 22 years...etc...etc...etc.  (cough-cough)

Question: Jer, you told us what you hate in life...Is there anything in life that you like? 

SHUT UP, chump! 

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Copyright; 2011;Jerry Aragon/The Humor Doctor
Website name; humordoctormd








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