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Appreciation for Authorsden and its Founders
By Emile M Tubiana   

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After over two years of membership, the author felt the need to express his appreciation for the founders of AuthorsDen and all its members.

Appreciation for Authorsden and its Founders

It hurts to see the people of my adopted country, those of the left and those of the right, accusing one another like enemies, through various television chains, blogs, newspapers, and the exchange of comments. During World War II, I saw the American soldiers in battle, fighting hand in hand and dying for the same cause.

I understand that everyone has the privilege to express his opinion freely, but any accusations or invective words are counterproductive and cannot contribute to the wellbeing of our people or to the goal set by our leaders. It can only distract from the truth and create unnecessary diversion, opening opportunities for those who wish us ill.

Although the exchange of opinions is anchored in our democracy, there were always different currents in the history of mankind and particularly in the United States of America. These exchanges of opinions and interpretations, made up of various arguments and counter arguments help us understand the various ways of perception and thinking, which teach us that life has multiple facets.

There are different schools of thought throughout history. I am confident that the platform of the AuthorsDen site and other platforms enable us to exchange our various experiences, opinions and perceptions peacefully and in a civil manner, and should contribute to put an end to any geographical isolation of human beings living in different parts of this planet.  These written exchanges should above all animate and enrich our life.


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