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Indistinguishable from God?
By Ronald W. Hull   

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The work of two other authors got me thinking... and that can be dangerous.


I recently reviewed an upcoming novel with the same title by G.  Dedrick Robinson, PhD, geology professor emeritus.  Dr. Robinson's novel about a 65 million year-old artifact that turns into an action thriller over possession and control of the artifact, is an enlightening and worthwhile read.   The terminology, "indistinguishable from God,” Robinson points out, first came from Arthur C. Clarke, “indistinguishable from magic,” and the exact words are used by Michael Shermer on the web page.
I also received an excerpt from a new book by Edward W.  Phillips, PhD, economics.  The excerpt, The Wealth Rift, describes the myth that prevails that there must be a hierarchy of wealth in order for prosperity for all. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking is not true.  Current data shows that, as the gap between the rich and the poor increases, numerous problems, including population growth, disease, crime, poverty, corruption and other factors increase at a disproportionate rate.  While there is enough wealth to provide everyone with a decent lifestyle, the myth of a hierarchy of wealth (for example, the archaic monarchy in England and the Papacy in the Catholic Church) is so ingrained in society that it goes against reason, perpetuates and prolongs societal problems.
This got me to thinking and a dream last night encouraged me to write about God and extraterrestrials.  In my first novel, The Kaleidoscope Effect, an idea I first conceived in 1973 after my disappointment with the way that contact with extraterrestrials was being described and written, I described how extraterrestrials would make first contact with us.  Since then, movies and television have increasingly showed extraterrestrials as strange beings with very human characteristics of behavior and generally trying to conquer or destroy humans on Earth.  The need for action and violence to keep the audience interested has morphed into using comic book figures and children's toys transformed into extraterrestrial beings either trying to save or destroy the Earth. Thus, the idea of extraterrestrial beings resides more in fantasy and less in reality. The idea that spacecraft are flying saucers is alive and well. 
Once again, for a superior race of beings to travel the great distances and challenges between the stars to our planet and our star would require technology and intelligence far beyond our understanding—godlike.  In the eyes of extraterrestrials arriving on earth, we would be but an interesting observation, like a scientist carefully observing a colony of insects without disturbing it, unless to save it.  As an experiment, these beings would enlighten us and solve all of our problems—immediately.  In other words, if they arrived, we would look at them as though they were gods or, God.  And, it would not be difficult for them to prove that they were.  Human beings would think that the second coming had arrived.  However, the idea of some being chosen and some not being chosen would be thrown out the window because these beings would find our concept of sin to be rather humorous and frivolous.
What is the thing that most Americans honor most?  It is undoubtedly, our freedom.  Freedom is touted as one of the basic principles of our democratic society.  However, freedom means different things to different people.  Our highly stratified society thinks of our freedoms of speech, religion, and to bear arms in entirely different ways individually, resulting in continual conflict and little resolution.  But what if, we had absolute freedom, allowing us to believe what we believe and be free to do it without having any intervention.  That would be heaven:  the freedom to be whatever we can or would want to be.  Most of the people on Earth do not have freedom.  They are tied by their religion, their state, or their financial circumstances to lack most of the freedoms that Americans enjoy.  But even most Americans are not free.  Wealthy people have tremendous obligation to maintain their wealth, causing them to be tied to their wealth and not free from it.  In fact, most adults would state that the last time they were truly free was when they were about five years old, and, regardless of their family situation or wealth at that time in their lives, felt free to do whatever they wanted.
Which brings me back to extraterrestrials as gods.  Once extraterrestrials arrive, everyone on Earth, regardless of age, would be free from poverty, free from pain, free from oppression, free from death, and free to do whatever they wanted to do without someone, or some entity telling them they cannot do it. This freedom would be the ultimate equality and it would be heavenly.
Which brings me back to Ed Phillips's book excerpt.  The idea of redistribution of wealth is abhorrent to some people.  They point to communism (hierarchical state socialism or dictatorships) as examples of failure.  However, most people  would think that democracy is good—as long as the people in the democracy are all of the same social status.  However, wealth is not based on intelligence or social status and statistics show that whenever new immigrants come to the United States, regardless of their status in the countries they come from, within one generation, generally reach the wealth and middle-class status of most Americans.  While many Americans who have been here many generations, are falling into poverty more deeply, with each generation.  Ed also points out how allowing the poor to prosper creates better conditions for the entire society, including the wealthy, and makes the wealthy wealthier because so many conflicts are reduced by improved living, creating wealth.
The electronic media have made Marshall McLuhan's “Global Village” a reality.  This is not a time for Americans to think only of Americans when the world is at stake.  It is time we come together in a more democratic world and solve our problems on a worldwide basis.  Our companies are multinational.  Our charities are multinational.  Our ideas are multinational.  Our governments are national with nationalistic interests.  Once we begin to work internationally to solve our problems, they will be solved.  Otherwise, the United States will continue to have to act as some kind of moral policeman for the world, delaying progress.
While it is unlikely that extraterrestrials will arrive and the many prophecies will be fulfilled, we, as citizens of this beautiful planet first seen when the United States went to the Moon in the 1960s, need to act together before our beautiful planet is beautiful, no more.
Copyright 2012 ©  Ronald W. Hull



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