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Being Enthusiastic
By Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.   

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We are born to be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm changes our body chemistry and enhances our connection with the Universe

What is enthusiasm? It is a Greek word meaning God within us. How enthusiastic are you in your daily life?

My greatest teacher of enthusiasm is our dog, Tiber.  He is a small toy poodle who barks at things with enthusiasm. He drinks water with so much excitement; it seems as if he has had no water for days. He is so happy to see you, with so much excitement, no matter if he saw you a minute ago in another room.

We are born to be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm changes our body chemistry and enhances our connection with the Universe.  For the next day, feel your feelings with enthusiasm.  Eat and drink with enthusiasm.  Go to bed and wake up with enthusiasm. Feel the difference in yourself.


Be Enthusiastic !

Enthusiasm transforms whatever it comes in contact with. 

Enthusiasm is a blessing.

If you are in apathy, be enthusiastic about it!

If you are grieving, grieve with enthusiasm! 

If you feel fear, welcome it with enthusiasm!

If you feel anger, experience it with enthusiasm!

If you are in pain, feel it with enthusiasm!

If you are excited, embrace it with enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm is the key to healing our
past traumas and transmuting our repressed emotions.

Be enthusiastic and transmute your emotion into
life force energy and love.

Copyright (at) 2012 by Shervin Hojat

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