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Wanderin Man - 9 - Beyond Mardi Gras - Part II
By Richard Lee King   

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Today’s edition of the continuing saga,
Wanderin Man – 9 – Beyond Mardigras – Part II


She seemed to take to me right away. Don’t know that I can explain that, but it seems I’ve always affected people that way. Instinctively, they seem to know that I ain’t no danger to them an that I mean em no harm. She came up to me, looked me straight in the eye an said I need some help. Well, I may have thought some things right about then that would seem to be quite obvious, but I held my tongue, kept my thoughts to myself and repeated my offer to be of assistance. Now, bear in mind, I’ve bin on the road fer over a week an by now, I’m smellin like an old grizzly, but bad as I looked an bad as I smelled, she found me preferable to whatever it was that she might a bin a runnin from.  
I pulled an old dirty shirt out of my saddlebags an offered it to her, whilst I apologized fer the way it likely smelled. She didn’t seem to understand the gesture at first, then this look of realization came across her face and it seemed like that was the first time she even realized that she was stark nekked. She grabbed the shirt, threw it over her shoulders an effortlessly stuck her arms into the sleeves. She was such a short, skinny little thing that my big ol shirt was plenty a cover fer her.  
Lookin around, takin stock a things an tryin to figure out what our next move should be, I said to her,  “They call me “Wanderin Man,” or sometimes jist “The Wanderer.” I ain’t bin called by my own name fer so long I ain’t sure I kin remember it, but you kin call me Bud. What’s yer name an how kin I help?”   Well, bout that time she started in a bawlin an a whimperin an I couldn’t make out a thing she was a sayin. I tried to comfort her the best I could an jist kinda let things run their course, til she settled down some an was able ta say jist what it was that was a causin her such distress. Seems that she an a “boyfriend” had bin on the road fer a few weeks an they’d run out of money…. Couldn’t buy no gas fer the truck an hadn’t eaten in 3 er 4 days. They’d already hocked everything they owned of any value an were downright desperate when some guy approached them about a scheme he had to make them a few bucks. Well they was to the point where they was willin to do jist about anything, jist to get some food in their gullet an they agreed to go with him to see what his plan was.
The next thing she knew they was with a whole bunch of guys who was a fixin to have their way with her. She was hungry an desperate, but not quite that desperate. She was a tryin to back away from the deal, but her “boyfriend” didn’t seem to be all that bothered by it. In fact, he seemed to be very much in favor of it. Long about here is when she tole me that this here “boyfriend” had picked her up at a bar where she had been a slingin drinks somewhere in the Dallas area, bout a month er 6 weeks back. They didn’t really have no real connection, ceptin fer the fact that they was both originally from Georgia an that they was both high on life an was looking to have a good time. Apparently her view of a good time parted from his long about tha time it came ta satisfyin the sexual desires of half a dozen hard asses who didn’t smell a whole bunch better n me.
Parently she was in the process of figurin out jist how the hell she was goin to git herself out of the fix she was in when one of them big ole greasy dudes decided to take her into another room.  Well one thing led to another an she reluctantly went along with him, all the while lookin fer some way to escape an get the hell out of there. As she was undressin, he was pullin down his pants an he pulled out his pistol an laid it on the night stand by the head of the bed. Well, she took her time an when the opportunity presented it’s self, she grabbed his gun, cocked it an stuck it in his back. She told him if’n he made a sound, it would be the last sound he would ever make an she jabbed him with the gun an asked him if he understood her. Parently he took her at her word. Somehow she managed to gag him and tie him up before she snuck out the winder, hopped in the truck and got the hell out a there. She was haulin ass down the 4 lane when she saw the blue lights an decided to pull over. Not that she’d done nuthin wrong, but she wasn’t sure how to deal with things an she didn’t have a clue as to what had happened to her “boyfriend.”   All she knew fer sure was, she wasn’t ready to face the cops. 
To be continued….
Copyright © 2011 Richard Lee King.  All Rights Reserved.

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