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Featured Book
Vegas and the Mob
by Al Moe

The true story of how the Mob took over Las Vegas and skimmed the casinos dry!..  
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Featured Book
Free Download - The Belgian Curtain - Europe after Communism
by Sam Vaknin

The European Union, NATO, the euro, and central and eastern Europe after the fall of communism. ..  
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Featured Book
The True History of the Monopoly Game
by Burton Wolfe

This book tells the true story of how the Monopoly game was stolen from its originators, and that long-buried secret was discovered by the inventor of Anti-Monopoly. The ..  
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25 Most Recent History Articles

$1,000 for 1,000 words by Byron Edgington
My prize-winning essay for the Ohio State Lantern's annual $1,000 for 1,000 words contest. The Theme was 'The Sixties plus Fifty.' Essay dated January...
'Where Have All The Leaders Gone?' by Paul Berube
I'm pretty sure this has been around a for awhile but it bears looking at again. The man knows what he's talking about. It is our future and we're the...
1-(1)-A 6 year old emperor in 1185- by Hana Yumiko
the ending of the sea-oriented tribe in Japan...
1-(2)-the young emperor's mother- by Hana Yumiko
soon after the battle...
1. Exercise in German History by David Arthur Walters
The Great Mistake...
10 Great Moments in African-American History 2009 by Aberjhani
It was the best of our times in 2009 and the worst our times in 2009. (book cover for Man Gone Down by Michael Thomas)...
1491 (book review) by David Schwinghammer
Mann contends that the pre-Columbus Americas were much more complex than we had been taught. ...
1600 by David Minor
Across New York State in 1600...
1613 in Japan by Hana Yumiko
Christian farmers vs samurai ...
1650 Across New York State by David Minor
A Snapshot of New York State in the year 1650...
1700 New York City/State Snapshot by David Minor
A survey of events happening around New York at the beginning of the 18th Century...
1750 New York City/State Snapshot by David Minor
A look around New York in the year 1750...
1908 British Suffragettes by David Arthur Walters
Women's suffrage came last in the United States...
1908 MIght Be An Exciting Year by David Arthur Walters
Bored? Adopt a year....
1919 Peace Conference in Paris by Emile Tubiana
Reading about the Annapolis conference I remembered the documents that an old friend gave to me among many others ...
1930 AVIATION in the NEWSREELS by Phillip Stewart
Most of us who are fascinated with that glorious period of aviation known as the Golden Age, study the era through the written word and photographs. I...
2-(10)-the sea between Kyushu and Nara by Hana Yumiko
She made one more huge ship with a gorgeous small coffin. She let rumors spread that the baby had died. After the first victory against traitors, she ...
2-(11)-the sea between Kyushu and Nara by Hana Yumiko
The battles were intense; she let her navy and army declare that BreathLong had died. ...
2-(5)-At Kashii Palace, Kyushu Island- by Hana Yumiko
She was a psychic medium....
2-(6)-At Kashii Palace, Kyushu Island- by Hana Yumiko
She got the power....
2-(7)- She, BreathLong, created the first navy in Japan. by Hana Yumiko
Women were stronger....
2-(9)- When she went back to Kyushu, by Hana Yumiko
she gave birth to a son. As she had set ninjas to the capital, Nara, before the war, she got word of plots there from a ninja even as she was nursing ...
20 Soldiers Defeat 150,000 Soldiers by Paul Kyriazi
Here's how they did it....
2007-Beaten or Brave? by Cynth'ya
EM>Some people have been led down primrose paths only to end up with thorns in the heels of their dreams. But the dream of becoming, and sharing with...
33 Years of Limbo by Charlotte Spurrill
"...teachers of all people...actually tell their students that 'A.D.' means 'After Death'."...
4-the Ancient Brothers by Hana Yumiko
a part of this Japanese myth is similar to Cain & Abel, isn’t they? The last post “the Ancient Sisters” has got a message from A Subba, my Indian frie...
46 Union Street” by Bruce A. Kesselman: Book Review by Irene Watson
Determined to document a compelling history and counteract the stereotypical view of fraternities, Rutgers University graduate Bruce Kesselman stepped...
47 Million on Food Stamps by Mark Lichterman
People do vote their pocketbooks. In essence, the people vote for a Congress who will not raise their taxes, and for a President who will give them fr...
47 Ronin's True Story by Fumiko Takahashi
The real 47 Ronin and what happened....
5 Notable Women of the Past and Present Part 1: Abbey Lincoln by Aberjhani
Honoring the ongoing contributions of women to world history and to our daily lives. (AP photo of Congressional Gold Medal recipient Betty Hall Stohfu...
9/11 – The First Stirrings of Unrest. by Ian Thorpe
I'm being a bit naughty with the title to get attention, but how many of you are aware there was another 9/11 (two actually) of great significance. I ...
A Wonderful review of Southern Winds by syndicated columnist Jimmy Hall by Everett Beal
A touch of Southern American history. Super good review of Southern Winds. Integration, before, during and after. What segregation was all...
A Bit of History to Illustrate the Consequences of Treaty Breaches by Robert Liu
History is a never-ending chain of crises, where each major event or incident is a link with its unforeseen, unintended consequences that pave the way...
A Book Review Innocence & Reality by Ken Medernach
My review of Mathew Sikorski's autobiographical sketch of his life before, during and after the Nazi invasion of Poland....
A Brief History of Catalonia by Simon Harris
A short tour through the history of the province and its people...
A Brief History of Chess by Paul JJ Payack by Paul Payack
The Tangles of Time is a A Brief History of Chess by Paul JJ Payack, Chairman, President & The WordMan of ...
A Brief History of New York City Schools by D. Wayne Dworsky
Blurb: i>History is getting ready to repeat itself. /i>/b> No one wants to assume the responsibility of troubled students. Parents think the sc...
A Brief History of the Mountaineering Ice Axe by Kalikiano Kalei
A mercifully brief (or not) overview of how that basic tool of mountaineering (the ice axe) came into being as both a historic symbol and vi...
A Burning Legacy by Eugene Meyer
My take on abolitionist John Brown, from the History Channel Club magazine and on-line....
A Call to Oneness by Random Thought
My Son and I marched to make history in St. Louis,MO on June 1, 2008....
A Century Of Memories In Ardoyne by Paul Mc Cann
A look back over a century in a small village in North Belfast . How vast the change of lifestyle often goes unseen until we remember how it was a...
A Christian king in 16th Japan by Hana Yumiko
OTOMO Sorin Don Francisco, 16th century, biptised by Francisco Cabral(Societas Iesu) He made the first hospital, orphanages, and schools for Europ...
A Day of Pride for every American by ellen george
A Day of Pride for every American, my thoughts on the Inauguration of Barack Obama - ellen george...
A Dialog about Anti-Semitism by Sam Vaknin
Whether this Jewish state is doomed or not, time will tell. ...
A few thoughts. by Timothy Houlahan
What I've been doing and thinking...
A Founder who was a Vet by Juliet Waldron
Alexander Hamilton--the guy on the $10 that nobody knows anymore. ...
A Hero's Welcome by Eugene Meyer
From Chevy Chase to Wake Island--and back. - Bethesda Magazine, July/August 2007...
A Life Cut Short: The Day Brad Henderson Died by Aubrey Hammack
This article tells in detail the day Coach Billy Henderson's son, died in an auto accident....
A Line in the Sand by Sara Coslett
The following is a list of Nobel Laureates of Jewish descent versus Arab/Muslim descent....
A Man and A Hoss by Gail Jenner
You can call him a cowboy or cowhand, but never a cowpoke. And where did he come from?...
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History Articles
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  16. Happy Bill of Rights Day
  17. A Life Cut Short: The Day Brad Henderson
  19. The Last of the Doolittle Raiders
  20. Killing Jesus--Book Review

Featured Book
Mob City: Reno
by Al Moe

The growth of the Mob in the casino city of Reno, Nevada...  
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Featured Book
Red November: Inside the Secret U.S. - Soviet Submarine War
by W. Craig Reed

In the tradition of the bestselling Blind Man’s Bluff (PublicAffairs 1998), which sold over two million copies worldwide, W. Craig Reed, a former navy diver and fast-atta..  
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