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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
I Wanna Win! – Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer
by Cheryl Wright

No Longer Available for Purchase..  
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Featured Book
Calling All Authors---How to Publish with Your Eyes Wide Ope
by Valerie

Revealing Publishing Myths, Misconceptions, and Realities for Published Authors and Writers Who Dream of Becoming Authors..  
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Featured Book
Publique Su eBook en DIEZ Pasos
by Jacob Taylor

La guía más sencilla para los autores que desean crear, publicar y vender sus propios eBooks. El eBook que hay que tener...  
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'The Ladies' is born by Linda Watson
How I came to write 'The Ladies of Low Arvie' - a short extract from 'Life with the Ladies of Low Arvie' Chapter 5...
10 Winning Habits of Frequently Published Writers, Pt. I by Earma Brown
How to get published more!...
10 Winning Habits of Frequently Published Writers, Pt. II by Earma Brown
How to publish more and more!...
11 Steps To Publishing Success by Nelson Tan
Here's a step-by-step system to a successful e-publishing business....
110 Percent by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
How many of us have poured our heart into a work, only realize that we had not the faintest notion about SELLING our new creation?...
12 JHR Movie Books in Top 51 Bestsellers at Amazon Kindle by John Howard Reid
Twelve JHR Movie Books figure in the Top 51 Bestsellers at Amazon Kindle Movies & Video Guides & Reviews, August 6, 2010....
12 Movie Books in Kindle's Top 50! by John Howard Reid
I'm happy to find no fewer than twelve of my movie books among the top 50 bestsellers in the Arts and Entertainment category (sub-category: Movies and...
12 Tips for Generating New Ideas for Article Writing by Steven E
Are you running short of ideas for your articles? Is generating fresh ideas for writing becoming difficult? By following the techniques discussed in t...
16 Ways to Get Free Publicity by Carolyn HowardJohnson
Especially For Authors But Others May Peek: Practical Publicty Tips for All...
2009 Writer Watchdog by Deana Riddle: Book Review by Irene Watson
If you are about to self-publish, this directory is essential! For many writers, self- publishing can be a confusing and complicated walk through extr...
214.93 Dollars. Is This a Record Price? by John Howard Reid
The success of SUCCESS!...
21st Century Digital Authors on the Rise by Aberjhani
Like the singer said, "the times they are a-changing." ...
3 Sure-Fire Ways To Win Writing Contests by John Howard Reid
Reading a handbook like "Write Ways To Win Writing Contests" is obviously the best way to ensure contest success, particularly if you want to be aware...
4 Steps to Help You Organize Before Starting Your Novel by Regina Paul
Learn to organize before you begin your novel, and be more productive! Applying these techniques will allow you to complete your novel faster, and min...
4 Steps to Improve the Editing of Your Own Writing by Steven E
This article is based on the assumption that you are using a word processing program of some kind in a Windows environment. If you are not using a wor...
4 Techniques for Getting to Know Your Characters by Regina Paul
Quick and easy techniques for getting to know your characters....
4th Annual Generations Gallery Writers Conference May 20-21 by Anne Jones
The fourth Annual Generations Gallery Writers Conference will be held May 20-21 at the Village at Indian Springs in Flovilla, Ga...
5 of the Best Writing Tips I've Been Given by Lisa Reece-Lane
Five tips for improving your writing. ...
5 Quick Ways To Catch a Contest Judge's Eye by John Howard Reid
Contest judges are speed readers, so never underestimate the importance of your title, your pen-name (if such is permissible), and your opening stanza...
5 Things a Professional Manuscript Editor Does by John DeDakis
Do You Need an Objective Pair of Eyes? ...
6 Easy Ways to Defeat the Writer's Block Monster by Regina Paul
Easy ways to defeat writer's block....
6 Free Book Marketing Techniques Guaranteed to Get You Book Sales by Regina Paul
Learn free techniques that will get you book sales!...
6 Ways to Handle Rejection of Your Writing by Regina Paul
How to handle a rejection letter for writing you've submitted....
7 Points of Writing by Rita Hestand
A quick, easy to understand guide to writing. 7 Points of Writing outlines the seven most important things in writing a book....
7 Steps to Creating a Writer’s Working Schedule that You Can Live With by Regina Paul
How to create a writer's schedule that works for you....
7 Ways to Make Your Book Dream Come True This Year by Earma Brown
Dream a bigger dream with me.Imagine your book already finished. Think about the benefits you've gained. You know the added respect from your colleagu...
7- Tips Authors Can Do Now In Case of Death by Blondie Clayton
It took losing an author to death, leaving a husband that didn't know what to do with all she had started, to wake me up. ...
8 Easy Online Ways to Market Your Book For Free by Regina Paul
Free ways to market your written masterpiece....
8 Ways to Make Your Articles Go the Extra Mile by Earma Brown
Discover how to get some extra mileage out of your article marketing....
9 Myths that Block You From Writing Your Book Fast by Earma Brown
Get Your Best Book Written today. Defy these myths and setup your system of writing with nine easy solutions. ...
9 Steps to Unique Articles! by Steven E
Reduce your subject to a single core word and then brainstorm around it. For example, if you're trying to write about "Study Skills", expand your thin...
A Book's Popularity -- How Long Does It Last? by John Howard Reid
This is a question I can answer from personal experience. Way back in 1980, I completed the first of a projected series of mystery novels, "Merryll Ma...
A cry from the slush pile by eileen knowles
Why do we do it?...
A Few Dilemmas of the Writing Journey and Authoring as a Risk-Taking Endeav by R Costelloe
Writing is creative. But it is also entrepreneurial in the way that managing risks and decisions can generate some unexpected journeys....
A Fine Fair Thee Well by Frank Koerner
It was fortuity that I would be in Germany at the same time as the 2007 Frankfurt Book Fair. I had arranged for my book to be exhibited there almost a...
A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Gathers Numerous Positive Reviews by Stanley Popovich
A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Gathers Numerous Positive Reviews...
A Little Can go a Long Way by Jean Adams
For people who want to write but tell themselves they don't have the time....
A Little Is Sometimes A Lot - Writing and Selling Short Stories by Terry Burns
How to write and sell flash fiction and short shorts...
A Look at the World of Publishing by Steven E
A Look at the World of Publishing...
A message to first time published authors by The Authors at Books In Sync
If you are about to publish your first book then perhaps you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. This is an exciting time…you are about to be what you have...
A Quick and Easy Way to Help Promote Your Book by Gayle Martin
As authors we're always looking for ways to promote our books. Here's one that's quick and easy, and won't cost a lot of money....
A Realistic Expectation For A Query by Terry Burns
Being successful at publishing can depend on having realistic expectations for how long the process will take and what is involved....
A review of Maria Lupinacci's book, After Dinner Mints by Maria Lupinacci
A review of Maria Lupinacci's book, After Dinner Mints Written by: Patricia Gomes, Editor-in-Charge of Adagio Verse Quarterly ...
A Thesaurus Is No Dinosaur - May 08 by Lorna Tremaine
In other words: Old, Aged, Mature, Former, Ancient, Past, Historic, Bygone, Preceding…...
A Writer's Dance by Susan Kelley
What things frustrate you while you're writing? Multi-tasking isn't complex enough to describe a writer's day....
A Writer's Life: Online Marketing and Promotion by Chelle Cordero
Get your book noticed by using online sources at little or no cost to you....
A Writer's Life: Using Social Networks by Chelle Cordero
Social Networking is more than just a way to connect with friends, it's also a way to make connections in business....
A Writer’s Life: Don’t Sabotage Yourself by Chelle Cordero
Writers can be their own worst enemies. Don't find excuses to keep from writing that great novel....
About books prices by Juan Catalan
I think costs are very expensive...
AD's Dorien Grey interview by m j hollingshead
Author of 2 ongoing series as well as many other works....
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Featured Book
Poor Folk by F. Dostoyevsky
by Liana Margiva

Translated by Liana Margiva..  
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Featured Book
I Wanna Win! – Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer
by Cheryl Wright

No Longer Available for Purchase..  
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