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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Winds of Destiny
by Jayne Bullock

Winds of Destiny E-book: Relgious persecution, dangerous convictions, intrigue and a treacherous escape across northern England in the mid 1600s fill the pages of this fi..  
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Of Such Is The Kingdom Part III, A Novel of the early Church
by James Becher

This is the sequel to the previous edition and to "Parts I & II, A Novel of the Christ and the Roman Empire." It employs those characters who were still alive at the end ..  
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Georgios - Hidden Heritage
by Ann Frailey

A young man's search for his father, his identity, and his courage in a Roman, Greek, Celtic world in the year 100 A.D...  
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25 Most Recent Historical Fiction Articles

1-(3)-the young emperor and his mother- by Hana Yumiko
The Strait of Kanmon, where the young emperor and his mother dove and were drew out by......
1-(4)-SeaWomen saved the young emperor- by Hana Yumiko
at the beginning of age of samurai...
1838 - The Bear Fight by Ann Gray
Daily life in the small village of Terminus, Georgia in 1838 was difficult enough to deal with in broad daylight without encountering the dangers out ...
2-(1)-At an ancient beach in west Japan- by Hana Yumiko
A crown prince and his daughter...
2-(2)-Ancient Korea and Kyushu Island- by Hana Yumiko
a baby girl was born...
2-(3)-Ancient Korea and Kyushu Island- by Hana Yumiko
the baby will be a history...
2-(4)-Ancient Korea and Kyushu Island- by Hana Yumiko
BreathLong was the first wife of the fourteenth O-Kimi. ...
2-(8)- She, BreathLong, created the first navy in Japan. by Hana Yumiko
Her navy won....
3-the Ancient Sisters by Hana Yumiko
A part of this Japanese myth is similar to Leah & Rachel...
5-the Ancient Couple in a Japanse myth by Hana Yumiko
In the myth, there were three gods without intercourse at the beginning of the universe. ...
6-(1)-the Ancient Couple(he’s like Orpheus but she’s not like Eurydice) by Hana Yumiko
Three gods ordered a god and a goddess to create the world. They created many lands and gods. ...
6-(2)-the Ancient Couple(he’s like Orpheus but she’s not like Eurydice) by Hana Yumiko
The palace’s stone gate was closed. The goddess came to the other side of the huge stone gate knowing her husband had come all that way....
6-(3)-the Ancient Couple(he’s like Orpheus a little bit, she’s not like Eu by Hana Yumiko
He waited for a long time. He couldn’t wait anymore. He decided to walk into the darkness. He put a tiny fire on the tooth of the comb on his head. ...
6-(4)-The 1st troop the wife dispatched―the ugly witches from the Undergr by Hana Yumiko
The husband’s 1st countermeasure―2 vines used to tie his hair The vines grew fast. Witches began to eat grapes. He kept running. Witches ate...
6-(7)-his left eye gave birth to the goddess of Sun by Hana Yumiko
The husband went back to Kyushu Island from the world of death, 黄泉国, Yomotsukuni. He baptized himself at the mouth of a river in ...
60-second video trailer by Steven Lundin
Sixty second video trailer of Shooting an Albatross (click below):
A Conversation with Economist Adam Smith by Edward Phillips
This is a fictional conversation that explains the oil "bubble" of 2008 in terms of a conspiracy theory. The author denies any real connection betwee...
A Dramatic Evening by Tim Vicary
How a brilliant school play led me to write a historical novel. ...
A medieval female exorcist - 'Dark Maiden' by Lindsay Townsend
The heroine of my next medieval romance? An expert in the paranormal....
A Mormon Massacre - Mountain Meadows, Utah by Joseph Rinaldo
An analysis of the massacre at Mountain Meadows of 150 Arkansan emigrants by Brigham Young's Mormon militia....
A Nine Year Odyssey to Discover a Forgotten 19th Century Icon by Lloyd Lofthouse
Robert Hart, a great man for the 19th and early 20th century....
A Victorian Gentleman in 19th Century China by Dianne Salerni
A book review of My Splendid Concubine, by Lloyd Lofthouse...
Article published in the Scots Guards Magazine 2007 telling how the author of the Crimean War novel, Follow Me to Glory, Will Hutchison, an American, ...
Amazon Review - The Ayurvedic Healer by Joy Kaimaparamban
Indian Novel - The Ayurvedic Healer - A trip into a different dimension...
America's Story (part 11) - Sacajawea by Susan Smith
The story about the new dollar coin and a great Native American woman...
An Interview with author Francis Hamit (The Shenandoah Spy) by Frank Mundo
Interview with author Francis Hamit on his historical fiction novel, The Shenandoah Spy....
Ancient Greece for mystery-lovers...and for children by Peter Orchard
The pleasures of writing an adult mystery and a children's adventure in the same setting....
animal science by hafiz naveed
can you imagine an animal who is as small as your can live 125 years without eating food it is the polarbear....
Anna Karenina by John Howard Reid
Although the picture received rave reviews when first released, "Anna Karenina" does not figure on most critical lists of "Best Films" today. Why? I g...
Anne Bonney: My Pirate Story” by Jeffery S. Williams: Book Review by Irene Watson
Author Jeffery S. Williams’ historical fiction novel, “Anne Bonney: My Pirate Story,” follows the volatile youth of an illegitimate child, misbegotten...
Another side of the story... by Fr. Kurt Messick
An intriguing new book _____________________________...
Apex reviews by Gary Prisk
Review of Digger Dogface Brownjob Grunt, the book, and an author interview...
Author Finds New Home Base by Mark Ozeroff
This article describes the welcoming nature of Murrieta, my new home in southern California....
Background on The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory
Background on The Other Queen ...
Barnaby Rudge/ Over-looked Charles Dickens by Thomas Ogren
One of the most powerful novels of Charles Dickens, this masterpiece is all too often over-looked. A review of the book....
Beautiful worlds, mainly medieval by Lindsay Townsend
Creating a world for historical romance....
Beneath the Marble Sky" author John Shors: BOOK REVIEW by Irene Watson
This book is a work of historical fiction, and is based upon the remarkable story behind the creation of the Taj Mahal. ...
Bifrost--Bridge Leading to Asgard (Excerpt from Forced Blood The Norseman) by Linda Newton Perry
An excerpt from the Viking Age Novel, Forced Blood The Norseman. Enjoy!...
Black Nightingale: Mary Seacole, Hero of the Crimean War by Nicole Sorkin
Mary Seacole was a real hero of the Crimean War, a self-proclaimed “doctoress” and contemporary of Florence Nightingale. She was a black Jamaican woma...
Black River Crossing" by Gary Pisarski: BOOK REVIEW by Irene Watson
With the economy of the South in ruin and hope shattered in the void of silenced hearts, Will and Carol Ann headed westward in search of a new life, t...
Blood Lily by Mason Cranswick: Book Review by Irene Watson
n 1970s Rhodesia, a privileged white boy, Scott, is best friends with a black boy named Simba on his parents’ farm. As Rhodesia transforms itself viol...
Bones of the Dead by Elle Newmark: Book Review by Irene Watson
While visiting Venice, Elle Newmark was so taken by the watery city's history and mysterious ambiance she was inspired to write "Bones of the Dead." ...
Book Clubs by Dianne Sagan
Using discussion guides for your Book Club can jump start the discussion....
Book Review - Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton by Marti
Book review of Michael Crichton's novel "Pirate Latitudes" as posted on
Book Review Angels Watching Over Me by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Book Review: Crusade of Tears by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
A great book for those intersted in Medieval Christian History......
Book Review: First Light by Bodie and Brock Thoene by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Bodie and Brock Thoene take you back to the first century AD in the first book of the Ad Chronciles...
Book Review: Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum by Regis Schilken
Brave women civilians risk all in helping Jews escape the Nazis....
Book Review: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
***** FIVE STARS!...
Book Signing aid by Beverly Scott
This is a quick tip to aid in getting attention at a book signing....
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Historical Fiction Articles
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Featured Book
The Academician - Southern Swallow - Book I
by Edward Patterson

After 37 years in the Making, The Academician – The Southern Swallow – Book I is now available at The author of Jade Owl Legacy Series, Edward C. Pat..  
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Featured Book
The Better Angels
by Robert Mills

Two serendipitous teenagers acquire a military surplus jeep and begin pilfering gasoline from an aircraft carrier at the Norfolk Naval Base; the ship departs while the ar..  
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