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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
by Peter Mulraney

After is the first book in the Inspector West series. It's a murder mystery/romance novel introducing Inspector Carl West...  
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Featured Book
Hearts of Gold
by Frank Whyte

Hearts of Gold Synopsis by Frank P. Whyte Portland, Oregon is known as the City of Roses. Of course that’s an odd name ..  
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Featured Book
Israel / Jordan / Palestine
by Albert Russo

Israel / Jordan / Palestine - a book of photos subtitled Spirit of Peace..  
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All Natural History Articles

25 Most Recent Natural History Articles

2 -Natural History at Low Arvie by Linda Watson
Bird life at Low Arvie - a short extract from 'The Ladies of Low Arvie'...
A better place by Zahra Sal/
Gulf News (4th March, 2008) A better place What is wrong with US Senator Barack Obama wearing a traditional African outfit ("Picture of Obama ...
A Call to Humanity by Joey Lawsin
This article showcases the Greatest Mistake we humans made in life. The ideas we borrowed and copied from our ancient past - the Money System, Slaver...
Agreement and Condition by Tom Kitt
We are complete, but when we agree to incompleteness we naturally order the means for our recovery. ...
Arctic fossils mark move to land by Peter Paton
Book Review - The Ancestor’s Tale -- by Richard Dawkins by Leland Waldrip
The Ancestor’s Tale, A Pilgrimage To The Dawn Of Evolution by Richard Dawkins, Published by Houghton, Mifflin Company I...
Book Review - The Buried Treasures Of Maine - by C.J. Stevens by Leland Waldrip
The Buried Treasure Of Maine — by C.J. Stevens ISBN 1-882425-09-x A book report by R. Leland Waldrip ...
Book Review: Cascade of Flames by Mary Ellen Goulet by Christine Hunt
Cascade of Flames tells the story of an Upper Midwest natural disaster. It recounts the July 2007 firestorm that danced, bullied, and ravaged its way...
Cop has Bigfoot Body by Linda Newton Perry
Georgia cop claims to have Bigfoot body....
Creatures in the Mist reviewed by Library Journal by Gary Varner
The nations "bible of the library world" reviewed Gary R. Varner's book, Creatures in the Mist in its August 15, 2007 issue....
Creatures in the Mist: The Cat by Gary Varner
A chapter from the forthcoming book on folklore and mythology, Creatures in the Mist, by Gary R. Varner. To be published in the Spring 2007 by Algora ...
Creatures in the Mist: The Dog by Gary Varner
An excerpt from the forthcoming book by Gary R. Varner, Creatures in the Mist: Little People, WIld Men and Spirit Beings Around the World....
Creatures in the Mist: The Serpent by Gary Varner
A chapter from a book in progress, Creatures in the Mist: Little People, Wild Men and Spirit Beings Around the World by Gary R. Varner....
Creatures in the Mist: Wild Men by Gary Varner
Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch...are these ancient semi-human creatures only a part of humankinds mythic iconology or are they based on fact? An excerpt fro...
Doffle, Sacred Plant of Monasteries by Susan Phillips
A brief scientific, historic and spiritual overview of Verbascum thapsus....
Fallen World by Peter Paton
Fallen World...
Georgia's environmental protection laws are not enforced by Niki Collins-Queen
A Flint River photo in 2010....
Gold! by Sonny Whitelaw
Published in Ansett's inflight magazine Pacific Panora when I was a staff journalist, I've added it here for readers of Stargate SG-1 fans to explain ...
Healthier Fuels, Healthier Water? by Niki Collins-Queen
Experts predict future MTBE water contamination crisis. MTBE has been found in 49 states and 20% of the urban wells in the USA. ...
If Puget Sound is Falling Down by Karen
Published by the University of Washington, Seattle Campus, and utilized by students in the UW’s Geophysics Program...
Intelligent Design or Incredible Dumbness by Ian Thorpe
The theory of Intelligent Design is a legitimate scientific theory about the complexity of the atom. The attempts by some religious groups to hijack i...
Isle Royale by Barbara Spring
An Edenic island...
Jack rabbit not bouncing back quickly by Jerry Engler
Once abundant jack rabbits are not returning rapidly to native ranges in Eastern Kansas...
Kilgreany: A and B: BACKGROUND by Wall To All
An unusual approach to Archeology and pre-history ...
Kissing Cousins by TONY NERONE
From the May, 12 2010 article in the New York Times. Why did the Neanderthal vanish? They were not the enemy of homo-sapiens. In fact they may have co...
Magnificent Photo's of.......Mother's FURY by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
Despite The Complete Total Mass Power Of Her Destruction, I Am In Awe Of Her Magnificent Splendorous Beauty.... look close & you'll see FARM HOUS...
My favorite Animal--The *Cheetah* by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
I have always loved animals, especially cats, but my favorite one happens to be the enigmatic cheetah....
Natural History at Low Arvie 1 by Linda Watson
The flowers of Low Arvie - an exerpt from The Ladies of Low Arvie...
Dan Botkin's work in ecology has changed the model of how nature works. His vision and findings are not always comfortable for those who talk of a bal...
Never Again? by Michael Guy
Science, natural history, religious and mythical analysis, semantics and philosophical understanding. All disciplines united are needed to understand ...
New Garden Of Eden by Peter Paton
Natural History...
Original Sin and Control by Tom Kitt
In the beginning there was and is stillness and stillness perceived itself to become thought which then cast its shadow to become the universe. ...
Redefining Stewardship by Jeffrey Bennett
Living Responsibly in our world...
Revolutions of America, France, and Latin America by Starrleena Magyck
History of the revolutions of America, France, and Latin America....
Significant Research About Antarctica by Niki Collins-Queen
The research in Antarctica shows beyond any doubt that our burning of oil, coal and gas has significantly changed our atmosphere. ...
Smitty the Mastodont by Barbara Spring
Mastodont Bones Found...
Stop The Sick Canada Seal Cull by Peter Paton
Sick Canada Seal Cull...
Study: Massive Southern California Earthquake Could Come Any Moment by Peter Paton
Study: Massive Southern California Earthquake Could Come Any Moment...
The Altamaha Riverkeepers: Protecting Our Freshwater Treasure-Trove by Niki Collins-Queen
The Riverkeeper operation was so successful it has spawned 70 others nation and worldwide and the movement continues to grow. ...
The Biblical Deluge or ‘PHAETON’ Cataclysm in the novel, The Golden Flute by Michael Guy
My Ancient History novel 'The Golden Flute' views its historical background through three different but similar cultural viewpoints. Ancient Vedic (In...
The Ghost Ship of Ossabaw Sound by Susan de Vegter
~ There she is!!!~ The ghost ship glides right through the marshes and the light from a distant lantern waves back and forth on her stern. I...
The History Bloke by Peter Paton
The History Bloke ...
The Mystery of the Big Cats by Peter Paton
Big Cats...
The Nile Treaty, Water Security and the Future of Peace in Africa by Antony Adolf
The Nile Cooperative Framework Agreement (or Nile Treaty, under the auspices of the Nile Basin Initiative, NBI) seeks the establishment of a permanent...
The Ocala National Forest (Don't tell the Tourists!) by David Taub
The full length feature article of a bombing range and wildfires in Florida. The much shortened version appeared in The European magazine - BBC Wildli...
The Threat of the Red Forest by Valdemar (Val) Wake
The article is mostly about the pine beatle which is destroying British Columbia's forest. The beatle's larvae, which was usually killed by Canada'...
There is something terribly wrong with the ocean... by Gary Varner
A call for action against Bush's assault on nature....
This Dying Earth by Gary Varner
Today is Earth Day. This article was first posted almost ten years ago. The issue is still pressing and even more acute. This is an article calling fo...
This Week at Hilton Pond by Bill Hilton Jr.
"This Week at Hilton Pond," is a fascinating pictorial account of natural changes through the seasons. Teachers, students, parents, birders, and conse...
Today's Global Economic Down Turn by Abigail Chandler
This article gaves indebt details about the current economic crisis. The similarities between the great depression and the present recession, which on...
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Natural History Articles
  1. Winter for the Birds

Featured Book
The Norphlet Rangers and the Battle of Flat Creek Swmap
by Richard Mason

1944, escaped German POWs in South Arkansas..  
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Cherished Pulse--Give It to Someone You Love
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

The perfect book for perfect gift-giving. Beautiful (and unsyrupy) sentiments. Beautiful art by Vicki Thomas. And about the same price as you'd pay for a nice greeting ca..  
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