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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Van Gogh's Peasant
by Steven Ulmen

I refer to Vincent Van Gogh's nameless, faceless image simply as "Van Gogh's Peasant." Like a ghostly specter he centers Van Gogh's canvas, locked forever in the endless ..  
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Featured Book
Nine Inches of Snow and the Ebony Princess
by Gracie McKeever

An empathic young nurse driven to help and heal others since childhood after watching her mother languish for months before finally succumbing to cancer, Aziza Lopez abho..  
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Featured Book
The Opinionists
by Richard French

This novel puts two periods of America's past side by side -- the 17th century and the mid-20th. Both tell about frustrations that occur in the quest for creativity and f..  
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25 Most Recent Architecture Articles

A Bell Named Monica by Alex Mahon
Inspiration for stories....
A partial history of the culture of cosmopolitan urbanism by Barie Fez-Barringten
Have you ever thought about urbanism (populate) as a culture (condition) or that urbanism could be cosmopolitan (universal)? The “culture of cosm...
Aesthetic principles of metaphor, art and architecture by Barie Fez-Barringten
While aesthetics is a guiding principle in matters of artistic beauty and taste, metaphor is the warrant to taste and is used to form works of art and...
Aesthetic; architecture:the making of metaphors (C) copyright by Barie Fez-Barringten
Arnold Berlant’s writes that: “Sense perception lies at the etymological (history of words) core of aesthetics (Gr. aesthesis, perception by the sense...
Ambulating by Barie Fez-Barringten
Ambulating is a process by which metaphor lives; we both see, perceive and realize metaphor.script type="text/javascript"> (function() { ...
An Orange in Orbit by Loit Overstreet
Scientific perfection; that fatalistic vulnerability and the journey toward the unknown....
Architectural history of metaphors(c) by Barie Fez-Barringten
This paper presents a review and an historical perspective on the architectural metaphor. It identifies common characteristics and peculiarities - as ...
Architecture and Theremin’s Metaphor Aesthetic by Barie Fez-Barringten
Space, its manipulation and occupation is the commonality between architecture and Theremin. The sound is produced by the collision and movement of pa...
Architecture is an art because, as art, it too, makes metaphors by Barie Fez-Barringten
Eighty two issues and claims, where each claim has been derived from a corresponding issue, built the case for the resolution of the argument about th...
Are 21st Century Mega-Cities Sustainable? by Franz Kessler
Do mega-cities have a future, I wonder....
Art, Artists, and the Creative Process by Sam Vaknin
The psychology and sociology of art, artists, and the creative process....
Artificial Intelligence design metaphor by Barie Fez-Barringten
This is not the script for the movie called “Artificial Intelligence” about AI Brian Addis (Brian Wilson Aldiss, a British writer, anthologist, and cr...
Axiom metaphors influencing architecture by Barie Fez-Barringten
Techne is actually a system of practical knowledge. As a craft or art technê which is informed by knowledge of forms such as the craft of managing a ...
Barnwood flooring; beauty, durability,authenticity by Jeffrey Allen
When considering an old world look, there is one type of wood flooring many people never consider; barn-wood flooring. Not only beautiful but environm...
Can you see without a metaphor? by Christina Fez-Barringten
Prompted by watching our two feral cats playing on our terrace I observed that, unlike ourselves, they break through the back of the house-like shelte...
Communication, metaphor & architecture © by Barie Fez-Barringten
Abstract The most important elements of communication, metaphor & architecture is the introduction, axioms and practical applications section...
Consolidation for Homeland Security, Headaches for Preservationists by Eugene Meyer
The federal government is about to undertake what the General Services Administration calls the largest public building project since construction of ...
David is King in My Black Book by Helga Ross
i>"There is something about David...." Dedicated to David Arthur Walters and David Coyote, esteemed fellow authors and friends. /i> b...
Deriving multidiscipline axioms from Metaphor and Thought by Barie Fez-Barringten
“Architecture as the making of metaphors” is itself a metaphor bridging “architecture” and “metaphor”. Since we are making metaphoric use of both lin...
Deriving the Multidiscipline axioms from Metaphor and Thought’s Evidence © by Barie Fez-Barringten
Twenty eight dominant axioms and 54 sub-dominant axioms (total of 82) are evidence of the case that architecture is an art resolved that architecture ...
Design’s technical and conceptual metaphors by Barie Fez-Barringten
Dividing the discipline’s metaphors between technical and conceptual has not been fully explored, nor I believe never noticed. In addition to the mu...
Down by the River by Eugene Meyer
With a baseball stadium, lively new neighborhoods, and lots of attractions in the works, Washington’s waterfront may become the area’s most interestin...
Dreams Need Feet by Irene Watson
Interview with Peter Lewis, Author of Treehouse Chronicles: One Man’s Dream of Life Aloft ...
Dreams Need Feet - They're No Good Stuck Between Your Ears by Irene Watson
This is a story of what happens when big people decide to be kids again and they have tools and lumber. A beautifully written tale about building an ...
Framing the art vs. architecture argument by Barie Fez-Barringten
What’s the argument; who’s arguing? ; and, how does resolving that architecture is the making of metaphors settle the argument? Through analogies, sim...
Hexagon Cities by J. Quantaman
Better cities. Benefits of hexagonal grids as opposed to rectangular grids....
How Our Homes became the Equivalent of a Hummer by John Van Doren
“In 1946, when the American post war housing boom started, the average house was 1100 square feet and housed 5 people. Fifty years latter, in 1996 th...
Imagine Miami's Future by David Arthur Walters
Will her future be revolution or business as usual?...
Interactive architecture makes metaphors by Barie Fez-Barringten
The main scope of the research is to show how architecure: the making of metaphors is valid with inteactive (kinetic and responsive) architecture. By...
Interior Architecture/ Interior Design by Barie Fez-Barringten
Architecture as the making of metaphors is the way we think and the process by which we think. One of the basics of urban sociology and motivation for...
Interview with Peter Lewis, author of "Treehouse Chronicles" by Irene Watson
This is a story of what happens when big people decide to be kids again and they have tools and lumber. A beautifully written tale about building an ...
Lahore an Architect's dream by Raza Bashir
A review of Lahore's Architectural Heritage. ...
Language of metaphors applied to multidisciplined architecture by Barie Fez-Barringten
The commonality of all arts is that they express thought in terms of their peculiar craft and thus they (all arts) are technically metaphoric, metapho...
Learning; architecture:the making of metaphors by Barie Fez-Barringten
“Architecture:the making of metaphors” quotes from my monograph of paradigms and axioms about architectural education based on (Ortony,A)Metaphor and ...
Life, Death, and Everything by Loit Overstreet
Sooner or later art dies, if, not just in concept alone and so do people. What if 'all the art' made by an artist was destroyed after the artists deat...
Make Your House Larger Without Adding On by Linda Meckler
Are your walls bursting at the seams? Do you need another bedroom desperately? Are you on a tight budget? If you have answered yes or no to any of the...
Managing the benefits and risks of architectural artificial intelligence by Barie Fez-Barringten
This is not the script for the movie called “Artificial Intelligence” about AI Brian Addis (Brian Wilson Aldiss, a British writer, anthologist, and cr...
Metaphor as an inference from sign © by Barie Fez-Barringten
Metaphor “sign inferences establish that there is a relationship between two factors, so that one can be predicted from knowledge of the other. This r...
Metaphor axioms of art, architecture and aesthetics by Barie Fez-Barringten
In argumentation [A] it is noted that in an induction there is no new information added. In both methods the metaphor is at their root and as such th...
Metaphor cognition architecture axioms by Barie Fez-Barringten
Nineteen dominant, sub-dominant and tertiary axioms are described in Andrew Ortony’s compendium entitled, Metaphor and Thought (Ortony, A (1993) whic...
Metaphor Issues common to architecture and art stasis by Barie Fez-Barringten
There are two parts to this proposal; one: what is the problem? And the second is what the solution? I am generally against claiming anything in term...
Metaphor issues of architecture is art stasis by Barie Fez-Barringten
Architecture is an art, because like art, it too, makes metaphors which are a stasis because “architecture as the making of metaphors” enables the cen...
Metaphor: cause and effect (c) copyright by Barie Fez-Barringten
After researching the many conceptual and technical qualities of metaphor, it still remained to reason the process by which metaphors impact actual bu...
Metaphor’s interdisciplinary axioms by Barie Fez-Barringten
Early monographs were steeped in deductive reasoning since we could not find new information pertaining to metaphors. This included analyzing and expl...
Metaphoric axioms for micro disciplinary architecture by Barie Fez-Barringten
Till now we did nothing to reason why art [9] is the making of metaphors nor why architecture is an art[9] . Since 1967 I proceeded to analyze the pr...
Metaphoric phenomena of music and architecture by Barie Fez-Barringten
What role does the general public have in metaphors? The answer lies in the comprehensive application of the metaphor to the wider field of all th...
Metaphors and Mondrian: Neo-Plasticism and its influences in architecture by Barie Fez-Barringten
In an age where subjects, issues and themes come and go; where there are no heros nor villains we tend to rely upon the imagination of artist to conju...
Metaphors, architecture and music by Barie Fez-Barringten
What role do users have in metaphors? The answer lies in the comprehensive application of the metaphor to the wider field of all the arts, and s...
Moral Deliberations in Films by Sam Vaknin
These seven movies deal with moral and ethical dilemmas. "The Matrix" - with the nature of reality, "Titanic" - tackles the moral obligation versus se...
Multi-dimensional metaphoric thinking by Barie Fez-Barringten
."Multi-dimensional metaphoric thinking" Open House, September 1997: Vol. 22; No. 3, United Kingdom: Newcastle upon Tyne ...
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Architecture Articles
  1. Can you see without a metaphor?
  2. Hexagon Cities

Featured Book
Soundtrack of My Life: Volume 1
by Lena Kovadlo

A collection of lyrics that can turn into the soundtrack of your life.....  
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Featured Book
Dust Carried On The wind
by Fern Lutkins

This book makes for interesting reading. There will be be Book 2 Continuum "Dust Carried On The Wind"..  
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