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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
DELUSIONS — Pragmatic Realism
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

Dedicated to Richard Dawkins,in gratitude for many hours of enjoyable reading. While he and I don’t always see eye to eye, the doctor might find, here, additional argumen..  
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Featured Book
Free Download - Bioethics and Population
by Sam Vaknin

Issues in the ethics and practice of demography and bioengineering - population control, the right to life, cloning, and abortion...  
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Featured Book
Decoding of the Lao-zi (Dao-De Jing): Numerological Resonanc
by Alexander Goldstein

As a canon, the "Dao-De Jing" is a symbolic work and its symbols transcend its context. When this is properly understood, all 81 sections of it divided into nine division..  
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25 Most Recent Philosophy Articles

… The never-ending story: Expanding Awareness by Regis Auffray
An essay by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend. ...
“You don’t own the Power” by Regis Auffray
An essay from Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
10 COMMANDMENTS by Josephine Sabado
10 commandments of being 40 yrs old and above.......
12 Things To Do When Your Heart Is Broken by La Belle Rouge Poetess Of The Heart
Some Suggestions From An Experienced Pro..... ...
1967 vs. 2007 by Karen Palumbo
This piece was written by my brother during his off time. He was thinking and decided to express his analogy between yesterday and today. I believe it...
5 Steps to Discovering Your Life's Passion! by Ernestine Burke
Do you feel as though you are living a life without meaning? Or that you are not living the life that you were destined and purposed to live? Well you...
A Hard Climb by E T Waldron
I thought I could make the climb but it was too much for me ...
A Balanced View of the Universe by Willie Maartens
‎When you consider reality, you must consider everything... ...
A Better Way Of Looking At ( Others ) Humanity... ( Revised ) by - - - - - TRASK
Even The Higher Up & The Sorriest Of Us Are Not Infallible......
A Brand New Maxim by David Arthur Walters
Authorsden member invents a maxim that will endure for centuries....
A Change of Pace by Regis Auffray
Thoughts from Sha'Tara... ...
A Child's Wisdom by Emile Tubiana
A look at a child logic....
A Conversation with America by - - - - - TRASK
How Can Any Human Being Be So Asinine To Believe This Bullshit......
A Distinguished Gentleman by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
A Dysfunctional World by Regis Auffray
An essay by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
A god without a paradise by Charles Onyewuchi
some thoughts...
A Golden Leaf by Regis Auffray
Latest from Sha'Tara, a local writer and friend......
A Journey of Signs and Times by Barbara Jo
I feel like I’m the ball on a roulette wheel and soon the wheel will stop. I panic wondering if I will land on the right number where the chips were s...
A Kind Of Hell:The Available Alternatives by Peter Adotey Addo
The furure as we learn here is always open to possibilities...
A Letter to Christians from Houston by Ronald Hull
Christians are prone to proselytization, and are adamant that the United States Government practice Christian traditions and teach them in public scho...
A Letter Written By USA Law Abiding Citizen - Rebuttal, Surprised, Printed In Local Newspaper... by - - - - - TRASK
Check Out The Date: If Only More People Learned To Speak Out......
A LILIOLOGY by lili dauphin
An article about "The Thinking Cow."...
A long lonely road by Karen Palumbo
The battle continues on a recently adopted ordinance that targets illegal immigrants....
A Lot of Noise is Being Made by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara - local writer and friend ...
A Mathematical Analogy of God by Hari Kumar
Part 1 of Essays on Reality...
A Most Unpopular Message by Regis Auffray
More thoughts from Sha'Tara Earthstar... I remind the reader that I did not write this article and in no way do I take credit for that. I simply fi...
A Poem Of Intelligence... by - - - - - TRASK
Admired By Most, Hated By Some, Taunted By Others... What About You___ When Does Humanity Take A Stand... ...
A Poem Of What Is Good & What Is Bad... by - - - - - TRASK
Helter Skelter -- What is It That You All Fear (?), The Truth__ How Domestic Terrorism Start's......
A Question of Morals and Morality by Regis Auffray
An essay by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
A Question of Time? by George Albitz
Which would you prefer a watch/clock that runs slow or one that is completely stopped?...
A Quote by Jennifer Butler
"A living wage depends upon whether you're getting it or giving it."...
A Quote by Jennifer Butler
by Henry David Thoreau...
A Report 10-April-2005 by Walter Jones
Just what are language arts, communication lost?...
A Self-Analysis (Jay Dubya) by Jay Dubya
Jay Dubya describes how "self-analysis" often motivates the author to create original fictional literature....
A Six-Step Process to Gain Liberation From Limiting Patterns by Roxanne Howe-Murphy
Learn tools you can practice whenever you come to a place where you are stuck. Conscious attention focused on a painful inner experience is a transfor...
A SWOT Analysis of our FAITH by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
SWOT Analysis, Faith...
A Taste of Reality by David Arthur Walters
Mister Groudhog responds to Madame Melina's speculation on Nietzsche's eternal recurrence...
A Thread of Words by Bettye Johnson
A journey into the meaning of words and how one word leads to another. ...
A Trail of Vermillion Blood by Regis Auffray
A poem by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
A Travesty by G Ghimire
'A Travesty' is an article that reflects my dilema that inspired me to go in search of the unseen power 'The God, You can clearly see the facts that w...
A Tribute to by Friend and Compadrear by - - - - - TRASK
In End, Death Is Inevitable, As Hoard's Of 100's Of 1,000's Of You, Humanity Is Kneeling, Praying, Crawling In Each Other's Blood -- To Each His...
A Trick or Treat by - - - - - TRASK
Sour Or Sweet......
Aaaah, Don't You Ever Have Anything Nice To say.... by - - - - - TRASK
Only You Can Set Your (Self) Soul Free......
Aabout Guess Who is Selling Usa Down the Toilet by - - - - - TRASK
Newly Elected Mayor Hahn, Los Angeles Makes Bid To Build Ties With MEXICO _____ As His Aids Did Not Dare Publicize This LEGISLATION......
About the Sixth House by Jennifer Holly MacDonald
Astrology represents many things in our society. Some people swear by it and some people think it's really stupid. Who's right? Who cares? Developin...
About Those Nit-Picking Females by - - - - - TRASK
Slamming -- Somehow My Article Disappeared From The Literary Criticism Articles Board!? So, For Those Of You Whom Did Not Get To Read About T...
Achievement or Success? Which one matters the most? by Shay Nolon
What is more important? To have achieved something or to have been successful?...
Achieving Balance: the Avatar Perspective by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
Actual Themes by Sam Vaknin
Actual themes and debates in the news. ...
Advice From An Older Woman by La Belle Rouge Poetess Of The Heart
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Philosophy Articles
  1. A Self-Analysis (Jay Dubya)
  2. The Question of the Day: Am I a Skeptic?
  3. Aiding The Underprivileged and The Needy
  4. What are Facts?
  5. It's Called Loyalty for Short
  6. Insanely normal or normally insane?
  7. If You Live Long Enough
  8. Introducing Tao of the Rainbow
  9. Matters of Life and Death
  10. Conspiracy Theories and Relativity
  11. Is Man Created Good by God?
  12. Communication and Objectivity—Example: I L
  13. Everything is on its way to Somewhere
  14. After the Dark Ages, what Comes Next?
  15. Simple Times (an observation)
  16. Why can't Man live in Peace?
  17. The (actual) Happiness Machine – Inspired
  18. How to Find the Good Li(f)e
  19. I Believe “in” Fairies
  20. Universal Reasoning

Featured Book
Terrorism, Ethics, and Modern Society
by Lawrance Lux

A handbook for discussion of the violation of Ethics, by the use of Terrorism; examining the development of the anti-social ideology behind Terrorism. ..  
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Featured Book
Matter, Energy and Mentality: Exploring Metaphysical Reality
by Richard Rydon

Deals mainly with the idea that mentality is an extensive amorphous form of consciousness...  
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