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Sept 11, 2001
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Psychopathology as the outcome of problems in early childhood development. ..  
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25 Most Recent Psychology Articles

$64,000 Question; Did the STROKE Fry My Brain? by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
On May 23, 2012, I suffered a stroke, and I spent a month in the hospital. It was just an ordinary day, and I didn't see it coming, as I came face t...
10 Ways To Make Your Marriage Better by Aubrey Hammack
Improve that Marriage...
1400 WNEX by Aubrey Hammack
Working in radio in the 70s,80s, 90s....
15 Indicators That a Man May be at Risk for Violence by Kathryn Seifert
The risk factors for adult male violence are well researched. Knowing the risk and resiliency factors can help professionals estimate level of risk t...
1984 by Ronald Dondiego
Do you think 1984 could be considered a horror novel, or possibly science fiction?...
20 Ways To Deal With Stress by Aubrey Hammack
Need some suggestions for dealing with stress. Read this article....
21 Clues That Suggest Your Mate Is Having An Affair by Aubrey Hammack
Affair Clues...
25 Self-Development Truths You Can Take To The Bank by William Cottringer
Here are 25 truths about self-development to use as a reality check....
Ways in which to ensure the failure of a marriage....
6 Mass Murders Take 47 Lives in 30 Days by Kathryn Seifert
Forty-seven people were killed in mass murders in the US in less than 30 days this year. Everyone is looking for reasons and to make sense of these ...
7 Signs a Youth is at Risk for Violent Acting Out by Kathryn Seifert
Based on recent studies, other scientific data, and 30 years of experience, there are 7 questions to help you determine if your teenager may be at ris...
80 Gifts for the Gifted Teacher by Sidney Simon
This is one of my alumni telling what she learned from me. 80 things celebrating my recent 80th birthday party. ...
A Classification of Lies and Confabulations by Sam Vaknin
Lies are about facts or about states of being. Lies that pertain to facts cannot be rendered true by widespread consensus. But with regards to lies ab...
A lesson on how we are all connected! by Niki Collins-Queen
Workshops that enabled me see how our fears limit us from fully realizing our potential. ...
A Look at the Psychopath by Torwoli Dzuali
An Introduction to Psychopathy ......
A Meeting of Minds by Dallas Franklin
Overcoming shyness and boosting our self esteem....
A Question of Life After Death by Paul Kogel
What if we created for ourselves, by the power of our minds, our very own life after death?...
Do you see time--particularly the now momment--as an obstacle and enemy or an opportunity and friend? ...
A Success Formula That Works by William Cottringer
The genuine satisfaction and authentic happiness we all search for can only come about by learning how to make a difference that counts. We can do thi...
A Typology of Codependence and the Dependent Personality Disorder by Sam Vaknin
Vicarious codependents live through others. They "sacrifice" themselves in order to glory in the accomplishments of their chosen targets. They subsist...
Abnormal Psychology—Human Behaviour by Christina Sponias
When we observe abnormal behaviour and we try to understand its psychology and how we can eliminate what causes problems, we observe that the wild con...
About Respect and Prestige by Randall Barfield
Absentmindedness by Niki Collins-Queen
Bud, my husband and I, laughed out loud because Bill Bryson’s confessions in his book "I’m a Stranger Here Myself" reminded us of our own absentminded...
Abuse: Judging The Victims by Candida Eittreim
It is all too easy to judge, gossip and assume much about a victim of any form of abuse....
Accidental Suicide? by Walt Hardester
Some things I have wondered about...
Acedia, Tristitia, Sloth - Ian Irvine by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
This article was published in Humanitas as well as at other online sites detailed below. The article concerns 'acedia' and 'tristitia', medieval v...
ADHD: Curse or Gift? by William Cottringer
Being an expert at ADHD (60 years personal firsthand experience of having it!), I have learned that there is a plus side we need to take advantage of....
Adolescent Narcissist by Sam Vaknin
Donovan, 16 years old, is incapable of loving and, therefore, has never loved you, his mother (or, for that matter, anyone else, himself included) in ...
Affirming Life by Niki Collins-Queen
I was amazed at how a medical intuitive could tell my life story through biofeedback from a hand sensor board. It showed how my biography had become a...
African American Muslim Families by vanessa mahmoud
African American Muslim Families in Therapy...
After We Lost Andrew by Deborah Clark Ebel
Eleven-year-old Andrew McClain died while being restrained face down on the floor of a Connecticut psychiatric hospital. This, the January 11, 1999 co...
Against All Odds: My Message to America by Alvin Romer
This is a psychological opinion based on the social commentary relative to the status of Blacks and America's non-compliant attitude toward race...
Ageism/ 6 Job Losses Contributed to My Downfall by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
For over a decade, I have been laid off from six jobs because of defense cuts; companies closing; down-sizing, etc. With this, there has been so much ...
Alone at Christmas by Ami Amara
It's Christmas time and Jason's wife has been readmitted to hospital. He is at home trying to understand what went wrong; drowning his sorrows. At t...
Alternative Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder by Victoria Rl
SSRI's aren't the only option when it comes to treating SAD....
An Article Without a Title by William Cottringer
This article is an attempt to share my big picture of what life is all about....
An Elevator To Understanding Drug Abuse by Paul Mc Cann
A look at the effects of drug use in today society through the eyes of some ex addicts ....
Ancient Secrets Of Massive Social Power by George Hutton
When you understand the driving forces beneath human behavior, you will gain an enormous amount of power....
Anger by Aubrey Hammack
How to deal with it...
Angry Hearts by William Cottringer
There is something going on that we all feel--angry hearts. The present imbalance of negative emotionality is something we should all understand and f...
Animal Medicine by Niki Collins-Queen
Understanding the symbols of animals and their medicine not only helped me identify and resolve issues but better appreciate their gifts. ...
Another Controversial Documentary by Tom Hyland
The title of this movie I just watched is TERRORSTORM, produced by ALEX JONES, a talk radio host from TEXAS. Various experts, prior governmen...
Are we who we were meant to be? by Audrey Coatesworth
Are we who we were meant to be or what others made us to be? Did our parents and teachers and all who cared for or influenced us allow us to develop t...
Article published in Georgia Backroads Magazine by Aubrey Hammack
I recently wrote an article on the Rebuilding of the Auchumpkee Creek Bridge, which is published in the March issue of the Georgia Backroads Magazine....
Ashes of The Lamb by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
Where footfalls envision conceptions... ...
Assessing the Future Risk of Youth Violence by Kathryn Seifert
It is important that professionals that work with "at risk" youth assess for risk of future violence so that appropriate services can be put into plac...
Attitude: from Negative to Grattitude by Tina Tessina
One of the most powerful tools we have in turning the negative to positive is self-talk. ...
Autumn: Looking Inside Ourselves by Candida Eittreim
Make this coming holiday season a celebration of your personal growth and renewed commitment to living with honesty and love. ...
Back to Center by Marcia Roberts
Discusses suggestions for how to recover from Domestic Violence and Abuse....
Barack Obama - Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic? by Sam Vaknin
Obama's early life was decidedly chaotic and replete with traumatic and mentally bruising dislocations. ...
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The Changing Face of Sex
by Wayne Anderson

This book presents the latest information on human sexuality, including topics such as homosexuality, abortion, rape, and marriage and gender issues...  
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by Sam Vaknin

Psychopathology as the outcome of problems in early childhood development. ..  
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