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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Book 6: The Nublis Chronicles: The Artemesian Mandate
by Kate Saundby

Vice of men consuming greed, the defense awakens near too late. Hell hound and full moon, what price a demon to defend the light? Book VI in the Chronicles of Nublis ..  
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Featured Book
Pieces of Eight, Part III
by Jay Dubya

Pieces of Eight, Part III is a collection of eight novellas to complement the eight in Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II and Pieces of Eight, Part IV...  
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Featured Book
Blood Spiders and Dark Moon
by R David Fulcher

Blood Spiders and Dark Moon contains fourteen tales of terror and wonder. From an earth-devouring spider, a forbidden pact with the devil, a golden city across time and ..  
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All Science Fiction Articles

25 Most Recent Science Fiction Articles

4th Book Is Now Out!! by A. Baker-Engel
4th Book, Binding of the Two: Daughter of The Chosen, is out!...
4th Book Segment Teaser by A. Baker-Engel
Here is a segment of author A.M. Baker-Engel's 4th book....
8 Days, Chapter 1 by Barri Bumgarner
8 Days is the riveting story of the not-so-distant future when four brilliant young scientists begin the process of cleansing humanity by systematical...
A Few Short Days: The 59th World Science Fiction Convention by Lazette Gifford
A brief summary of why the World Science Fiction Convention is important to readers, and a joy for all true fans......
A Ghost Story Extraordinaire! by Glenda Bixler
When a dead man keeps showing up over and over, you might think you have a ghost...You'd be right! But just "who" was the ghost?!?...
A New Golden Age of Science Fiction is in View by Dan Ronco
The next two decades will present great opportunities for science fiction writers as technology accelerates....
A New Way to Read The Final Phase by William Neven
I call it 'multi-dimensional reading'. What Multi-Dimensional Reading does is allow the reader to follow one story line only. This allows a busy ind...
A Perfect Society Discussion for Sci-Fi Circles? by Joel Windsor
A sci-fi to sociology extrapolation. (2013)...
A Robust Self-Replicating Nanite with a Taste for Human Flesh by Richard Frankfurt
This is the last known work of Anton Pesticide's deranged brother Earwig. found among his computer files shortly after his mysterious disappearance....
A series bibliography by Robin Howard
A science fiction fantasy series...
A Trick of Time Dilation by Traci Loudin
Have you ever been in an extremely stressful or life-threatening situation and noticed how time seems to slow down? Everything from being in a fight t...
A Voice From The Future by The Quail 1957 Jennings
White Wolf sat inside the crystal chambers deep within the cave of crystals. His thoughts were not of the present time line or about the time spe...
About the author and the writing of Waking The Dragon by J. A. DiSpada
The Earth-Chai Saga started ten years ago, and extends to one thousand years from now! It is a spy novel, a war novel, a space opera, but most importa...
AFTER DARK by Miller Caldwell
The New Novel by Haruki Murakami...
AI From Science Fiction To Reality by JACK
A research paper on Artificial Intelligence in Science Fiction and reality. ...
Alien Mind e-book re-published by SnergEbooks by George LoBuono
bestseller e-book now on SynergEbooks...
Aliens 'R Us: The Ten Errors of Science Fiction by Sam Vaknin
In all works of science fiction, there are ten hidden assumptions regarding alien races. None of these assumptions is a necessity. None of them makes ...
Aliens have been conducting experiments by Seann Vinyasa-Billson
A UFO swoops down and abducts Rick Montana, motorcycle and all....
Alysa of the Fields: Book One by Tina Howe: Book Review by Irene Watson
Author Tina Howe has outdone herself in her magical, creative, and realistic fantasy novel of one girl's courage in the face of prejudice and adversit...
Ambrosia: Weapons Underworld by Robin Sutton: Book Review by Irene Watson
After spending years researching and pondering the story of Atlantis, author Robin Sutton has created a novel based around her own unique theory that ...
Amidst Euro meltdown Greeks look towards future by Nicholas Eftimiades
Greeks are looking towards the future even as the threat of economic disaster looms. Noted opposition leader Vasos Panatopolis quoted futurist Nichola...
Amitabh Bachchan & Amy Adams Cast for Sweetwater's Evil Seed by Sage Sweetwater
Amitabh Bachchan and Amy Adams cast for the roles of Dr. Rama Singh and Carlin Thornton-Kramer in the C.G. McGovern-Bowen High Budget Hollywood Sci-Fi...
An Article on the Development of Two Science-Fiction Novels: by Derek Laurens
Evolution of "The Survivors" and "Lizard's Lair" Novels ...
An excerpt from Chapter Three of Shadow of Armageddon by Jim LeMay
Anyone interested in receiving a free electronic copy of The Shadow of Armageddon may request one at: ...
An Interview with Author Queenelle Minet (In Memory Of Central Park) by Frank Mundo
Debut novel from Queenelle Minet...
Are Aliens real? by Edna Muse
Well are aliens real or are they something that us humans like to believe exists?...
Are Synthetics Sinful? by Tom Hyland
Composition? English? or CHEMICAL? "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, now she is no more! for what she thought was H2O, w...
Are we recreating the Atlantean apocalypse? by Nina Anderson
Atlantis may have triggered the apocalypse that destroyed in 12,000 years ago. As we come closer to the end of the Mayan Calender, are we following in...
Author Terry Rich Hartley Releases Armageddon Yellowstone: Hell Unleashed by William Potter
This is a full slate of a story. It's a fast moving story, and it keeps you hooked . . . a killer high tech thriller....
BattleStar Galactica is Great Science Fiction by Dan Ronco
In my opinion, three science fiction television series stand head and shoulders above all the rest: StarTrek (the original and all its derivatives), B...
Beckoning the Paranormal by Birgit and Roger Pratcher
Our upcoming horror novels are rooted in the beckoning of the paranormal...
Between Two Worlds by Janice Dietert
Keri's idea of adventure is a good book or a movie, but when the Air Force goes overboard investigating the crash of two meteorites in the mountains b...
Beyond the Final Frontier by Nicole Lasher
David Nisbet, a new, young author in Scotland, cuts his teeth with a new Star Trek fan fiction series....
Beyond the Stars: Kataria by Kelly Beltz: Book Review by Irene Watson
"Beyond the Stars: Kataria" is far more than fantasy science fiction. Kelly Beltz requested permission from Space Island Group, an actual company, to ...
Book Cover 1 The Lost Boy by Erren Grey Wolf
The reason for the book cover design for Beneath the Surface: The Lost Boy....
Book Cover 2 Long-Lost Brother by Erren Grey Wolf
The reason for the book cover design for Beneath the Surface: Long-Lost Brother (Volume 2)....
Book Review: Accidental Encounter by Michael Thal
A Wyoming hiker unwittingly walks through a space warp and unto another world....
Book Review: William Manchee’s Tarizon: Civil War by m j hollingshead
Book 2 of the Tarizon Trilogy...
Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles: A Warning Against Hatred by Charlotte Spurrill
Commentary on Ray Bradbury's clasic stories of Mars...
British Scientists Claim to Have Found Proof of Alien Life by Edna Muse
Life on Mars? No, say scientists, it’s floating 27km above Chester...
Brotherhood by Erren Grey Wolf
Sean Archer learns the value of brotherhood....
Conservation of Angular Momentum by Romana Pernaa
Science Fiction versus Fact Series How starships break physical laws....
Coventions by robin buehler
Dark Dreams by Seann Vinyasa-Billson
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Science Fiction Author - Randall L. Scott. He reminds me of J.K Rowling as he sees the story in his mind f...
Diamonds in the Sand by Douglas Dandridge
A healthy scientist is found dead of an apparent heart attack in a locked lab. Could it have something to do with the technology the entire worlds co...
Diamonds in the Sand, The Resurrection by Douglas Dandridge
The scientist was developing nanotech, the ability to use nanoscale machines to build things from molecules up. And there are too many suspects to ma...
Did You See That by Ian Thorpe
Did you see that is a different perspective on UFO sightings. Cryptozoology would you believe?...
Discover Worlds Beyond Starlight by James Abbey
What lies beyond the most remote star in the vast darkness that our universe resides. If according to the Drake equation we are not alone in the unive...
Dom Testa: Author and Radio Personality by Cheryl Carpinello
When the name Dom Testa comes up in a conversation, most people think of the host of the Dom and Jane Morning radio show on Denver’s Mix 100. However,...
Don't Mess With Earth by Cliff Ball by WR Potter
Ball has written an intriguing new take on history. He keeps the pages turning, explaining historical events in his own unique style. The story builds...
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Featured Book
Starlight On Stone CRUX (ebook)
by Jansen Estrup

Climax of the Starlight On Stone saga in which the peace-bride, Harranish, must decide between dark vengeance in her own land and bright possibilities in the strange one ..  
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Featured Book
When The Angels Have Risen
by Andrew Feder

It seems with each election year, the United States becomes more and more bitterly divided, particularly when religion is thrown into the debate. When The Angels Have Ris..  
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