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Featured Book
A Hard Place (A Sergeants Tale) Revised (Kindle)
by Jacamo Peterson

A book about what it was really like to serve in Viet Nam from someone on the ground. Missions in the bush and on the roads. Hard times in a Hard Place...  
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Featured Book
Too Young To Die
by David Snowdon

Private Investigator Mike Heaton is hired by multi-billionaire Ronald Patterson to find his daughter's killer four years after she was brutally murdered. In pursuit of th..  
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Featured Book
Les merveilleuses chroniques d'un étranger, livre 1
by Antoine Raphael

C'est la version française de "A stranger's wonderful chronicle"...  
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25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

Why Did I Choose This Title? by Natalie Tinti
Why do you think a book always has to have a title? Because without it the reader would not be about to get an idea of the book, what it’s about and w...
ИСТОРИЯ ЖИЗНИ АФ by egyptian pride
“ a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with…. Afzal Shauq” “дружелюбна&...
أفضل شوق .. شاعر ال by egyptian pride
" كطفل .. يحلم بالسلام كرجل...
أفضل شوق، كلماتك by egyptian pride
"أفضل شوق"... لديك طريقة سحر&#...
أفضل شوق: شاعر الž by egyptian pride
إنّ "أفضل شوق" نجم لامع. إن...
أفضل شوق: شاعر الž by egyptian pride
("أفضل شوق"شاعرالحب،الحي&...
افضل شوق از صلح م® by egyptian pride
آری خداوند معجزه می کند و ...
الشاعر أفضل شوق آ by egyptian pride
الشاعر أفضل شوق آسر القلو...
الفصل الآول by egyptian pride
الفصل الآول اللغة الشاع&#...
الفصل الثالث by egyptian pride
الفصل الثالث اللغة الشا...
الفصل الثانی by egyptian pride
الفصل الثانی اللغة الشا...
الفصل الرابع by egyptian pride
الفصل الرابع اللغة الشا...
تحيةالى السيد اف by egyptian pride
تحيةالى السيد افضل شوق/ري...
خلاصه ای از آثار  by egyptian pride
جهان درگیر بسیاری از مشکل...
رویای افضل شوق بر by egyptian pride
One of afzal shauq's poem translation into Persian لبخند دوستانه *** ...
قصائد مختارة للب by egyptian pride
إنني كنت مذهولة عندما قر&...
لمحة أدبية عنأفض by egyptian pride
يذكر "أفضل شوق" بفخر: (إن ما ي...
متمني السلام.. by egyptian pride
لمحة أدبية عن"أفضل شوق"، &...
مسيرة أفضل شوق ال by egyptian pride
دعوني أضيف له بالنهاية من...
مسيرة أفضل شوق ال by egyptian pride
دعوني أضيف له بالنهاية من...
هل من الممكن أن ت  by egyptian pride
هل من الممكن أن تنتشري يا...
'Quick Glance on Afzal Shauq' by egyptian pride
The works of Afzal Shauq are pieces of arts, pastiches of his experience and passion for poetry. His works unite both the Victorian and the Modern Era...
'Tips' from a Las Vegas Doorman by Jay Rankin
My world was about getting people to want to give me something back in appreciation of what I was basically giving them for free. ...
... La metamorfosi...... by Maria Pace
... lo stupefacente incontro di Djoser con Anubi, la più inquietante delle Divinità egizie......
... le insidie del deserto... by Maria Pace
Agar ed Ismaele cacciati da Abramo su pressione di Sara, gelosa di Agar....
... nel gineceo del Faraone... by Maria Pace
donne nel gineceo reale brano tratto dal libro AGAR di Maria Pace...
‘Anonymous’ is a great person by Subbarao Mukkavilli
We interpret many messages everyday without fully understanding the underlying meaning or the intent. We do this despite knowing the dictionary meanin...
‘Dear Afzal Shauq, by egyptian pride
‘Fishing Love’ is a very well expressed poem. It expresses the feeling of the person very nicely. The connection made in this poem is very meaningful...
‘Second Glance’ Helps Keep Family Pantry Going by SARA QUEST
Creative trends often come as solutions to tough times / kids ages 15-and-under need Christmas toys donated by Dec. 15th! ...
“Dream about ‘Coming Away’” by Marek Benjamite
March 2011 – The “Last” Year before the “Tribulation”- 10 months from the “Gt. Tribualtion” of 2012-2018. “Dream about ‘Coming Away’” ...
“Freedom of speech” assaulted once again by Robert Amoroso
For those interested, this is my newest article that is currently appearing on If you’d like to get involved and share your ...
“Terrorism and Extremism: a bridge of broken glass” by Zulfiqar Khaki
this letter written for daily dawn karachi...
“The Lotus Sutra as Rhetorical Doctrine” by Erec Smith
This article observes the growing presence of religion in higher education and how a Buddhist text--The Lotus Sutra--may present an ideal synthesis of...
“WHY READ THIS BOOK?” by Marek Benjamite
“IT’s about this- will “YOU” “read” a “road Map”- before you “undergo” the “Journey”? I will.”...
007 In the Office by James Musler
Five Secret Weapons to Help You Succeed At the Office...
007 x 007 - Pt 1 What celebrities and the media are saying about James Bond by COLIN JARMAN
This is the first in a series of regular features on recent references in the popular media to James Bond and his legend. Each month I shall search ou...
1.The Holy Bible-King James Version,2.Ponder Awhile- Mohit.K.Misra-Franklin by Mohit Misra
Top 12 Spirituality and Religion-Franklin ebooks-2.Ponder Awhile- Mohit.K.misra-Indian poets ...
10 Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book by Julia Widdop
Mainstream publishers are becoming more and more profit driven and closed to supporting unknown authors with the result that writers are beginning to ...
Adversity and stress are part of life. We can't avoid them, but we can learn how to seize the wheel and steer through them. Research, as well as com...
10 Tips to Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Asset – YOU! by April Mims
Have you ever thought of yourself as your most valuable asset? Here are 10 tips to get you started taking care of your greatest asset - YOU!...
10 Ways to Find 10 Minutes to Write by Frank Fiore
How many times have we made excuses or just can’t find the time to write?...
13 Days" author Raven W. Night: BOOK REVIEW by Irene Watson
The horror and madness of the everyday world is sometimes hidden in the most unlikely places. Reality is sometimes more than just what you can see. ...
13 Psychic Myths & Facts: Dare to Think Differently by Abella Arthur ~Astrologer, Psychic Tarot Reader, Wisdom Guide~
Myth Psychics read your mind at all times. Fact Psychic readers can read your mind if we focus our intent on doing so; however, if we did that with...
13th Annual Lone Pine Film Festival by Stephen Lodge
as seen through the eyes of Stephen Lodge...
15 Flowers/Herbs in 15 Minutes by Cindy Jones
Fifteen flowers/herbs that have affected me. The first 15 flowers/herbs that come to mind....
15 Reasons Why Black Students Continue to Underachieve by Matthew Lynch
Although the civil rights movement fought for equal treatment under the law and equal educational opportunities, African American Children as a whole ...
150 Year Anniversary of the Bancroft Ranch House Spring Valley Historical S by Linda Meckler
150 Year Anniversary of the Bancroft Ranch House was celebrated with the youth of Monte Vista High School In Spring Valley, CA By Linda Meck...
1942: PROHIBITION Order affects US Ice-Cream Addiction by Binden Shovel
I discovered a small memo from Churchill about the banning of Ice Cream, I was tickled by his perception that US troops were addicted to it....
1959 – When Gunfighters Still Roamed the West by Stephen Lodge
New Novel is Based on The Good Old Days...
1969 Don't Drop the Load (excerpt) by Jansen Estrup
This excerpt of the short story, Don't Drop the load, is the author's investigation of one of the Vietnam War's most tragic and hushed up friendly ...
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Featured Book
The FBI Inspector
by Jay Dubya

The FBI Inspector (292 pages) is a collection of 18 short fiction crime novellas involving the law enforcement services of FBI Inspector Joe Giralo along with his three g..  
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Featured Book
The Abduction of Mary Rose
by Joan Hovey

A suspense novel interwoven with threads of romance and paranormal. Imagine discovering everything you believe about yourself to be a lie. And that the truth cou..  
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