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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Benevolent American in the Heart of Darkness
by Albert Russo

'The benevolent American in the heart of Darkness' includes three of my award-winning African novels, namely: 'The Black Ancestor', 'Eclipse over lake Tanganyika' and 'Mi..  
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Featured Book
Zulu Zapy wins the Rainbow Nation, the hilarious sequel
by Albert Russo

“Zapy and her unky Berky win a ‘humanitarian’ journey to South Africa, a journey promising to be full of surprises and adventures. When they realize that this trip will ..  
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Taking Care of Harry
by Frank Ryan

A contemporary novel about relationships...  
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25 Most Recent Mainstream Articles

$ 700 Billion by Prentis Goodwin
$ 700 Billion...
'We Have To Be Serious !!' by Gregory Dark
In this article I use the currently topical 'Wimbledon' as an example of what it is about the world that motivates me to write books such as the 'Mill...
101 Reasons to Vote Against John McCain & Sarah Palin by Chris the Abducted Alien
Every day, tune in to hear a new reason NOT to vote for John McCain in November! We'll then list them here - send them along to all your friends! b...
17 To Loop And The Weight Loss Difference by Susan James
17 To Loop And The Weight Loss Difference ...
1907 Theodore Roosevelt's Ideals by Karen Dunn
103 Years Later WHY IS THIS NOT STILL TRUE TODAY? Unfortunately, the ignorant Legal Americans are worried about racism issues that are not relevant i...
1957 vs. 2007 by Karen Palumbo
This article was emailed to me from my brother. Though I am unaware of who wrote it I still thought it was worth sharing. See what you get out of this...
2006 1st 1/4 Stats--FBI--INS-illegal aliens. by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
"The reason "we" need illegal aliens is because they are debt-free and ripe for loans and credit cards, thus allowing our banker-masters to continue e...
2009 Valentine's Day Contest by Karen Michelle Nutt
Valentine's Contest- Win an autograph copy of Twist of Fate!...
21st Century Lessons by Michael Putegnat
An Essay by Michael Putegnat...
2nd Amendment Rights by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Where do Rights end and Protections begin ......
3 Steps to Internet Marketing Success by Jinger Jarrett
If you want to successfully market on the internet, then you need a plan. Take these three easy steps to develop your marketing plan....
3H - PART 3 - Hyland's Horrendous Hogwash by Tom Hyland
... and yet another hodge-podge of ... STUFF ! HOPE Y'ALL HAVE A HAPPY & SAFE FOURTH !!! ...
5 favorite books I'll read over and over again by author Michael Di Lauro by Frank Mundo
Michael Di Lauro, author of Net Present Value of Life, shares and discusses his 5 favorite books...
8 Short Steps To Successful Living by Daniel Sitter
Can you imagine finding success in every venture that you pursue? You can, and you will. Granted, it is seldom easy, but it is simple. Almost any wor...
8-31-05 Hurricane Katrina- PREZ ::Too Much Too Little Too Late by Karen Dunn
Help! New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama::: Bush sends money and food to Yunami victims BUT our fellow Americans perish before our very eyes. BUSH ...
911 Call- Co-Pay? by Jay Crook
At age 78, I have chronic heart problems, which on an average of once a year for the last several years (so far) have sent me to the hospital eme...
A Billion Thoughts by Sandra Corona
How much is a billion? Ever think about it?...
A Close Encounter in a Cow Pasture by David Taylor
We were lost, cold, hungry. What else could go wrong? ...
A Closer Look at Lighting the Dark Side by William Potter
Lighting the Dark Side is an anthology of short fiction featuring three novellas. Join regular people who find themselves caught up in extraordinary s...
A Country That Works by Chris the Abducted Alien
More accurately a “A Country That -- Doesn't – Work” By Andy Stern Synopses: In his eye-opening diagnosis that makes the urgency o...
A Crude Awakening - Movie Review by Tom Hyland
Well Gals n' Guys, although I did recently decide to try to post more positive, upbeat 'stuff' --- I would be remiss if I did not try to pass this ...
A Cup of Joe by TONY NERONE
Drinking coffee while working....
A Dog is like a Person by Beryl McMullen
The Question Ever since man chose the horse or the dog as his helpers a few hundred centuries ago, he has been fretting over a baffling conu...
A Few Things I Hate In Life... by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
It's the little things in life that push my buttons! People's bad habits; inconsiderate people are in abundance in this country; people's way of l...
A Flynn City Christmas by Ronnie Ray Jenkins
Adult and young adult reading. A Flynn City Christmas, second in the series of adventures of The Flynn City Egg Man...
A free short story by Charlene Tess
As a thank you to those who have supported my writing career, I just posted a short story: The Landlord's Trunk. Enjoy!...
A Fusion of Capitalism and Socialism Could Solve America's Misery by Bhuwan Thapaliya
CASOLISM: a fusion of capitalism and socialism may be the answer to the American misery, if implemented properly...
A Great Democratic Senator and Icon, Sen. Edward Kennedy Dies at age 77 by Mary Coe
Senator Edward Kennedy loses his battle with brain cancer. ...
A Great Review for Fill My Eyes by Terry Robertson
Here is a review posted on Amazon about "Fill My Eyes", as the controversy continues on this timely topic....
A hedge on the pledge by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
This was passed along to me and I thought it worth posting ~~Rock.~~...
A Jewish Boycott by Mark Lichterman
How many years will it be before the attack on the World Trade Center 'NEVER HAPPENED' because it offends some Muslim in the United States?...
A Legacy of Compromise by Timothy Buchanan
The Ford presidency and personal legacy...
A Million Little Lapses by Michael Putegnat
An Essay by Michael Putegnat...
A Monday Through Friday Sort of Dying...No More by Helga Ross
i>If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves. ~ Lane Kirkland "In the name of God, stop ...
A New National Anthem? by Joseph* OneLight*®
A "radical" idea, to be sure. ...
A New Year's Message of Hope by Dietmar Rothe
As we enter the new year 2005, our world remains divided and in turmoil. Yet, we also see unmistakable signs of spiritual awakening by a growing secti...
A Note to My Newer Students by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
By way of introducing myself to dispel the bad mouth around me......... And to explain why and how I lost interest in IIT-IISc-TIFR-UIC (they are ...
A Plethora of SLAPP Lawsuits by Gloria Wolk
Wolk's book and website exposed fraud in the viatical and life settlements industry. Companies that defrauded the public tried to silence her through ...
A Polemic on Journalism Ethics by David Arthur Walters
Journalism ethics as sophisticated hogwash....
A Purpose Driven Life by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
everyone deserves to know their potential...
A Quote by Jennifer Butler
Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions. - GK Chesterton ...
A Redrose on her Makbara by cp backer
Murder of Benazir Bhutto- an act of convenience- beneficiaries to be discovered - USA is the most potent beneficiaty...
A Solution For Peace by Miriam Center
Letter to the editor of The Savannah Morning News...
A Special Memory by Cynthia Borris
Good by good friend......
A Standing Ovation by Richard King
A standing ovation is a sign of great respect or acknowledgment of a courageous or a remarkable deed. At least that's the way it once was....
A Successful Road by Gioya McRae
How to Choose Success...
A tale, of a tail, or, A tail, tale. The whale. by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
Taken from the S.F. Chronicle....
A Text Message From My Bank? by Nate Roderick
Avoid falling victim to this popular text message scam....
A True Love Story by John Braswell/Kawheeta
A gift of love to someone you will never meet...
A Veteran's Thoughts by Walt Hardester
What are we doing?...
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Featured Book
The Path, vol. 2 number 1
by Mary Nickum

short stories, essays, poetry, book reviews..  
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Featured Book
At Eagle's Edge: A Novel About Our Choices, Our Future And
by Rosemary Patterson

Romance, Environmental novel about a Surfer Dude rescue of a sea lion from a massive Dilbit (Tar Sands Oil & Condensate) spill after huge tankers are allowed to travel th..  
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