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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
L'ancêtre noire / The Black Ancestor ( see: The Benevolent A
by Albert Russo

One day, Leodine's uncle, eavesdropping on his parents, will reveal to the young girl that her deceased American father had a black great-grandmother. This news shatters..  
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Featured Book
RomaDiva - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

photography by Albert Russo and poetry by Eric Tessier, Albert Russo, Daniel Michelson and Sébastien Doubinsky, in English, French and Italian..  
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Featured Book
Chinese puzzle chinois - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Photo book on China with texts in English and French by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier, Daniel Michelson and Sébastien Doubinsky..  
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25 Most Recent Cultures Articles

“I Am American”: Deconstructing The Inner And External Demons Of Bruce Lee by Don Peavy Sr
The story of Bruce Lee offers insight into ways cinema shapes popular culture and how some Asians struggle for identity and war against the prejudices...
2008 China Trip Continued by Lloyd Lofthouse
The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Southeast China...
3 H - P 4 - Hyland's Horrendous Hogwash by Tom Hyland
Cultures? OR - the LACK thereof? If a Rooster and a Half - laid an Egg and a Half - smack dab on the Peak of a Roof - Which Side would they R...
5 Little Known Facts About Samurai by Rehan Ijaz
Many believe the Samurai were an exclusive elite force, much like Secret Service or Navy SEALS. In actuality, they were an entire society. It is estim...
5th IFLAC PAVE PEACE Impressions, LA, 2005 by Erin Kelly-Moen
Peace, as a culture-of-the-world will be difficult to believe in and act upon, but, my heart, my duplicitous Poet's heart, feels warmed and accepted a...
A "Culture of Life"? by Gary Varner
An opinion piece on world events and the place of America among it all....
A Baby Boomer's View of the Jena 6 by Beverly Mahone
What is getting ready to happen in Jena is historic. But let’s not forget, it’s happening in other places across America. Take the case of James Joh...
A Call For Common Sense and Unity by Emile Tubiana
We have to stop all the name calling and finger pointing toward our fellow Americans....
A Comparison Between Chinese Taoism and Native American Religious Tradition by Gary Varner
An except from the forthcoming book by Gary R. Varner, "Ancient Footprints."...
A Gentle Man of Honor by C Wolf Forrest
A Gentle Man of Honor Essay - Unpublished...
a Jew to be or not to be by David Arthur Walters
The answer is not in the nose...
A Jewish Bronx Tale by Mark Lichterman
Desperate for help, Mr. Sickser ran out of the store and stopped the first youth he spotted on the street. "Young man," he panted, "how would you li...
A Little About Ireland by Paul Mc Cann
A brief look at Ireland and her people ...
A Most Compassionate Woman by Mr. Ed
We Need Many More Like Her...
A Police Officer Writes About Animal Abuse by Mr. Ed
Education Is The Key...
A reply to ecauldron by Gary Varner
I recently became aware that I was subject to discussion on a pagan forum site, called "ecauldron." People on the site maligned my recent book, Creatu...
A Spiritual Journey My Creed Discovered by M.Bennett Hooper (Mikii)
Part One as I develop and discover the altered belief system of my youth....
A Woman's Voice by Bobbi Miller-Moro
The voice of Benazir Bhutto and what she was trying to say. Benazir Bhutto’s Fight for Democracy...
A Word With Class by Sandy Knauer
Class can’t be bought...
A Writer by Walter Jones
Question of purpose...
Abstracts and Absolutes by Leslie Garcia
i>La Muerte/i> is the Mexican incarnation of Death. . .for many years, the thin, mocking skeleton called my name. . ....
Across The Board by Sandy Knauer
I hope everyone enjoys Big Bird and Dora, although I’m not even sure they’re safe....
ADDICTIONS ? by Tom Hyland
Wait 'til you read this DOOZEY! OH - in the following Body, I forgot to mention the Additives - Food Colorings and DYES - COULD WE ...
African Americans and their issues of Identity by Mitzi Jackson
. . . The Negro is aiming for the universal, but on the screen his Negro essence, his Negro 'nature,' is kept intact: . . . I have barely opened my ey...
Al-Qaeda Jihad vs US 'Long War' by Peter Paton
Al Qaeda...
Al-Qaeda Target 'in US hands' by Peter Paton
Al Qaedea...
America's Homeless Veterans by Mr. Ed
Now Is the Time to Help Them, Too...
American Indians and Plants in the Great Basin of North America by Peter Jones
American Indians and their ancestors have been living and subsisting on the natural plants of the Great Basin for thousands of years. Over time, as A...
American West and Pampas of Argentina by Alberto Azcona
A paralell between the March to the West in United States and the conquest of the Pampas in the plains West of Argentina....
Amish are Moving West to Sage Sweetwater's Area by Sage Sweetwater
New road signs caution drivers to watch for Amish horse-drawn buggies. Sage Sweetwater welcomes the Amish. She has written several poems and novel lit...
Amish Treasures in Sage Sweetwater's County Seat of Custer by Sage Sweetwater
Take a showroom journey with Sage Sweetwater going back in time clocked in modern-day Westcliffe, Colorado...
Amulets for Health by Gary Varner
A short chapter from the new book by Gary R. Varner, "The Use & History of Amulets, Charms and Talismans."...
An Alternative to War by Audrey Coatesworth
This article may be in the wrong category - but it could be in many. Dr Audrey Coatesworth suggests that there is an alternative to the war being wage...
An Evening With The Moon Goddess by Patrick Talty
Spending an evening with a moon goddess can be fun...provided you can cope with the morning-after effects of *moon cakes* and Chinese rice wine....
Anarchy in Vancouver by natalie champagne
An article published in Monday Magazine on the Vancouver raids, 2011...
Ancestral Energies by Zhana Books
Those of us who are part of the African diaspora revere not only our blood ancestors, but those who went before us, those Black heroes and sheroes who...
Ancient Andean Traditions under threat by the UN by Howard Charing
In March 2008, This month the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board recommended a ban on coca chewing and the use of coca in mass-consumption pro...
Anna Nicole WhatsHerName by C Wolf Forrest
Anna Nicole WhatsHerName Essay - Unpublished...
Annual Black History Festival by Sylvia Beverly
Sylvia Dianne Beverly “Ladi Di” has hosted the Annual Black History Festival at Iverson Mall since 2000. ...
Another [yawn] email scam by William Neven
Only for once it's [allegedly anyway] a female from Liberia. Can someone PLEASE see to it that these crooks are thrown in jail? [The email follows.]...
Anti-Gun Activists Weapon of Choice - Email by SCOTTY PHILLIPS
Application Denied by Sandy Knauer
What to do with incompetence...
Appreciation for Authorsden and its Founders by Emile Tubiana
After over two years of membership, the author felt the need to express his appreciation for the founders of AuthorsDen and all its members....
Appreciation for God's being the Captain of my ship. by Everett Beal
I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER. As my old friend from Rhode Island used to say," Things are tough all over."...
Arabian Women In Veil by Nasra Al Adawi
There is an Arabian woman and here a story of her veil ......
Are Black People Worshipping a Retired God? by Rudolf Okonkwo
Could the bane of Black people across the globe be that they are worshipping a retired God? ...
Are we becoming a culture of entitlement? by Arla Q
An entitlement culture is one where people feel that they deserve something because of who they are and not what they do. These people look at what so...
Around the Caskets of my Brothers by Constance Daley
Five brothers faught hard in World War Two but that's not what killed them....
Arrange Me A Marriage by Ellen Callaghan
In Asian culture the woman's family is heavily involved in finding her a suitor, but can this work in Britain?...
Arranged Marriages - A Big Wonder by uppalapati Prasanthi
I don't like Arranged Marriages. It seems so absurd and ridiculous to me....
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  19. The Olympic Slaughter Goes On and On and O
  20. Original Way of Making Pemmican

Featured Book
RomaDiva - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

photography by Albert Russo and poetry by Eric Tessier, Albert Russo, Daniel Michelson and Sébastien Doubinsky, in English, French and Italian..  
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Featured Book
Saint Malo, with love - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Photo book with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier, in English and in French, highlighting the beautiful Breton port city of Saint Malo, from which the discoverers..  
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