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Featured Book
Free Download - Putin's Russia
by Sam Vaknin

Russia's economy and politics under Vladimir Putin. ..  
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Featured Book
Budget Considerations
by Lawrance Lux

The Federal Budget keeps growing, with no predicted end in sight. Why can't the Budget be restrained. This Work provides some answers, if not solutions...  
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Featured Book
Denied 3 Times
by Will Clark

A new book on the way describing a modern-day event prophesied over 2000 years ago. It begins with the three denials by Peter that he knew Jesus. Hopefully, I will have i..  
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All Political Science Articles

25 Most Recent Political Science Articles

$5 a gallon gas by Dave Harm
Has the time come to realize how fragile we are?...
'I Dug Terror Tunnels in Gaza and Had No Idea' by Emile Tubiana
Remarkable letter smuggled out of Gaza relates how Hamas manipulates Palestinian civilians to dig terror tunnels to Israel. And the US wants to he...
“Financing UN Peacekeeping Missions: In Trouble?” by Danielle Swisher
This is an academic paper that discusses and observes how the financing of UN peacekeeping missions has changed in the Post-Cold War era. ...
“Russia Expecting Attack on Iran by Summer” by Emile Tubiana
Russia expecting attack on Iran by summer April 8, 2012 As per The Patriot Update, April 8, 2012 ...
“There are no rules” by Robert Amoroso
This is my latest article, it’s currently being edited, and your comments are always welcomed. Regards, Amo ...
“What Does Mohamed Morsi Mean for Israel?” by Emile Tubiana
In his article in the New York Times Mr. Thomas L. Friedman tries to find the answer to the question,...
08/01/09 Bangkok post by Theodore Soderberg
Insulting diplomacy Beer diplomacy is an insult to every blue-collar working man, and President Obama should know better. Sure Professor Hen...
10 Days in China by Valdemar (Val) Wake
I visited China with a party of fellow Australians in March of 2005....
10 Predictions for the Coming Decade by Sam Vaknin
The job – and possibly life – of any Pope attempting to truly reform the Vatican is in jeopardy. The top echelons of the Catholic Church are in a deep...
10 Questions for All Presidential Candidates by Edward Phillips
Here is my list. Do you believe anyone will ask them? [image:]...
12 Million Illegals by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
There are 12 million illegal immigrants living among us. We know this fact very well. Federal agencies are working toward closing our borders. State a...
13 Fun Ways to Screw Up the System Legally by Mel Hathorn
Election week was distressing for many of us. I am beginning to realize that in the final analysis it doesn’t matter who won. Bush will simply a...
17 Provocative Quotes from Doctors Against Physician-Assisted Suicide by Jane St Clair
The International Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide featured doctors from all over the world who speak out against these laws. b...
1Trick Phonies by irving jackson
Silence is not golden4 our......
2016-Obama's America by Mark Lichterman
“2016-Obama’s America” is a film that every American should… No! ”2016-Obama’s America” is a film every American must see! ____________________...
28th Amendment by Mark Lichterman
1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office....
30 Logical Reasons to Vote NO on Proposition I-1000 by Jane St Clair
Thirty logical reasons against legalizing physician assisted suicide -reasons not based in religion...
30 years to the Black Panthers in Israel by Sami Shalom Chetrit
Israeli historiography continues to push the Black Panthers’ movement to the outermost margins of the Israeli historical narrative, by largely labelin...
4th Of July Celebration: Obama Strips Oval Office's Red, White, Blue Decor by Wilfried Voss
The fact remains, US citizenship is a privilege. Every US citizen has the indisputable right to be proud of being an American. However, American citiz...
5,887,000 Children Abducted Since 1980 by Ken Connelly
Since 1980, the year I was kidnapped, 4,060,000 have been abducted by parents in the United States. Florida HB 787, if passed will alleviate some of t...
5.887.000 de Niños Secuestrados Desde 1980 by Ken Connelly
Cada año 203.000 niños son secuestrados cada año. Desde que fue secuestrado ese número es 5.887.000 niños han sido robados. Cuando el gobernador Crist...
527 -- or 357 Mouth-Off? by Cynth'ya
Hmmm. They never taught us this in school. Over 70-77 million of our tax dollars spent on political candidacies, and it should be on the peo...
600 rabbins signent un avenant soutenant Obama by Emile Tubiana
L’Amérique avait toujours eu les meilleures entreprises, et a toujours été la plus grande puissance du monde., Le temps est révolu où le parti dé...
600 Rabbis Sign an Endorsement for Obama by Emile Tubiana
I don’t like to exhibit the unpleasant and uncivilized words and outright lies, which I am exposed to as soon I open my TV screen. Mr. President, say ...
7 Points by Jeremiah Donaldson
7 points for US Citizens to address to take charge of their future....
7 Ways to Help Replace Legislated Fear with Informed Compassion by Aberjhani
On Stand Your Ground laws, race in America, and 1 very important report from the ABA. (Capt. Ronald Johnson in Ferguson, Missouri, ...
9/11 What else happened?. by Alex Mahon
9/11 means something else to Catalans - it is their national day. But this year one and a half million people marched in Barcelona in support of indep...
9/12/09 1.5 Million Patriots by Mark Lichterman
Letter from a cousin: We sat at the corner of the two roads, and watched as the marchers kept coming and coming. FOR OVER TWO HOURS masses o...
A Bit Confused. by Mark Lichterman
If you and I were to accidentally cross the Korean border we would get twelve years at hard labor. ...
A Bit of History to Illustrate the Role of China's Military by Robert Liu
There were signs that Mao controlled only part of the military, not the entire military, and that it was years before his death that he lost control o...
A Byrd's Eye View by David Ray
He's politically dead. So why do his constituents still vote for him?...
A Call For Common Sense and Unity by Emile Tubiana
We have to stop all the name calling and finger pointing toward our fellow Americans...
A Call for Democratic Reforms of United Nations Security Council by Shiv Jhawar
Today humanity faces the ultimate nightmare that terrorists could acquire and use nuclear weapons. Never has the need for eliminating this threat been...
A Campaign in Disarray? Probably -- Plus Campaign Issues by Robert Liu
By all appearances, the Kerry campaign is heading toward a resounding defeat barring a miracle between now and November. In part, this is because the ...
A Campaign of Tortured Arguments by Robert Liu
"I defended this country as a young man, and I will defend it as president," says John Kerry. But if one checks his Vietnam-War-era past, the logic im...
A Commentary on Current Events by Robert Liu
Originally posted on January 21, 2003, at the Roundtable as a reply to a Lawrance G. Lux message there, this piece reads like a commentary on current ...
A Commentary on Issues of Current Interest by Robert Liu
This is a long discussion on four issues of current interest: (1) the economy and the U.S. dollar; (2) North Korea; (3) Iraq; and (4) Iran and Syria. ...
A Complex of any kind is a bad thing by Ali Khan
"Mr. Sharon is determined to re-write the history and let people forget the name of his precedent and mentor, Mr. Adolph Hitler, and remember his name...
A Couple of Historical Parallels and Other Issues by Robert Liu
Iran's nuclear ambitions have been very much in the news, causing me to take a look at the history of Ayatollah Khomeini's Islamic Fundamentalist Re...
A Culture of Obstructionism by Robert Liu
Where a culture of life should be cultivated, "a culture of obstructionism" may have carried the day. Some of our activist judges may have seized upon...
A Day Of Great Joy...And Pain by Zahala San Simone
Today, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging for his part in the 1982 massacre of Shiite muslims in Iraq. ...
A Debate Plus a Dilemma by Robert Liu
While fortunately for the Chinese government, there is no armed struggle and no military rebel base in China today, for it to lose a moral debate to e...
A Detailed List of Reasons to Dislike the Bush Administration by John Braswell/Kawheeta
There is not enough time to list it all...
A Dynasty on the Verge of Collapse by Kai Yee Chan
North Korea's Kim Dynasty is now on the verge of collapse unless it is able to feed its people and improve their living standards. Its only hope now l...
A Fresh Perspective on the Future of Monroe County, Georgia. by Niki Collins-Queen
See more about Bud Queen’s objectives and why he was a Monroe County Commission Candidate in 2002 below this article. ...
A Fundementally Sound Economic Recession??? by Stephen Cafaro
There is much speculation about the existance of a recession. The economic definition of a recession calls for 2 quarters of negative growth. Forget t...
A Generation Awakes by Wayne Thorburn: Book Review by Irene Watson
"A Generation Awakes" by author Wayne Thorburn tells the story of Young Americans for Freedom and its activities on American campuses from 1960 forwar...
A Great Vice President by Keith Davenport
Over the course of this campaign season, I have given much thought to the possibility of a "dream team". ...
A Harridan, Nag, by Mark Lichterman
Barbara Boxer is a New York Carpetbagger who got into office when the late corrupt Democrat Sen. Allen Cranston was booted out of office....
A House Divided Cannot Stand (or) Washington is Upside Down by Michael Hollingsworth
The federal government, especially Congress, the President and his administration, have divided this country more than ever. Is recovery possible? I d...
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Featured Book
99 Obama Blogs
by Will Clark

Sadly for the world, his words came true. On November 21, 2007, Barack Obama said, “I truly believe that the day I'm inaugurated, not only the country looks at itself di..  
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Featured Book
Budget Considerations
by Lawrance Lux

The Federal Budget keeps growing, with no predicted end in sight. Why can't the Budget be restrained. This Work provides some answers, if not solutions...  
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