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Sept 11, 2001
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How To Be SMART, SHREWD & CUNNING--Legally! (Paperback)
by Richard Orey

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Simple Steps to Sentence Sense for High School
by Charlene Tess

A quick and easy method for analyzing the parts of a sentence and learning English grammar. Now available as an eBook in PDF format. All study notes, exercises and tests ..  
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The Protocol Officer Handbook (unavailable)
by Delma Luben

Rules and regulations for military protocol itineraries, entertainment, and ceremonies. ..  
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25 Most Recent Education/Training Articles

How to Sell Books While Floating on an Ocean by Michael Volkin
Is book marketing getting you down? You have to be diligent and creative to market a book online. Once you write a book, your job doesn't stop there,...
How to Shine in an Interview by Earnest Mercer
After forty years conducting interviews, the author offers some empirically gained tips for the interviewee....
How To Steal To Write A Better Narrative by Lyn Halper
If you want to raise the level of your writing from amateur-sounding to professional,learn to "steal."...
How to Study a Foreign Language by Nicole Weaver
Some great tools to help facilitate learning a foreign language....
How To Study Effectively For Exams! by John Domino
Chapter I of the "Mentoring To Go" book features an analogy about a Submarine (Hero) Sandwich and studying effectively. Read on and enjoy every bite! ...
How to Treat a Nasty Cut by Ryan McKenzie
A quick guide teaching how to clean up a flesh wound....
How to use Association and Organizations membership to get new clients for by C C
A recent survey by CD&C Business & Most people join organization and associations but never utilize their benefits....
How To Win Writing Awards By Creating A Powerful Setting by John Yeoman
A feeling of place is one of the most powerful ways to build characters and sharpen a story. Try these proven ideas to build a vibrant setting for you...
How to Write and Structure an Essay for High School by Paul Callaghan
A simple guide to writing a high school essay. ...
How to Write To Win - the Secrets to Writing Success (from Online Creat by Craig Lock
"It took me twenty long years of sweat and tears (no blood please, I'm very sqeamish) to become an overnight success." - "a nony mouse" “...
Hurricane Steve Moves On by Eugene Meyer
After 19 years as president of The George Washington University, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg '59 is ready for new challenges. - Columbia College Today,...
I AM THE MESSIAH by Suleiman Azar
Here is a look into the future by a messenger of god- My name is Solomon Azar-I am the messiah 1. Solomon means peace ...
I was asleep when the rules changed. by Dana Reed
I sure missed out on that one....
I'm a Guest Lecturer at Campus by lothar patten
I speak to classes at campusses and colleges.I did one at unh.a couple of months ago....
I've made $52 Million and I don't know what...I'm doing by Bro Bedford
The Subject line is a statement from Les Brown during my interview with him. It struck me as profound. I have been looking into what has...
I, Me, Mine by C. Barrett
Hard to believe, but many people still don't know when to use "I" or "me" in English. Look here for an easy to remember rule....
IDEA ! by Tom Hyland
"A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS?" My Two Cents' worth! Worth a Plugged Nickel? "It's your Dime! "Shave and a haircut ...
Identity Theft by Douglas Crewse
This article will make the consumer aware of the identity theft problem by discussing several types of identity theft methods, identity theft safeguar...
If No Child Is Left Behind, Then What Are Our Churches Doing? by Alvin Romer
This is a Black social commentary essay relative to the problematic issue of better education options for children of color...
Imaginative Marketing by Delma Luben
The Power of Imagination...
Importance of Production Management in Art and Animation by Ranjit Hanspal
An artists perspective on why management of art is as important as its creation...
Important Careers: Stay-at-Home Parents as Teachers by Faten Abdallah
Stay-at-home parents with college degrees benefit their children greater than stay-at-home parents without degrees....
Important FDA Warning by Dana Reed
This should really be a blog, but it's extremely important. I'm afraid not enough people will read it as a blog....
Important News For Authors by Dana Reed
Borders and other sellers are breaking bonds with Amazon and forming their own online sites. It will be developing a consolidated e-commer...
Importing from Movable Type and TypePad in WordPress blog by Bintu Harwani
This article explains how to import contents from Movable Type and TypePad in our WordPress blog...
Improving College Papers by Christie Firman
Students worry over making several college papers at a time with several deadlines and page requirements. During these times, the quality of college p...
Improving Your College Grades by Faten Abdallah
A lot of college students face slipping grades while in school. However, there ways they can improve their grades through a variety of techniques....
In The mind's Eye by David Grebow
Learning is in the Mind's Eye of the student....
Inbound Marketing and Twitter by Karen Cioffi
Inbound Marketing is basically a means or strategies to lead or pull visitors/readers back to your site and what you're offering. Ideally, you will be...
Increasing Instructional Capacity through Vertical Teaming by Dr. Stanley Crawford
Increasing Instructional Capacity through Vertical Teaming ...
Indian novoe myshlenie: ZI for AICTE/UGC by S. Ganguli Prometheus_Media
Unless I preach the second coming of Jesus or 'Mahakaaler bidhi' ....... ...
The present write up is based on the present features of the Indian Economy which is changing it from a agrarian economy to an industrial to a service...
Informal Learning and the Teaching of English at Primary School by María Eugenia Falabella
Museums and public libraries have been created to preserve our cultural heritage, and are those informal scene of education the ones that are open not...
Information, the Quest for Reality by Regino Gonzales, Jr.
A learner's guide on the concept of INFORMATION and DATABASE. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Inside Iraq, The Online Reality Show by Terrence Warren
An Online Reality how that portrays a different view of the war in Iraq. It follows Entreprenuer/Author Terrence Warren and a crew of Federal Conctrac...
Insight Into Poetry Form by Paul Mc Cann
Here are some tools for writing poetry ....
Insurance - The Big Lie by David Lewis
Insurance is not a necessity....
Integrated Teaching Unit for Eric and the Enchanted Leaf: First Adventure by Deborah Frontiera
This article contains integrated learning activities for pre-school and primary age children to accompany the author's picture book, Eric and the Enc...
Integrated Unit for Eric and the Enchanted Leaf: A Visit with Canis Lupis by Deborah Frontiera
Teachers may download this integrated unit to use with Deborah K. Frontiera's book, Eric and the Enchanted Leaf: A Visit with Canis Lupis/Eric Y La H...
Integrating Ethics into the Curriculum of Environmental Education by Re Bee
The article describes the necessity to enroll the ethical issues that are coming into fore in our present day society into the curriculum of Environme...
Integrating new neurons into neural networks by Yovan Putra
In the past, the field of neuro research has a rigid belief that people can not grow new neurons well into old age. But a remarkable discovery in 1998...
Intelligent Design Debate--Who Are the Participants? by Joe McCaffrey
Participants in Intelligent Design Debate addressed. Bible proponants, Evolutionists who believe in God, and Evolutionists who do not believe in God ...
Intelligent Design--Whatever DOES It Mean? by Joe McCaffrey
The "Intelligent Design" debate is viewed historically and in its present form to help discern its meaning ...
Interactive Graphic Organizers by Barbara Rodgers
An interactive graphic organizer for use in leading a discussion of the characters in A Surprise for Baby Ruth....
Internet Commercialism by Dana Reed
Billions A Year?...
Interview for "Classroom Management, the Dance..." author Mark Kennedy by Irene Watson
This book was written for new teachers still forming their philosophy, veteran teachers looking for that final piece of the puzzle, and those somewher...
Interview for "Lessons From the Hawk" author Mark Kennedy by Irene Watson
This book builds on the metaphor of a hawk circling a field in order to set out four main avenues to learning, one of which all learners-- and teacher...
Interview with Dr. R.C. Nicolai of The Nightmare That Is Public Education by Irene Watson
Take just a quick look at the effects of the past half-century's attempted educational reforms and it's clear the American public school system has be...
Interview with Kathryn Lay by Richelle Putnam
Kathryn Lay is an inspiration to writers for children and adults. In a few short years, she accomplished what most writers don't do in a lifetime....
Interview with Nancy Oelklaus, author of Alphabet Meditations for Teachers by Irene Watson
"Alphabet Meditations for Teachers" contains twenty-six poems that cover topics from A-Z that teachers will find an invaluable resource in helping th...
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Featured Book
Living the Life You Choose. How to Become Director of Your L
by Dr. Ulla Sebastian

A successful life changing program on personal and spiritual growth, living an authentic life, building self confidence, self worth and self trust, finding fulfilment in ..  
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Featured Book
Don't Be Afraid To Shout No!
by S D

An Excellent gift for your child (or a child in your neighborhood)... This is the most important book you will ever purchase for your child(ren) and is fast becoming the ..  
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