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Featured Book
Obama, Hillary, Saul Alinsky and their Useful Idiots
by Will Clark

A book coming soon. Or, I might wait to see if Hillary Clinton decides to run for President of the United States. If she doesn’t decide to run, which is unlikely, my res..  
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Featured Book
Budget Considerations
by Lawrance Lux

The Federal Budget keeps growing, with no predicted end in sight. Why can't the Budget be restrained. This Work provides some answers, if not solutions...  
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Featured Book
99 Obama Blogs
by Will Clark

Sadly for the world, his words came true. On November 21, 2007, Barack Obama said, “I truly believe that the day I'm inaugurated, not only the country looks at itself di..  
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All Political Science Articles

25 Most Recent Political Science Articles

God Bless Arizona! by Mark Lichterman
They have the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to defend their state when the federal government fails to do so so just like I have the right to put three hollow-points...
God Help America! by Niki Collins-Queen
Concerns about President George W. Bush. ...
God Spare Africa by Sandra Mushi
Interesting article from The Times ... ......
Good Americans? by Mark Lichterman
A question posed: CAN MUSLIMS BE GOOD AMERICANS? ...
Goodbye US of A by Mark Lichterman
If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegals and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA in fe...
Goodbye USA by Mark Lichterman
Olsen also believes that if congress grants amnesty and citizenship to the twenty million criminal invaders called illegals and if they vote, we can s...
GOP talking point by irving jackson
Waterboarding is the latest smokescreen from the failure, death & destruction of the previous administration...
Gore follows Clinton on Hay Trail by Peter Paton
Gore follows Clinton on Hay Trail ...
GOV. SHUT-DOWN; It's All About RACISM... by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
ONCE UPON A many worthless historians (historians bend the truth) will tell us...there were three boat-loads of racists and bigots, who came...
Government and the Alternate Truth by Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson
It is when ignorance supersedes the rationale of internal knowledge that we will be left with the unconscionable. ...
Government Parenting in the New Age by susie harrison
Governmental influence/invasion on parenting in the new age....
Government wastes for average Americans by Bear Brooks
A brief explanation of our ignorance....
Grassroots Politics by Delbert Gilbow
Grassroots Politics: How to win...
Greased Palms by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
It is so easy for the media to have a field day when political corruption surfaces in Chicago. Al Capone helped to set the pace and politicos have bee...
Greedy Senior Citizens by Mark Lichterman
A letter written by a very angry, unknown sender to Senator Alan Simpson D/Wyoming in response to Simpson's comments regarding senior citizens. ...
Greek-Macedonian Name Issue Myths Debunked by Sam Vaknin
The truth is that the “Name Issue” cannot be resolved because the diametrically-opposing positions of the parties occupy the same semantic and geopoli...
Grim Future by Mark Lichterman
"Poor people have been voting for Democrats for the last fifty years...and they are still poor." ...
gun control by Alexandre Arnau
just some thoughts on the VT massacre......
Habeas Corpus and the Raping of the US Constitution by David Ray
A long goodbye to Habeas Corpus...
Hacia un analisis del Plan Colombia by Maria Paula Avila
In this article I try to explain the consequences due to the adoption of military help provided by US authorities to Colombian fight against drugs....
Haitians, Remember to choose Wisely! by Manes Pierre, Ph.D.
A message of civic responsibility to Haitians and Haitian-Americans......
Halting Obama’s Iran Surrender by Emile Tubiana
By: David M. Weinberg ...
Halting Obama’s Iran Surrender by Emile Tubiana
Halting Obama’s Iran Surrender For my close friends...
Hamas and UNRWA Are both Liars and Cheaters by Emile Tubiana
How can we trust the UNRWA a UN Institution ...
Happy Birthday, Macedonia! by Sam Vaknin
Macedonia is undergoing a worrisome change of character. If not reversed, these malignant processes will backfire and Macedonia's hopes will be cruell...
Happy Inauguration Day! by Larry Star
Some observations about the inauguration...
Happy Meals-USA Today-11/17/10 by Theodore Soderberg
Of course, everyone wants to put the health of children first, but this shouldn't come at the expense of common sense. Introducing unwanted gove...
Harriet Miers? Why Harriet Miers? by Hilding Lindquist
Harriet Miers? Why Harriet Miers? President Bush has nominated a person out of his personal inner circle to the Supreme Court. Why?...
Hate the Super Rich by Joel Hirschhorn
There are good reasons to hate the super rich in the US. Ordinary Americans are being harmed by those with the money to control government and the ec...
Hatred And Racism We Can't Believe In by Timothy Buchanan
Obama offers excuses and passes the buck on his pastor's hate-filled bigotry and racism--refuses to cut ties with the man whose remarks he condemns. ...
Hats Off To the Ukrainians by Sandy Knauer
Imagine making enough noise to attract world attention and support for the cause....
Have the oil and coal companies taken America’s government hostage? by Niki Collins-Queen
Two prominent authors and researchers say the most common “interacting” factors that bring societies down are hostile enemies, climate change, self in...
Have We not Learned a Lesson from Kennedy and Reagan? by Emile Tubiana
My Opinion...
He Was A Teenage Vegetable by Jane St Clair
Rom Houben was falsely diagnosed as being in a vegetative state for 23 years. This case has valuable lessons for the U.S. Senate as it drafts health c...
He's My President Too by Michael Hayutin
How to productively go forward under our new President-elect....
Health Care Reform by Joseph* OneLight*®
The Time Is Now! ...
Health Care Reform, Change is Not Always the Best Thing for the Country by Michael Crow
Is Obama's plan the best option?...
Healthcare Funny or Die by Richard Arrington
Will Farrell (SNL) on Heath Care Reform.
Healthcare reform, the IRS, and YOU by Robert Amoroso
I just wanted to take a moment and apologize to my readers for allowing my article to appear as a rough draft, without proper editing. In my haste to...
Healthcare reform; a Constitutional Crisis in the making by Robert Amoroso
This article will be appearing next week; I’m still tweaking it, and cleaning it up. However, I wanted to post it quickly so that it gets enough expos...
Helllllooooo! Wake up America by Dave Harm
What is wrong with us? We're quick to judge the alcoholic/addict when they continually go back to their drug. "Don't they have any willpower?" We sha...
Hello! We're At War and We're the Good Guys by Michael Hayutin
We did not torture anyone. We made life very uncomfortable for 3 terrorists in oder to save American lives. Which is the Constitutional duty of our go...
Help me! Please!! by Mark Lichterman
Please help me understand how any Christian, or, for that matter, any human-being with a conscience could vote for a man that would deny a new-born, o...
Herzl's Butlers by Sam Vaknin
In "Altneuland" (translated to Hebrew as "Tel Aviv"), the feverish tome composed by Theodore Herzl, Judaism's improbable visionary - Herzl refers to ...
Hide-N-Go-Hillary? by Cynth'ya
As y'all read this, remember, I used to be a very sharp tongued political humor-satire columnist for a Libertarian newspaper here in Muncie called Th...
Highjacking the Reagan legacy by Robert Amoroso
Hispanosupremacists Infiltrate Evangelical Movement by Frederick Meekins
Minority activists and other guiltmongers often whine that 11 am Sunday morning is often the most segregated hour of the week. I wonder what the we-a...
History repeats itself by Tom Schafer
My thoughts...whatever they are worth....
Hitchens and Al Jazeera - quoted piece by Afshin Rattansi
Piece about The Dream of the Decade and Christopher Hitchens....
Hitler's Economy and Marx's Culture by Desmond Devlin
How America harbours both the Extreme-Right and the Extreme-Left under the guide of 'Free Speech.'...
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Featured Book
The Big Lie: How Our Government Hoodwinked the Public, Empti
by Allen Smith

A survey of how 30 years of government economic malpractice led to the 2008 financial meltdown and to the $15 trillion national debt...  
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Featured Book
Islamic Two-Headed Beast
by Will Clark

Radical Islamists loudly proclaim they will destroy America - and Israel. Should we not believe them? Should we not stop their evil plans?..  
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