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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
AfricaSoul - photography by Albert Russo and Elena Peters
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Africa (Sénégal and Kenya) - Photos by Albert Russo and Elena Peters, with texts in English and French by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier and Jérémy Fraise..  
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Featured Book
Sri Lanka / Serendib - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Sri Lanka with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier,and from the Dhammapada (teachings of the Buddha), in English and French..  
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Featured Book
Brussels Ride - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

The Capital of Europe - Photo book with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier, in English and in French..  
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25 Most Recent Cultures Articles

Superstition vs Tradition by Sweyn Plowright
Superstition vs Tradition...
Sweet Knees by Cornelia Amiri
Scottish Bonny Knee Contest...
T T T T T - BOOK 2 - Part 1 by Tom Hyland
* WARNING LABEL * If you are Faint of Heart, lack a Melancholy Nature, or have been Diagnosed as 'normal' or reasonably SANE - DO NOT READ ...
Take Cover: The New Goths are Coming by Peter Paton
Take Cover: The New Goths are Coming ...
Tanzania's Culture by Sandra Mushi
Tanzanian culture is a delightful mix of influences. With over 120 tribes, Tanzania is one of the most culturally diverse countries in all of Africa. ...
Teamwork by Ronald Hull
The keyword in culture is "Cult." Much of the conditioning we give young people is to inculturate them into way of thinking that is to our liking....
Tearlessness has blocked our Vision by Safi Abdi
Do Somalis cry? Do they have emotions like other people? Does heartache mean anything to them? Do they hurt when throbbing with pain?...
Technology as God! by Boye De Mente
A diatribe on why humanity can only be saved from itself by eliminating god-based religions as the foundation for rational and moral behavior, and tun...
Ten things you never knew about Turkey by Veronica Di Grigoli
Ten amazing facts about the country of Turkey...
Texas 6 step for illegal migrants? by Karen Palumbo
Memo: U.S. attorneys require multiple arrests before prosecution......
Texas senators still unhappy with immigrant bill by Karen Palumbo
Hutchison, Cornyn worry plan amounts to amnesty..........
Texas Witches by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Zap -- you're a toad!...
Thaiyyam by Madhu Nambiar
A traditional art form of Kerala...
The "Northern Earth" Reviews Two New Books by Gary R. Varner by Gary Varner
Jeremy Harte, Curator of the Bourne Hall Museum in Surrey, England reviews Gary R. Varner's two new books, Menhirs, Dolmen and Circles of Stone, and ...
The “Sex Sells” Syndrome in American Business! by Boye De Mente
An expose of the gutter-level that has been reached by American culture, and is now being advanced at light-speed by the Internet...
The Almighty Father of Terrorism by David Arthur Walters
Part IV of These Terrible Times examines Luther's contradictory doctrine on just war...
The Amazing Role of Japan's High-Tech Up-Scale Toilets! by Boye De Mente
How Japan's high-tech up-scale toilets have become an amazing representation of the cultural-based mindset and extraordinary talent of the Japanese. ...
The American Perspective of: What Is Culture? by Randall Raus
Americans have a different perspective of what culture is, and some unique insights. It's important to allow for the American perspective. ...
The Archetypes by Gary Varner
An excerpt from the book, "Essays in Contemporary Paganism"....
The Banana Tree Crisis by Insankya Kodithuwakku by Philip Spires
Th set of short stories set in Sri Lanka is so vivd it feels like a trip into the culture, complete with all of its tensions....
The basis of the metaphor of Arabia by Barie Fez-Barringten
By studying metaphor, this monograph reveals the conflict between what (1.0)George Dodds refers to as the "good" and "bad" mimesis (copy) or the diff...
The Battle of Books against Television in Eastern Europe by Sam Vaknin
From Ukraine to Bulgaria, commercial channels are prone to featuring occultists, conspiracy theorists, anti-Semitic "historians", hate speech proponen...
The Beasts of Iraq by Peter Paton
The Benefit of Work by Emile Tubiana
The appreciation of work seen by the author....
The Black Movie Awards by Beverly Mahone
This year's Black Movie Awards was a class act....
The Blame Game in Holy Places by E T Waldron
Is the Catholic church to blame for having pedophiles in their midst? As much as the world is....
The Brood of Vipers by David Arthur Walters
Edna Jane Favreau's ordeal with the Florida Bar - snapshots of the shysters involved....
The Canadian Identity by John Mayer
How Do You Define a Country?...
The Chinese Experience in Hawaii by Kalikiano Kalei
A brief and informal consideration of the remarkable Han Chinese immigrants to Hawaii, whose considerable contributions to Hawaii's culture and ...
The Contemptuous Generation by Timothy Buchanan
The truth about the baby-boomer generation....
The Cultural Night in Växjö, Sweden by Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
Kultur natt means cultural night in Swedish....
The Descent into Hades by David Arthur Walters
Notes taken by my assistant Noble M. Notas...
The Druids by Peter Paton
The Education Wars by Lloyd Lofthouse
China and India are competing against the United States and Europe and winning....
The Face of Cernunnos by Gary Varner
Along the craggy cliffs of Tintagle resides the Face of Cernunnos, carved by Nature to remind us of the watchfulness of the Horned One....
The Fall of America is at Hand by Timothy Buchanan
What Fools We Are...
The False Promise of More Offshore Drilling by Mr. Ed
Why It Doesn't Bode Well For America's Future...
The Folklore of Trees by Gary Varner
An excerpt from Gary R. Varner's book, The Mythic Forest, the Green Man and the Spirit of Nature....
The Frontier Spirit in Japan by David Petersen
This is a translation with commentary of an essay by the Japanese poet/naturalist Ishikawa Takuboku. It deals with the tension between the frontier sp...
The Goddess Trivia by David Arthur Walters
Shall we meet at the Trivium?...
The Growing Gap Between the Rich and the Poor by Jim Schicatano
The gap between the rich and poor is wider than ever. But that does not mean that the average person is still not better off....
The Hawaiian Drum: Pahu by Kalikiano Kalei
Thoreau's quintessential remark regarding listening to 'a different drummer' takes on a whole new context in the Hawaiian Islands. Some i...
The History of Armenian International Dance by Kathleen Cook
Explore the tradition, history and current popularity of Armenian folk dance....
The Hypocrisy Behind All Men are Created Equal by Mike Kearby
This article details the motivating force behind my first novel....
The Hypocrisy of Assimilation by Mike Kearby
This article deals with the loss of identity of a vanquished people by the victor....
The Hypocrisy of the Texas Revolution by Mike Kearby
This article discusses the mistreatment of Tejano's, some of whom financed the revolution and many who fought for the Texian effort, after Texas gaine...
The Ideal and The Reality, Is The Future Really The Future by M.Bennett Hooper (Mikii)
Written in 1994, some things change or do they really?...
The Imus Brouhaha by Hanley Harding
The Imus thing ain't really about Imus. It's about Americans....
The Irish Jigsaw by Paul Mc Cann
The Irish culture is founded all over the world through music and song ....
The Iron Curtain of Islam by David Arthur Walters
The difference between good and evil....
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Cultures Articles
  1. Cup-Marks and Pre-Historic Rock Carvings:
  2. The Chinese Experience in Hawaii
  3. The Spirit Land
  4. Native American Osmosis
  6. African Americans and their issues of Iden
  7. Deluge Myths based on Fact?
  8. 20th Century Blues
  9. The Fall of America is at Hand
  10. Why Democrats Have No Integrity
  11. Discovering the passion (urbanism)
  12. The basis of the metaphor of Arabia
  13. Detroit Institute of Arts
  14. Moving On...
  15. WOE Unto WOmen !
  16. Teamwork
  17. Primer on Islam
  18. Ethiopian Folklore and Folkmedicine
  19. What If?
  20. The Use of Charms and Incantations

Featured Book
AfricaSoul - photography by Albert Russo and Elena Peters
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Africa (Sénégal and Kenya) - Photos by Albert Russo and Elena Peters, with texts in English and French by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier and Jérémy Fraise..  
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Featured Book
Twenty Years in Saudi Arabia (Introduction)
by Barie Fez-Barringten

Today Haifaa Al-Mansour has produced an Oscar nominated film totally made in Saudi Arabai called:"Wadjda. When I originally began writing this book the Kingdom of Saudi ..  
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