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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Matter, Energy and Mentality: Exploring Metaphysical Reality
by Richard Rydon

Deals mainly with the idea that mentality is an extensive amorphous form of consciousness...  
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Featured Book
Everything (Available in print; e-book, 2nd Ed.; and Kindle,
by Robert Wood

A unique perspective about the reality of existence, the meaning of life, the true impact of relationships between human beings and all life as well as the spirit world, ..  
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Featured Book
The Emergent Principle
by Tom Kitt

The pathways to personal power are many and varied and they are all very real. Or, at least as real as anything else. This book starts at the very beginning and takes you..  
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All Philosophy Articles

25 Most Recent Philosophy Articles

One Sources of Joy by Emile Tubiana
How a human being can open one of the sources of Joy and Happiness...
Oops! No More Beast? by George Sewell
They always cautioned - "Don't believe everything you read..."...
Osiris utters a warning to Imhotep in his dream by Tarek Hassan
Osiris who gave humans the gift of creative agriculture and greening of the earth. hits a bull's eye diagnosing how religions and ideologies turn from...
Our Foggy Percetion of Things by Lakshmi Sharma
The Creator is always greater than the created and manages the created world with the strategy of allowing merely a foggy awareness of things....
Our Native Faith by David Arthur Walters
Religion would tame the beast within - Last article of series 'On Faith'...
Pantheon by Alessandro Baruffi
Diversamente dai nostri antenati, che adoravano idoli di pietra o dei spiritati... ...
Parade of Fools by Wesley English
old man rants...
Paradoxal Emphathy by Wesley English
Oh, My People...
Paralipsis... by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
are those whom harbor in hate blind to see they are empty ships docked in their own fraught demise afraid to let go & move on? Anchore...
Parapsychic Science by TONY NERONE
A message from the creator of Parapsychic Science. This group I joined out of interest in parapsychic. I have been just reading and observing. I belie...
Partials and Other Possibilities from the Endless by Regis Auffray
[voice from the Other Side - Sha'Tara]...
Participating and Observing by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
Passion vs. Lust...The Battle by Susan de Vegter
This is a conversation I had, albeit edited, with a young man of twenty-seven who had his heart broken and vowed to never love another. His passions ...
Patterns and Freedom by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend......
Pay Attention And Always Be Nice... by - - - - - TRASK
True Friendship You Have to Give For It... Sometimes You Think People Don't Want To Be Friends, But, Be Kind, Polite ,Be Nice, Sometimes All ...
Peace and Harmony by Emile Tubiana
As long as they use their finest intelligence to live in peace and mutual respect, wisdom will prevail....
Perception's Individuality by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
the joy of tranquility inside :)...
Personal Discipline Anyone? by Regis Auffray
Article by Sha'Tara......
Personal Existence by David Arthur Walters
Personalism was eclipsed by Existentialism...
Personal Mission Statement by Kosi Avotri
A statement of my personal values and goals as they relate to my medical training and practice. This was done as an assignment during my MMM degree co...
Perspective by Dianne Joyner Barnes
You choose. Is it more or less? Half of what, at its best? Is the writing up front or is it in the back ground? Your perspective is where you'll be ...
Philosophy by Kennedy Tare-otu
The appropriate definition of philosophy. ...
Philosophy Articles by Sam Vaknin - Part I by Sam Vaknin
Essays about various topics in current philosophy. ...
Philosophy Articles by Sam Vaknin - Part II by Sam Vaknin
Essays about various topics in current philosophy. ...
Philosophy of life by Stacey Pollock
Philosophy of life should be based on our own thinking....
Philosophy-Religious-. 2.Ponder Awhile by Mohit.K.Misra by Mohit Misra
Philosophy-Religious.Book rankings on from a collection of 4,676 books....
Physical Presence of God by Lawrance Lux
This is a prologue to a new book I am writing, if I think to finish it. lgl...
Pisces on the Sixth House Cusp by Jennifer Holly MacDonald
I have Pisces on the sixth house cusp. And who cares right? I do, it actually means something to me not because I've given up control to the stars an...
Planning Death by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
As you age onward, you pay more attention to obituaries, and you receive more promotions about funeral preparations ......
Plato’s Apology of Socrates by Steve Kostecke: Book Review by Irene Watson
A new translation of the defense speech of Socrates in clear and contemporary English and presented in a cinematic style that makes the trial of Socra...
Please Check this out!! by Tinka Boukes
Click link and smile okay!!!...
Please Tell Me Why by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara - local writer and friend......
Poor Planet Earth: a Volunteer Trapped in Bible Belt by Regis Auffray
An essay by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
Prana Of Wisdom by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
our souls breathe into the life circle...
Preface: An Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Spirit by Willie Maartens
A taste of the ingredients of the book....
President Bush Has Stooped To The Lowest Of Levels.. by - - - - - TRASK
What In This Hell has Humanity Come To!?...
Pressure and Perfection in the Process by Alvin Romer
This is an opinionated and suggestive essay on the virtues of living the right type of life to prevail over the normal pressures of life, and what sho...
Prison vs. Work by Karen Palumbo
Just in case you ever get these two environments mixed up, this should make thing a little bit easier.......
Privacy: an Oldie but Goodie by Cynth'ya
Privacy needs an enema. (This was a political essay I wrote as a feature columnist for the back in July 17, 1998. We took no prisoners...
Proof of a Creator by Donald Schneider
This essay constitutes a philosophical proof of a creator based upon Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. However, it does not purport to identif...
Punishments or Rewards by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara... ...
Purely Debatable by Cynth'ya
Give me a break! ...
Quotes From Frank Herbert's Dune Series by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
Quotes from Joseph Joubert by Willie Maartens
Joseph Joubert...
Racial Hatred by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
Racism by Hewitt Moore
We are all racists suffering from racism......
Rainbowing Prisims by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
bring your little dancer as we talk on the orbs of question throwing moon dust and emotion......
Rambling Rose: a Consumed Genius by Regis Auffray
An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend....
Rational and Irrational Faith by David Arthur Walters
Irrational faith is a slavish faith, according to Erich Fromm...
Read All About 'It From Bit': Do We Need Information? by Willie Maartens
What exactly is information? And why should information not be confused with matter-energy?...
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Philosophy Articles
  1. A Self-Analysis (Jay Dubya)
  2. Attending to the spiritual needs of a nati
  3. Aiding The Underprivileged and The Needy
  5. The Question of the Day: Am I a Skeptic?
  6. The (actual) Happiness Machine – Inspired
  7. What is Truth?
  8. Tolerance
  9. Seasons Come and Go an Unusal Comparison
  10. God: A Question of Credibility and Demonst
  11. Conspiracy Theories and Relativity
  12. It's Called Loyalty for Short
  13. Earth Day, was it?
  14. Evolving Thoughts
  15. Burning Woman- a Monologue, a Statement, a
  16. Introducing Tao of the Rainbow
  17. Conversation with an Avatar - of Friends a
  18. How to Find the Good Li(f)e
  19. What are Facts?
  20. Simple Times (an observation)

Featured Book
Decoding the Language of God
by George Cunningham

Refutes the evidence and arguments used by Francis Collins and others to reconcile Christianity with modern science and phlosophy. Gives metaphysical proofs of atheism...  
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Featured Book
Inflation: Roots of Evil
by Lawrance Lux

The Primar to understand how you lose up to twenty percent of your purchasing power per year, due to modern business accounting procedures...  
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