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Featured Book
Nine Years to Freedom
by Armineh Ohanian

Farhad Shirazi, a three star general of the ex-Shah's army who has been hiding in Iran for nine years,needs to escape From Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran or face capture and e..  
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Featured Book
Forms of Madness
by Aaron Cole

Forms of Madness tells the story of Jordan Bauer, an investigative reporter who unwittingly becomes a pawn in an international conspiracy. A deep emotional hook i..  
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Featured Book
Liliha And The Sacred Mission: A Young Adult Novel Set In H
by Rosemary Patterson

A riveting young adult novel set in Hawaii. Liliha is given a sacred mission by the Hawaiian ancients to try and save Maha'uleput, a sacred valley on Kauai from developm..  
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25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

Author writes to keep promise by dennis marshall
article discusses why i started writing...
Author Youtubed by Jerry Engler
Author's Damage Control Kit by Lillian Cauldwell
What an author can do to rectify goofs, oops, and I didn't mean to say that....
Author's may die. by Neil Ostroff
What will happen to the writer?...
Author’s Legacy by Neil Ostroff
Author’s Legacy...
Authorhouse and Lulu by Myne Whitman
A brief write-up on Authorhouse Vs
Authorities are Fallible by jamie hale
Too much reliance on authority figures can be a dangerous thing. Authorities need to provide evidence for claims just like everyone else. ...
Authority and Power Relationship: Law Enforcement by Rande Matteson, CFE, CHN, Ph.D.
Historically, abuse of power is associated within law enforcement. We explore how abuse is linked to poor performance and mental-physical health. ...
Authors Bailout Information for hurting Authors by Bonnie May
Please, be willing to participate in creating a bailout authors fund to help authors that are in economic crunch to renew their AD membership. Be...
Authors Den Member Reviews Lighting The Dark Side by William Potter
Active AuthorsDen member Flying Fox AKA Ted Glines MSW reviewed my book LIGHTING THE DARK SIDE....
Authors donate books to the troops. by Robert McNulty
On June 14, 2007, a number of local authors donated books for the troops serving overseas. Our thoughts and prayers are with the young men and women s...
Authors Need Help With Marketing by Linda Meckler
Have you written a book? Do you want to self-publish your book? What do you think is the next step? Read on....
Authortrek Interview by Lakishia Smith
Authortrek's INterview with Lakishia N. Smith...
Autobiography in five short chapters by Karla Yazzolino
An example of habit or even guilt...
Avatar (the movie) by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
Breathtaking Beauty...
Avoiding a Codependent Friendship by Christina Hudson
When a friend is going through hard times in her life, it is natural to want to be there for them and to help. Many times, this is perfectly ok, and c...
Awakening the sleeping giant by Robert Amoroso
It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything of worth. I’ve just been extremely busy getting my internet business off the ground. However, I always h...
Award-Winning Novel Mirrors Real Life Corporate Crime by Leona Bodie
Behind the world’s most profitable enterprise is Rico Salazar, a man without a conscience. This crime kingpin protects his interests by killing those ...
Ayn Rand in Purgatory by Michael Haman
Rand Rolls Over in Her Grave...
Baby Boomer Expert by Beverly Mahone
Author featured on MSNBC as Baby Boomer Expert...
Baby Shark's High Plains Redemption by Glenda Bixler
If you enjoyed Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodbye, which is my all-time favorite action movie--Meet Baby Shark!...
Back cover of Bigfoot book, Lock Your Doors Country Folk by Linda Newton Perry
Just to show the back cover of our Lulu published children's book....
Back to Basics (political satire) by Ian Thorpe
Its election time in Britain and the "turn back the clock brigade have as usual crawled out of the woodwork to demand a return to "old fashioned value...
Back to School Sensory Basics by Kellie Huff
Use these simple brain-based tips to turn mornings from intolerable to enjoyable. ...
Back to the Basics by David Roof
A specific approach to establishing a basis of comfort used here is massage where physical comfort can be established through touch that’s sensual wit...
Bad Company by Sheila Hendrix
Two brothers are on a hunt to help a friend in New Orleans. They encounter a Voodoo priest who gains control of one of them. Will his brother be abl...
Bailing out stupidity! by Robert Amoroso
Here’s my latest article…feel free to comment. Regards, Amo ...
Baja Diaries-Chronicles of a Paradise Lost by George Puckett
Interview: General questions about getting published, background questions and questions about the book in general and experiences in Mexico....
Baker's Dozen Great Solutions For Improving Personal & Work Relationships by William Cottringer
Good communication leads to good personal and work relationships. Since poor communication accounts for the most unhappiness in these relationships, t...
Bangkoks Nation news, Flying shoes12/18/08 by Theodore Soderberg
'Dubya's' security detail slow off the mark President Bush says he will have "A front row seat to history". That's great, but lets...
Barack Obama by Vaugh T Aiken by Danella Carter
I enjoyed the essay written by Vaughn T Aiken (Barack Obama). His is an astute and accurate portrayal of a nonpareil politician who, instead of ...
Barack Obama--Friend of Terrorists, Racists, and Crooks by Timothy Buchanan
A brief look into Obama's past and present associations, and what they say about his fitness for public office...
Barack Obama; The Ronald Reagan Of The Left by Robert Amoroso
The upcoming political season has been an incredible experience for political pundits. Below is my latest article, currently in the editing stage. As ...
Basketball Referee Pens Sports Thriller by Yale Jaffe
The Chicago Tribune featured Yale R Jaffe last month in an article about his wintertime hobby of officiating high school basketball and Advantage Disa...
Bastardized Barnes- The Architecture by carlton davis
A review of the New Barnes Foundation Building in Philadelphia...
Bastien by Tianna Xander
Book 1 of the Hidden Breeds series. Can Bastien convince Carly that they belong together forever?...
Battling Writer's Guilt by Alfred Garrotto
Fellow writers, do you ever feel guilty about all the time you spend writing?...
Be An Encourager Today by Betsy Wise
It is important to lift each other up with praise not discouragement...
Be Aware and Present by Judy Merrill
Self-awareness always leads to balance within the body, mind, spirit....
BE CHANGE -- YOU WANT TO SEE... by Melvia Miller
Be In The Next Action/Adventure Book by Tony Eldridge
You can have your name preserved throughout history by having a character in author Tony Eldridge's next book named after you. The winner will also ha...
Be Kind To Your Eyes by Linda Meckler
When was the last time you had your eyes examined? When was the last time you purchased new eye glasses? Do you have headaches? Can you see clearly to...
Be Thankful by Jock Brocas
“I will be thankful for today for I may not be here tomorrow. I will be thankful for tomorrow at the end of the day”...
Be the Chihuahua by Chris Redding
Bead Projects for Kids by Chrissy Dean
Tips and projects patterns everyone can use to get their kids creating bead art today. ...
Bear Song Activity by Barbara Rodgers
Sing to the Oscar M. Weiner song's tune. This song is a great activity to accompany a read-aloud of A Surprise for Baby Ruth. Disucss ways that B...
Beautiful Ketchikan Alaska by Michael Boyter
The Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary has a walking and zipline tour of the forest and shores. The Tongass National Forest is America's largest at seventeen...
Beauty by Jennave Coz
She is woman and she soars in numbers too big to ignore, And she knows too much to go back and la lala laaaaa..... b...
Beauty For Ashes (1) by Pastor Gabriel Agbo
About how God turns our pains into joy...
Beauty For Ashes (2) by Pastor Gabriel Agbo
Part two of the message 'BEAUTY FOR ASHES'...
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Action/Thriller Articles
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  20. Somalia is a Victim of Cold War

Featured Book
by Arthur Jackson

A fast paced action thriller out of todays headlines. The conflict between fundamentalist, from science and religion, boils to the surface in the fictional town of Westfa..  
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Featured Book
Buried Threads
by Kaylin

A desperate race to save Japan from a monk’s terrifying prophecy sends two treasure hunters on the quest of a lifetime. ..  
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