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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Calling All Authors---How to Publish with Your Eyes Wide Ope
by Valerie

Revealing Publishing Myths, Misconceptions, and Realities for Published Authors and Writers Who Dream of Becoming Authors..  
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Featured Book
Write it Right - Tips for Authors, Volume I
by Mary Deal

A compilation of many of my articles on writing to help authors make their prose the best that it can be...  
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Featured Book
Publique Su eBook en DIEZ Pasos
by Jacob Taylor

La guía más sencilla para los autores que desean crear, publicar y vender sus propios eBooks. El eBook que hay que tener...  
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25 Most Recent Publishing Articles

Using Paranormal Elements in Your Writing by Jennifer Dunne
There's more than one way to skin a basilisk, and if your characters do, never fear, a professional basilisk skinner will read your book and tell you ...
Using the Web by Eileen Granfors
Self-promotion is hard, but the results can be worth it....
Vanity Press or Self-Publish? by Paul Kyriazi
Don't wait to get your book out....
Vanity Publishing will Rescue the Print Media by Sam Vaknin
The print media should jump on the wagon: they should solicit contributions from citizen journalists, bloggers, i-reporters, and e-columnists. These c...
Video-Now by Henry Stevens
A brief article on how I produced my video "Top 13video"...
Viewpoint: First Person or Third? by John Howard Reid
Viewpoint is a vexed question, yet it should be the first thing we writers decide upon as soon as we put pen to paper or hand to keys. Is this story, ...
Voluntary Publishing Standards for eBooks by Viktor Oey
This article talks about e-books and publishing standards...
Wacko World of Writing Newsletter by Richelle Putnam
The world of writing can be wonderful, but it can also be frustrating, discouraging, quirkily, and outlandish. So why do we write? Do you really nee...
Waves Of Blue Light was picked as 'Book Of The Year for Spirit' and wins a by M. Domet
Waves Of Blue Light was picked as Top Overall 'Book Of The Year for Spirit' and wins a gold medal....
Wendy Doniger, Arundhati Roy, Penguin Books India and General Confusion by Lakshmi Sharma
Authors and Publishers are no longer on stable ground. The result is confusing...
What are Electronic Books (and why should I care)? by Xina
Quick overview of how to read an e-book, what file formats they are available in, where to find e-books both free and for sale, and where to find more...
What Are the Red Flags to Look For When Hiring a Professional Writer? by Stacey Chillemi
“The things to look for when hiring a professional writer”...
What Goes Around Comes Around: The Return of Rejected Western Standards... by Amin George Forji
The flight of capital from one country to another is nothing new. However, rules governing the entire regime of International Investment have expanded...
What is a book trailer? by The Authors at Books In Sync
The newest way to promote your book is with video! These videos are called Book Trailers....
What is Character by Richelle Putnam
Copyright 2000 by Richelle Putnam 1,193 words WHAT IS CHARACTER? What would Ella Enchanted have been without Ella or The Best Christ...
What is Forward Motion Anyway? by Lazette Gifford
There is a wonderful community for writers, right here on the Internet. The full title is Holly Lisle's Forward Motion: A Community for Writers. And...
What Is Traditional Verse and How Is It Defined for Margaret Reid Prize? by John Howard Reid
A brief summation of what can be termed "Traditional Poetry" and how it applies to poems entered in the annual Margaret Reid Prize for Traditional Ve...
What Is Your Legacy? by Louise Bannerman, CC
An article feature in my newsletter for February 2008. Plus you can check out my article at: a href="" >...
What It Takes For A Stay-At-Home Mom To Become An Entrepreneur by Donna Beserra
Donna Beserra explains how she created her own book publishing company through the inspiration of a family hobby she shared with her children and gran...
What makes a good query letter? by Terry Burns
What does it take to write a good query letter? Maybe that's a backward way of looking at it....
What on Earth is an E book?...........Molly Writes by m j hollingshead
E-books containing audio, video and/or live hyperlinks provide another avenue for reading pleasure. ...
What Really Happens When You Land a Book Deal: Publishing Myths and Realities You Need to Know by Stephanie Chandler
For many aspiring authors, the prospect of landing a book deal sounds like the ultimate ticket to success. And while a contract with a major press can...
What's in a Comma by Peter Rogers
An opinionated but fun look at the use of a comma in creative writing....
What, When, Why, Where and How? - Nov 08 by Lorna Tremaine
The best answer to the question is the honest one. ...
When A Character Tops It's Creator by Justin Bienvenue
An article about how characters sometimes become more popular then the person that created them....
When Poetry Isn't Poetry Contestwise by John Howard Reid
The Annual Tom Howard Contest for Poems In All Styles and Genres is one of the very few poetry competitions which consistently awards cash prizes to p...
When Smart Authors Get Taken by Catherine Johnson
Article discusses literary scams even smart authors have fallen for....
When The Idea Hits You Strike by Linda Meckler
An idea can strike me at any time, or any place. When my brain receives this signal all bets are off. I can not concentrate on the situation at hand. ...
When to Use a Pen Name by Marina Martindale
Another question I'm sometimes asked is whether or not I write under my real name, or a pen name. I actually write under both....
Where do Authors get their material from? by Nadine May
Speaking for myself as a published author, personal experience comes to mind, especially when a writer has chosen a specific topic. Creative writing w...
Which Book Publisher Is Right For Me? by Blondie Clayton
What you need to know to choose the right book publisher?...
Who Is Going To Take This Lying Down by Pamela Faye
The gasps of Book Distributors, Book Buyers, Bookstores, Publishers, and Authors, can be heard exclaiming, 'Are we suppose to take this lying down!'...
Who Is Your Audiance? by William Schrader
A shared bit of wisdom....
Who Said You Can't Make A Profitable Living Selling Your Short Stories? by Georgina Stath
You can make a living from writing short stories. I have done it. Others have done it. You can do it too....
Who's That Author? by Eileen Granfors
What we all know. . . ...
Why Do I Write? by Robert Apold
I am retired but I recently started a new career as a writer. I often ask myself, why do it? In this article I take a close look at my motives and wha...
Why E-Publishing? by Betty Schuler
Why does a writer who's print-published choose electronic publication? Why do I, as an educator and parent, see children loving e-books and a...
Why Hire an Agent for your Book? by Lisa Tener
Are you considering whether to hire an agent for your book? Find several good reasons why you should here. ...
Why I Don't Outline by Dawson Vosburg
I will make a public statement on why I don't personally outline my novels and why I think it's best to avoid it....
Why I Stopped Caring and Learned to Love my Books by Paul Day
For all those who have given far too much of their time to far too many "authors" who are far too ungrateful. ...
Why it's Necessary To Have an Awesome Book Cover by Stacey Chillemi
Learn why struggling authors need to be competitive in the market place with "STAND OUT" covers....
Why Not Send Your Child To Preschool? by Kathi Marks
Why send your child to Daycare?...
Why Should I Write For Non-Paying Sites? by Dorothy Thompson
How writing for non-paying writing sites can be beneficial to your writing career!...
Why They Win by Kenny Kemp
Five Things All Award-Winning Books Have In Common...
Why Today's Writers Are Cursed by Lazette Gifford
Zette's theory of what went wrong in the writing world. ...
Win Writing Contests! by John Howard Reid
Winning a writing contest can set you firmly on the path to success as a writer! The money is nice too!...
Win Writing Contests! by John Howard Reid
Yes, it's true! There are some people who either enter writing contests for a living or at least to earn a substantial part of their income. You too...
Winning Favor with the Judges of Literary Contests by John Howard Reid
All of us would like to win prizes in Literary Events and Writing Contests. It's not just the money. It's the prestige! And for unknown authors who ...
Word count - how important is it? by Terry Burns
Do we need to worry about word count? Is it simply a guideline? Or a firm requirement? I see it this way....
Word Power by Catherine Chadwick
Don't be in the dark when it comes to publishing terms. Catherine C. Harris explains common terms in an easy to understand way. ...
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Featured Book
Write it Right - Tips for Authors, Volume I
by Mary Deal

A compilation of many of my articles on writing to help authors make their prose the best that it can be...  
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Featured Book
Publish Your eBook in TEN Steps
by Jacob Taylor

The easiest guide for authors who wish to create, publish and sell their own eBooks. A must have eBook...  
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