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Featured Book
The Big Lie: How Our Government Hoodwinked the Public, Empti
by Allen Smith

A survey of how 30 years of government economic malpractice led to the 2008 financial meltdown and to the $15 trillion national debt...  
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Featured Book
Islamic Two-Headed Beast
by Will Clark

Radical Islamists loudly proclaim they will destroy America - and Israel. Should we not believe them? Should we not stop their evil plans?..  
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Featured Book
The Big Lie: How Our Government Hoodwinked the Public, Empti
by Allen Smith

A survey of how 30 years of government economic malpractice led to the 2008 financial meltdown and to the $15 trillion national debt...  
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25 Most Recent Political Science Articles

Is Obama’s Interference for Peace, a Trap? by Emile Tubiana
The author's opinion about the difference between President Obama's and Prime Minister Nethanyahu's interpretation of the so-called crisis. Is Ob...
Is Our President Afraid of what Netanyahu Has to Say? by Emile Tubiana
February 1, 2015 at 9:19pm...
Is President Hu Jintao in Control? by Robert Liu
Chinese president Hu Jintao will visit the U.S. and meet with President Bush next month. Most likely, Hu Jintao will stick to the bottom line of the C...
Is protectionism as bad as our government and business leaders claim? by Stephen Cafaro
Globalism has decimated the American economy and is largely responsible for the current crisis. ...
Is Reaganomics Dead? by Mel Hathorn
There has been much talk of recently of the death of Reaganomics. Is this true?...
Is Rudd Another Scullin? by James Cumes
Labor seems likely to have a landslide election victory in Australia on the threshold of an economic collapse even more devastating than that 0f 1929....
Is the Black president coming? by AHMED ALIYU
A preview of the possibility of a Blackman emerging the next president of America, the front runner of world democracy and the many open and hidden fo...
Is the Complexity of Islam - the Light at the End of the Tunnel? by Georgy Gounev
The article analyzes an unexplored area between Radical Islam on one hand, and Democracy and Christianity on the other. The area in question encompass...
Is the Joke on US? by M.L Bushman
Who is speculating in oil and on whose behalf?...
Is the Sky Falling? by Maud Muller
Is America still the greatest nation on earth?...
Is the US Facing a Conflict of Interest? by Emile Tubiana
Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are....
Is the USA a Failed State? by Sam Vaknin
An “immature state” is a polity whose elites are dysfunctional, venal, and narcissistic; whose economy is not viable, frequently dependent on handouts...
Is there any Basis for the Palestinian Claims? by Emile Tubiana
Is there any Basis for the Palestinian Claims?...
Is This Our Foreign Policy? by David Ray
Since our government has become a monstrous beaurocracy, I don't suppose I should be suprised to find that the important parts of foreign policy fall...
Is This the Democracy We Intended for the Arab Countries? by Emile Tubiana
A Senior Citizen thoughts...
Is Turkey's Challenge Necessary? by Emile Tubiana
Is Turkey's Challenge Necessary? ...
Islam after Sept. 11 by Safi Abdi
Recently I have come across an essay that said that the war on Terror was actually a war on Islam. And not a war on Terror as we are made to understan...
Islamic Terrorism's Future. by Raza Bashir
Global terrorism being misperceived....
Israel in 2025 by Sam Vaknin
On the one-year anniversary of the independence of the Palestinian State, the newest member of the United Nations, the tension with its next-door neig...
Israel's Attacks on Iranian Arms in Syria, Destined for Hezbollah by Emile Tubiana
“Hold on to the bad you have, before you get one worse”. ...
Israel’s Brinkmanship: after the Elections in 2015 by Sam Vaknin
Nothing can stop this scenario from happening. Even if Netanyahu is forced into a coalition with the Zionist Union, he will maintain a firm grip on ma...
It Doesn't Add Up by Emile Tubiana
I recently read: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that U.S. President Barack Obama wants a confrontation with Israel, based on Obama's spe...
It Should Be Obvious by Brenda Farrar-Ejemai
The Homeless To Pay Rent in New York City Shelters...
It would be wise to reevaluate the Iran situation by Emile Tubiana
It would be wise to reevaluate the Iran situation...
It's About More Than Politics and Gas Prices by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
You'd think we'd learn from our mistakes......
It's Time to Legalize Drugs by Leslie Golden
The argument for legalization clearly is not simply to generate government revenue. The drug business is the source of the greatest tragedies in our ...
It's Trade stupid! SF Examiner, 12/06 by Theodore Soderberg
Until we can get a handle on trade Jobs will continue to decline in the US.Trade needs to be revamped, tariffs need to be put in place, and incentives...
Je Suis Charlie? ¿Yo soy Charlie? by alex canton-dutari
Freedom of speech should include responsibility and respect...
Jesus, Lincoln, Dr. King, where are you now? by Ernie Heavin
Political correctness will never correct anything, it just makes it worse....
Jews and Arabs wake up! by Emile Tubiana
Jews and Arabs wake up!...
John Kerry is not a Broker for peace by Emile Tubiana
How the Israelis can respect our president when he want to delegitimize Israel in the west bank, the land of their ancestors. Don't the Arabs have eno...
John Kerry To try to make Peace by Emile Tubiana
Are we the police of the word ...
John Kerry, Don’t Waste Your Time. by Emile Tubiana
The Two-State Solution! The Idea of President Bush is absurd....
John McCain: Hero and Heretic by Timothy Buchanan
Why John McCain will lose the election, and probably the Republican nomination...
Juifs et Arabes Reveillez vous by Emile Tubiana
Juifs et Arabes Reveillez vous...
Just Another 9-11... by Hanley Harding
"It's like deja vu, all over, again..." Yogi Berra ...
Just to Get it off My Chest - Wake Up America! by Emile Tubiana
Today, in the countries of the Arab Spring? In Tunisia, in Egypt and in Libya the people are far worse off than they were before. ...
Juste pour me vider le coeur – Reveille-toi, Amerique ! by Emile Tubiana
«Un homme déterminé en vaut 1000 indécis." ...
Justice by Miller Caldwell
Think widely....
Justice is the answer, Israel must choose peace with her neighbors by Safi Abdi
Kadammanitta - A poet of the mass by Madhu Nambiar
This is an interview report. Interview with a poet turned politician....
Kashmir:Heirs To War by Shezray Faisal
India and Pakistan seem to be on the brink of war and its become a casual affair... sitting ontop of a barrel of gunpowder since independance. Will th...
Katrina and Blame by Patricia Behnke
Pointing fingers and placing blame does not get the job done....
Katrina and The Collective Good by Hilding Lindquist
Katrina and The Collective Good...
Keep Hope Alive On Election Day And All Year by La Belle Rouge Poetess Of The Heart
Taken From My Blog...
Kennedy Treason - Another Teddy Mistake? by Marie Anne St. Jean
Should Ted Kennedy's purported treasonous acts be ignored because he's dead?...
Kennedy’s legacy by Alan Goodwin
John Kennedy’s true legacy is not measured by any political decisions of his administration, but by the social revolutions that were the inevitable co...
Kenyan army’s outstanding victory over Al Qaeda’s Somali Shabaab. Israeli a by Emile Tubiana
DEBKAfileExclusive ReportOctober 1, 2012, 8:40 AM (GMT+02:00) Tags: Kenya Somalia Al Shabaab Al Qaeda Israel Iran East Africa The epic battle...
Kerry Task in the Middle East by Emile Tubiana
Is Secretary of State John Kerry...
Kerry’s oh-so-’90s security nonsense by Emile Tubiana
THis article appeared in Jerusalem Post. ...
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  19. Social Security History
  20. Why the Negotiations between Palestinians

Featured Book
Ronald Reagan and the Great Social Security Heist
by Allen Smith

Social Security is on the verge of a deep crisis. The only thing of value that Social Security has is its annual tax revenue, which is not enough to pay full Social Secu..  
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King Obama: America's Greatest Danger
by Will Clark

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