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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Voodoo, within the boundaries of law
by Antoine Raphael

As far as everybody was concerned, Theodore Merlin's stomachache was a case of minor ailment, an indigestion, a bloated stomach, after having savored two mangoes out of t..  
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Featured Book
Diamonds For A Dollar
by David Snowdon

Set in Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Ohio, Detroit, Pensacola and New Orleans, this action-packed US thriller is a killer!..  
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Featured Book
An Underground Jewell
by Sylvia Ramsey

Due to participating in a life extension experiment that subsequently combined with the leftover virus from a childhood bout of polio, Elizabeth Jewell is the only human ..  
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All Action/Thriller Articles

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Articles

Bigfoot Hoax Confirmed! by Linda Newton Perry
A Cop Perpetrating a Hoax? No way! Fired? You bet!...
Bigfoot Hoax? Win a Million Dollars! by Linda Newton Perry
This is A Matter of Time newspaper column, dated, week of June 9, 2008 ...
Bigfoot Sighting! Deschutes County, OR, 2007 by Linda Newton Perry
"There before me a big hairy "man."...
Bigfoot: The Latest Information by Linda Newton Perry
Linda Perry's Bigfoot Newspaper Column...
Bilingual Poems by Richard Kostelanetz by Doug Holder
Poems from Cervena Barva Press...
Bill Clinton's Military History by Ann Baker
Via email from a friend, by Cdr. Hamilton McWhorter USN (ret)....
Billy and Hillary and Eliot! Oh my! by Robert Amoroso
This article has just been completed and is currently in the editing stage, it will soon appear within several on-line and traditional publications, a...
Billy O’Toole Pre-review for The Swindler by Michelle Kaye Malsbury, BSBM, by Michelle Malsbury
Billy O'Toole was kind enough to review The Swindler prior to its release on April 16, 2010. For more insight into this suspenseful new novel about in...
Binds and Unbinds by Dorothy Jones
This article examines the interaction system in families with a schizophrenic child, mainly the operation of the double bind pattern of communication ...
Biography of Oak Park Writer Les Golden Published by Leslie Golden
A biography of Oak Park, Illinois, resident Professor Les Golden has been published by Duc Publishing. ...
Birth of a Book by Neil Ostroff
Birth of a Book...
Birthing Baby! by Claire Power Murphy, HonDL
Where the greatest difference can be made!...
Bite Me by Cynthia Polansky
Black Christian Novels by Alvin Romer
An assessment of the popularity of faith-based literature and how it is all the rage in the African-American literary Diaspora....
Black Innocence: the Immigrant by Dai Wilde
Black Innocence (ALIENATION) A novel by David Wilde (1993). (A letter to Macmillan Publishers/Leicester Mercury/Written in the quiet Qu...
Black Jack Logan by Sandy Powers
Remembering our men and women in the military....
Black Jacks by Shaun Webb by Shaun Webb
A write up about my new novel, Black Jacks....
Blade Runner Remains a Dark Question by Dan Ronco
I watched the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner last night, and, you know, it’s still compelling and relevant. ...
Blessings Fellow Authors, by Blanca Beyar
Blessings fellow authors, Humbly asking for your support! ...
Blog to remove Intoxicated District Attorney from office. by Glenn Baxter
No one is above the law, especially those sworn to uphold it. Those who enforce the laws should scrupulously obey the law. They must lead by example b...
blog tours by Johnny Ray
Finding the best blogs so that your work will be rewarded...
Blogged ad by Julie Painter
a funny look at office hospice workers...
Blogging for Money: A Few Easy Tips by Christina Hudson
Making Money on the Internet. It is a dream taking hold of the world and spreading like wildfire. Read my experience here....
Blood of Heroes, Salute of the Jugger by John Howard Reid
Here is just one of the over 200 movies detailed and described in "AMERICA'S BEST, BRITAIN'S FINEST: A Survey of Mixed Movies." By "mixed" is meant a ...
Bloody Blunder by M.R Rambler
Islamist terrorists steal atom bomb from Pakistan army's silo and try to take it to US.How their design foiled by CIA?...
Bloody Blunder by M.R Rambler
A chance of theft of nukes from Pakistan army's arsenal by Islamist terrorist and CIA's role to foil the attempt. Published by Smashwords,Amazon,Apple...
Blowing the Whistle on Credit Card Debt by John Gliha
With a staggering $920 Billion of consumer credit card debt, Family First Debt Relief LLC offers the only Expert System that literally rescues debt bu...
Blue Ice by Larry Rochelle
The famous and ancient Ibis Theater still thrust proudly up into the winter sky. ...
BMW X6: Second Generation is Officially Here (+ video) by hellen geek
X6, the new generation has grown up against predecessors, but it is about 40 kg lighter. The second generation of BMW X6 is knocking on the door. Auto...
Board Games Bring Families Together by Linda Meckler
Are you a split up family? Would you like to do one thing toghether as a family? Where did all the board games go? With the cost of everythi...
Bob Hope in China: Laying 1000 Year Old Eggs by Robert Mills
Bob Hope performs his first monologue using an interpreter. Bob Mills recalls the evening at Peking's Capital Theater on July 4, 1979. ...
Bodywash by jacqueline Goodwin
This article brings forth a Spiritual insight to bodywash....
Bog for my storefront by Thomas McGoldrick
Display/link to my 7 novels...
Bonaventure Discussed in SAVANNAH NOW by Larry Rochelle
Columnist Linda Sickler discusses BONAVENTURE with author Larry Rochelle....
Bonnie and Clyde, c. 2016 by Edward Phillips
“Mark my word. A combination airplane and motor car is coming. You may smile but it will come.” --Henry Ford, 1940 [image:
Book Cover Contest by Norman Applegate
Blood Bar book cover contest...
Book Giveaway! by David Pyle
Enter to win a signed copy of Between Life and Death....
Book prices slashed by Peter Klein
In an effort to make his books more affordable, Klein has partnered with Amazon to make all his books lower in cost by making them available for only ...
Book Rage Over Canadian Book Prices by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Canadian customers are enraged over high Canadian prices on books when the Canadian dollar is so high....
Book release: Warrior Odyssey by antonio graceffo
My new book, Warrior Odyssey, which chronicles my first six years in Asia, traveling from country to country, studying martial arts. ...
Book Review by Keli Danice
Review by Grace Chen...
Book review by Lindsay Weigel
Book blog review...
book review by Courtney Anderson
barnes and noble booksellers...
Book Review - John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches by Jill Nelson
This essay excerpt by Australian writer, director and critic, Robert Cettl was submitted in July of 2009, on his website, Robert...
Book Review - 'John Holmes: a Life Measured in Inches' (by Nelson & Sugar) by Robert Cettl
Book review of the biography, John Holmes a Life Measured in Inches by request of the authors Jill C. Nelson and Jennifer Sugar....
Book Review - Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy by Leland Waldrip
Publisher: Vintage International, Softcover, 5” x 8”, 337 pages Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West ...
Book Review - Dragons of Nightshade by Ken Medernach
This is a wonderful little book, full of daring and adventure, quest for knowledge and a hint of basic theology. Follow Dragonfire, Pilla, and Silverl...
Book Review - Earth -- The Sequel, by Fred Krupp and Miriam Horn by Leland Waldrip
Published by W.W. Norton and Co., Hard Cover, 279 pages with index Fred Krupp is the President of Environmental Defense Fund ...
Book Review - Hang On, It's Not Over Yet by B Smitty
Hang On, It's Not Over Yet by Author Joseph Arhavbarien...
Book Review - In All His Glory by Marti
Book Review of John Howard Reid's novel, "In All His Glory"....
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Featured Book
Hidden Impact
by Charles Neff

In summer 2004, Jim Nordberg revisits the village in Nicaragua where he lived in the 1970s, and nothing is as he expected. Kris Behr, once a friend and now a possible nem..  
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Featured Book
The Blood of Art
by John MacEachern

Young Tom adams finds america's most popular philanthropist murdered in the office of his gallery, home of the country's finest art. Meanwhile, the New York Mob is fencin..  
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